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National Consultant

Job Category:
Admin Assistants
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
21 October, 2010
Last Date to apply:
29 October, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

• Knowledge and understanding of the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Pakistan and its gender implications specifically with regards to the Joint UN proposal.
• Understanding of the UN system of organizations and their delivery mechanisms.
• Strong analytical and report writing skills in English
• At least 2-3 years experience of working on gender issues in the context of the HIV response;
• Previous experience of gender and HIV mainstreaming;
• Understanding of human right-based approach;
• Ability to work in team.


UNAIDS, Pakistan is looking for a national consultant for integration of HIV issues in the Spanish gender proposal as one UN Pilot in Pakistan. The consultancy work is to be conducted in 2010. The consultant team will be formed of one international consultant and one national consultant. The assignment for the national consultant is collaborative and supportive in its scope. The TOR is developed to have the expertise and suppot of the national consultant for following up on the recommendations for integration of HIV issues in the work plans of the UN partners under the Spanish gender proposal in Pakistan.
UNAIDS supports development, implementation and scale-up of comprehensive AIDS strategies. In Pakistan, UNAIDS works to support the response of the Government and civil society to the AIDS epidemic. UNAIDS facilitates coordination of AIDS -related activities undertaken by the UN system, and other international agencies, including bilateral donor agencies, international NGOs and others. Specific areas of work include promoting and assisting:  leadership and advocacy for effective action on the epidemic including a rights-based approach; strategic information and support for coordination efforts for the response to AIDS; tracking, documenting, monitoring and evaluating of the epidemic and the response; engaging other stakeholders in HIV, including mass organizations, NGOs, People Living with HIV, and private/business sectors; and mobilization of technical and financial resources to support an effective response. The UNAIDS Country Office provides strategic support to UN agencies, donor agencies, Government and other national partners in this work.
Background and Context
The One UN Pakistan Gender Equality Initiatives under the MDG Funds fall under the broad strategic framework and its three pillars i.e. 1) Legal and Political Empowerment; 2) Economic Empowerment and; 3) Social Empowerment and are fully integrated in the One UN Programme (JP) and specifically under the specific Joint Programme Components (JPCs) across 4 of the 5 Joint Programmes (ARP, Education, Health and Population and Environment). As such they report within the JPCs and JPs and the accountability around their implementation is by the implementing agencies under the overview of the JP co-chairs.
The strategy is to ensure that gender equality receives the necessary focus and is fully integrated in the One UN Programme and Gender mainstreaming within on-going programmes
The principal rationale around the Gender Equality Interventions is as follows;
a) Full integration in the existing five thematic areas of the One UN Programme
b) Specific accountability mechanisms around ensuring that integration takes place and is reported for as well as succeeds in enhancing joint efforts around gender equality and women’s empowerment.
Of the 19 UN entities operational in Pakistan, 14 are participating in this programme. The participating agencies are: FAO, ILO, IOM, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNIDO, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UN-Habitat, WFP and WHO. WFP and UNHCR are not requesting for any budgetary allocations
The Gender Equality Interventions– integrated in the One UN Joint Programme - are designed to further enhance the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment in Pakistan. The overall objectives in this regard are:
  1. Strengthening national and local policy environment for gender specific initiatives and wider gender-mainstreaming through improvement in and compliance with national and international commitments;
  2. Building government, national women machineries’ and NGO capacity towards advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment agenda;
  3. Designing service models for women, girls, boys and men to enhance and promote gender equality at levels encompassing from grass-root to decision making;
  4. Raising national awareness about gender equality and catalyzing multi-level commitment to gender equality.
  5. Engaging men in becoming partners and promoters of gender equality and women’s advancement.
Within this overall context, the One UN Pakistan Gender Equality Initiatives includes specific HIV & AIDS activities with UNFPA, WHO and UNIFEM and envisaged integration/ mainstreaming HIV in all relevant activities of the initiative to be undertaken by the participating agencies.
Tasks of the National Consultant
The national consultant will be working as a team with the international consultant to support the international consultant in carrying out the following tasks and to implement the tasks assigned in the work plan evolving from the review undertakes:
  • Review of all relevant documents including, the approved proposal and updated work plans of all the participating UN agencies.
  • Support in compilation and collation of the reports and provide inputs in analysis and syntheses of the insights from the review of the Gender Equality joint programme and its integration into the five Joint Programmes.
  • Identify strategic entry points and action steps to be taken in order to mainstream priority gender and HIV issues in the work plans of the implanting UN agencies and their partners;
  • Facilitate the coordination efforts in securing the requisite support and response from the participating UN agencies for the review, strategy development and roll out process with and sharing documents with the partners and technical working group.
  • Support for coordination of the mission visit of the international consultant to Islamabad, help in setting up meetings and discussions with the implementing UN agencies
  • Provide inputs to revise the report based on feedbacks from the mission visit of the international consultant
The national consultant will provide support to the international consultant for the writing up of the documents and reports and following up with the UN participating agencies in the integration of HIV in their relevant and agreed activities.
The specific tasks of the national consultant related to follow up of the review exercise and preparation of the HIV integration action plan are:
·                     Interact locally with all concerned UN partners on the agreed steps from the action plan  for integration of HIV issues in their respective agency work plans
·                     Develop indicators to capture HIV & AIDS integration in the gender initiative activities for reporting purposes in consultation with the international consultant, Gender focal persons and the HIV & AIDS focal persons
·                     Undertake the mainstreaming training of agencies, Gender Initiative Programme/ Project staff to integrate HIV & AIDS and reporting on the identified indicators in their respective activities
3) Personal attributes:
Excellent interpersonal communication and negotiating skills to facilitate the coordination and participation of various UN collaborators
Sensitivity to political, cultural and national differences and adaptability to multicultural environments
4) Workplace:
The consultant will be based at UNAIDS, Islamabad working closely with the IAGoGE and the Gender and HIV working group and coordinating with UNAIDS.
5) Duration, Deliverables and Payment Schedule:
Duration of the Consultancy would be 70 days spread over a period starting from November 1st - 31st December, 2010.
% age
Amount in US$
Submission and approval of a HIV mainstreaming recommendations report and first draft strategy document for outline of the HIV Mainstreaming
Complete one round of follow up of all the Participating UN agencies and

Prepare a status report on the follow up of the action taken for integration of HIV issues in the Joint UN programme ( JP)

Upon submission of Final report





Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Master Degree Masters Degree The consultant should have at least University degree in the field of Public Health or Social Sciences. S/he should be equipped with the working of health sector in social sciences, development economics, social or physical sciences, public health, public administration with special reference to HIV and gender related interventions. S/he should be able to link up with key partners in implementation of the Gender Equality Initiatives to retrieve information and data in coordination and collaboration with the respective participating UN agencies, funds and programmes.

Must Title Level Description
 HIV/AIDSGood  Excellent interpersonal communication and negotiating skills to facilitate the coordination and participation of various UN collaborators Sensitivity to political, cultural and national differences and adaptability to multicultural environments