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National Consultant

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
26 October, 2010
Last Date to apply:
30 October, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 10 years of relevant experience. Masters Degree in Media and Communication related field. Strong Interpersonal Communication skills both verbal and writing: Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people from different culture / backgrounds; Sound understanding of gender issues and their application in the policy and programme contexts.



An unintended consequence of our economic policies has been the stifling of internal markets, cities and communities, which play a critical role in fostering productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship and ultimately promote growth, prosperity and development. The Planning Commission has been involved in the formulation of perspective, medium-term and annual plans based on a savings-driven approach. The public investment across sectors is allocated according to the planner’s priority and it is assumed that public sector development programme will crowd-in private investment. However we now know that the Rostovian linear model and Harrod-Domar framework, where growth is primarily a function of savings did not succeed for Pakistan because: a) markets were not well-developed which implied that savings were not channeled into most productive uses, b) take-off does not materialize into sustained growth due to poor quality of investments, c) due to poor resource mobilization, there is continuous reliance on foreign resources, and d) model does not incorporate endogenous growth elements of innovation, entrepreneurship and learning.

Never has there been a more pressing need in Pakistan’s history to search for a new model for economic development. In the new development framework, markets should be the growth-driver that rewards efficiency, innovation and entrepreneurship, while the government is facilitator that protects public interests and rights, provides public goods, enforces laws, punishes exploitative practices, and operates with transparency and accountability. The New Development Approach will focus on: a) Rules not Deals: ensuring productivity-led growth by incentivizing innovation and entrepreneurship, b) Reforming markets: improving governance so that markets and commerce can flourish, c) Reconfiguring cities: increasing diversity and resource mobility through inclusive zoning, d) Developing Community Infrastructure: empowering youth and community for improved quality of life.

In order to develop and refine the New Development Approach further, Planning Commission has put in place a new consultative process, where we are taking every possible step to communicate our thought process to all segments of the society, including academia and civil society organizations. This process is expected to lend deeper feedback and sense of ownership which is critical for the refinement, operationalization and success of New Development Approach. 

Duties and Responsibilities

1- The following tasks will be completed by the expert in preparation of the analysis:
2- Serve as a resource to Planning Commission of Pakistan in maintaining communication with government and general public on all aspects of the New Development Approach (NDA).

3- Supervise the existing media team at Planning Commission and undertake regular outreach activities and ensure timely response to all media queries and requests.

4- Determine and employ appropriate channels and tools of communications for the advocacy and outreach of ‘NDA’ project.

5- Supervise existing media and advocacy team at planning Commission of Pakistan  to develop

i. A communication needs assessment both internal and external
ii. Message and content formulation
iii. Message testing
iv. Identification of modes and channels of communications
v. Implementation of communication strategy
vi. Impact assessment and
vii. Budgeting for communication activities.

6- To supervise and design, develop and carry out marketing campaigns (print/electronic) as well as event management to promote “NDA”

7- Supervise the team in developing and maintaining projects website.

8- Supervise and develop newsletter, brochures and project based communications material.

9- Arrange/ conduct focus groups, consultations, discussions, workshops, seminars and conferences or use any other methods for communicating with the stakeholders.

10- Perform any duty related to the job as and when directed by the Dy. Chairman Planning Commission of Pakistan

Input indicators:
i. Communication strategy
ii. Outreach activities undertaken
iii. Marketing campaigns development and implementation with the assistance of professional agency.
a. Electronic
b. Print
c. Special Events
iv. Newsletters, brochures and project based communications material developed and disseminated
v. Consultations/workshops/seminars arranged/conducted
vi. Survey/polls arranged/conducted in collaboration with professional agencies. and
vii. Capacity building training programs arranged/conducted for internal and external stakeholders in collaboration with the professional agencies.
Output indicators:
i. Stakeholders perception
ii. Stakeholders understanding and ownership
Key Deliverables:

a. Inception report (sixth  week from the date of signing of the contract)
b. Progress report (12th  week from the date of signing of the contract)
c. Progress report (18th  week from the date of signing of the contract)
d. Final report to be submitted on (24th week from the date of signing of the contract)

The consultant will report to Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Islamabad.

Payment Schedule:

1. Submission of Inception report-20%
2. Submission of 1st progress report- 20%
3. Submission of 2nd progress report- 20%
4. Upon approval of final report-40%

Duration of the contract:

Duration of this contract is 6 months (24 weeks) from the date of signing.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters DegreeMasters DegreeMaster Degree in Media and Communication related field

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish Language and Report Writing Never Used  Excellent writing and communication/presentation skills