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Labor Economist (NIM Service Contract)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to CPRSPD Project of UNDP
Posted On:
07 March, 2011
Last Date to apply:
21 March, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

• At least 4-7 years of relevant experience

• Comprehensive knowledge of recent literature on the GOP’s policies on employment, Pakistan labor markets (both formal and informal), labor standards, employment creation policies, impact of trade reforms on labor markets, employment creation policies, labor force surveys etc.
• Must have demonstrated ability to work on household level datasets such as PSLM, LFS and Access to Finance (A2F) datasets, WDI (WB), and KILM (ILO).
• Demonstrated ability to work with statistical/econometric software such as STATA and SPSS.


Description: The support to Centre for Poverty Reduction and Social Policy Development (CPRSPD) is a five year initiative of UNDP and Government of Pakistan. CPRSPD is based in Planning Commission of Pakistan and is mandated to undertake; Poverty Research and Analysis, Advocacy to influence public policy for pro – poor growth, and capacity building of staff (esp. public sector) to sustain project efforts. These objectives will be pursued in consonance with the GOP development strategy envisaged in Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDF) 2005-10, PRSP and Vision 2030.

Terms of Reference Labor Economist:


The Labor economist will be responsible for leading CPRSPD’s research on Government policies on Inclusive Growth, innovation, technology adoption and their impact on employment generation and entrepreneurship in formal and informal sector. He / she will report to the National Project Manager (NPM) and will perform the following duties:


·          Undertake substantive research on labor markets; human resources and skills development nexus to poverty reduction.

·          Undertake research on technology adoption; tacit and codified knowledge and its role in  skill acquisition/up-gradation

·          Analyze GOP’s policies on employment and wages (minimum wage laws) with a focus on gender related issues as a cross cutting theme.

·          Assess and monitor the impact of GOP wage and employment policies and public and private investment on growth, poverty, and income distribution. 

·          Provide feedback and technical advisory services to GOP on its policies and programs concerning labor markets, employment and human resource development

·          Based on the research findings, identify and propose GOP sectors and interventions that will promote pro-poor employment

·          Maintain a database of relevant studies and data on employment and build links with public and private sector research institutions

·          Work on micro household level datasets such as PSLM, HIES, LFS, and Access to Finance.

·          Work on International datasets such as World Bank Indicators, Key Indicators of Labor Markets (KILM), International Labor Organization (ILO)

·          Undertake analysis of Government budgets, and public expenditure review with particular emphasis on its impact on employment and labor markets

·          Substantive contribution to progress reporting on the relevant MDGs in MDG Progress Reports and PRSPs and other national policy documents in close coordination with other team members

·          Design appropriate tools and activities for data collection, integration and dissemination

·          Promote the strengthening of national statistical capacity through the establishment of an M&E network with development partners at the national and sub-national levels

·          Undertake analysis of the quality and reliability of available data sources

·          Where needed, develop technically sound and clearly defined SMART indicators for GOP’s programs / interventions related to social development

·          Regularly interact with key national and sub-national partners involved in socioeconomic surveys and data collection

·          Maintain a database of relevant studies and data on social sector performance and build links with public and private sector research institutions

·          Monitoring and progress reporting of the related MDG at the national and sub-national levels

·          Contribute to the production of quarterly and annual progress reports of CPRSPD

·          Train relevant staff in public sector on labor market / employment issues

·          Any other relevant task assigned by National Project Manager (NPM) / National Project Director (NPD)

  “Equally qualified Women will be given preference”

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Masters Degree (preferably Ph. D)Masters Degree Masters Degree (preferably Ph. D) in Economics or related field with extensive research / hand on experience in labor issues and employment generation

Must Title Level Description
 Comunication Excellent  • Strong communication skills • Strong quantitative background, with experience in empirical work • Strong communication skills; both written and verbal • Ability to work with both primary and secondary data • Strong understanding of the relevant research methodologies, techniques and tools including widely used relevant computer programming / simulation models • A good team player as well as the ability to work independently