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Consultant for Independent Evaluation

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
07 March, 2011
Last Date to apply:
15 March, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

 He/she should be a subject specialist in his/her area of expertise with at least 10 years experience in policy, planning and project analysis.
 Demonstrated experience and knowledge of UNDP GEF evaluation requirements
 Extensive knowledge of UNCCD, CBD and UNFCCC.
 The consultant should have experience and familiarity with assessments of policies, strategies and possess sufficient knowledge of land degradation and desertification issues at the national and local levels.
 He/she should be fluent in English with excellent writing skills.
 Excellent computing skills, including MS Word, Excel, Power Point and other related programmes.


Sustainable Land Management Project to Combat Desertification in Pakistan is a UNDP/GEF funded project which is being implemented by Ministry of Environment in two phases over a period of 8 years. The Phase-I aims at creating an enabling environment for mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices, institutional capacity building and implementation of nine pilot projects for demonstrating SLM practices in arid and semi-arid regions of all the four provinces Pakistan in order to support local livelihoods & alleviate rural poverty. The Phase – I of the project will be completed in 2011. The project is seeking a consultant to carry out an independent final evaluation of the phase-I of the project.


The main responsibilities of the consultant will be to:
(i) Evaluate project performance in terms of the physical and financial progress against the targets as planned under various project components, particularly pilot  interventions and assess to what extent the physical targets have been met to realize objectives of the Phase-I and provide ratings for targeted objectives and outcomes (HS, S, MS, MU, HU);
(ii) Review the efficiency of project management and execution, its organizational setup, its functioning and decision-making process, including financial management and delivery of inputs;
(iii) Assess whether the pilot projects are contributing towards improving local livelihoods of the target communities;
(iv) Identify, analyze, and record major factors that have facilitated or impeded the progress in achieving the intended outcomes and outputs;
(v) Analyze the level of stakeholders involvement and if appropriate suggest ways and means to enhance local level stakeholders participation in on-the-ground implementation of the Project;
(vi) Review achievements of the project in terms of its contribution towards capacity building, institutional strengthening, and creating enabling environment for SLM;
(vii) Determine best practices and lessons learned under the Project that need to be scaled up during the Phase-II of the Project;
(viii) Conduct critical analysis of the institutional arrangements at different levels and make recommendations for their further strengthening and sustainability; and
(ix) Provide concrete recommendations for the way forward for promoting SLM in Pakistan.
C. Reporting Requirements
The consultant will work under the overall direction and guidance of the Assistant Country Director, Environment and Climate Change Unit of the UNDP and the National Project Director of the SLMP. The consultant will work in close coordination with the SLMP team at national and provincial levels.

D. Methodology

The Consultant will be required to adopt the following steps to achieve the desired objectives:

 Hold an inception meeting with the SLMP team to:

 review project documents and progress reports of the project;
 finalize methodology to conduct the review, workplan and draft table of contents for the evaluation report; and
 discuss time frame and logistics for field visits to pilot project sites;

 Conduct field visits to project sites to review on-the-ground progress and hold discussions with the field staff of the Implementing Partners and pilot project communities;
  Hold a one day de-briefing session with the NPD and the SLMP team;

 Submit a draft evaluation report for review and comments by the UNDP and project partners; and

 Finalize final draft report after incorporating comments of the partner organizations, including Economic Affiars Division and Planning Commission.

E. Time frame and duration
The total duration of the consultancy will be one month which includes field visit to pilot project sites, while the timeframe for the deliverables is to be mutually agreed between the consultant and the UNDP.
F. Outputs and Deliverables
Deliverables will include:
 A brief outline (table of contents) of the evaluation report based on the tasks and responsibilities listed above and final methodology for the assessment within four days after signing of the contract,
 Five hard copies and a soft copy of the 1st draft evaluation report based on the agreed table of content and responsibilities mentioned above for feed-back from the Project partners.
 Five hard copies and a soft copy of the 2nd draft evaluation report after incorporating project partners’ comments on the first draft, and
 Two (2) hard copies and a soft copy of the final evaluation report (maximum of 50 pages).

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters DegreeMasters DegreeThe consultant should have a Master’s Degree (preferably Ph.D.) in the field of natural sciences or social sciences or a subject closely related to SLM/Integrated natural resources management. Knowledge of UNCCD process, NAP and other relevant UN conventions (CBD and UNFCC) will be an added advantage.

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish Language & Report Writing Excellent   He/she should be fluent in English with excellent writing skills.