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National Consultant for UNDP/One UN DRM

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Full Time
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Posted On:
21 October, 2010
Last Date to apply:
27 October, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

Ten years of expertise on Governance and Institutional arrangements and sound understanding of emergency preparedness and DRM systems in Pakistan


1. Introduction
Pakistan continues to suffer from a plethora of natural and human induced hazards that threaten to affect the lives and livelihood of its citizens; e.g. floods, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones and drought, fires, civil unrest and terrorism and transport and industrial accidents. Climate change and related disaster risks have added an additional dimension to the task of development planners. The nation’s ability to increase its capacity to withstand natural and human induced disasters lies in the adoption of new strategies. Adopting a proactive approach would include disaster risk reduction with regards to specific hazards. Such an approach would be focused at benefiting the most vulnerable segments of population and it would raise the impact of national development strategy on poverty alleviation.

2. Objectives of the Review and Programme Development
The review will be focused around the following three objectives with special attention provided in light of the recent floods in July-August 2010:
1. Experience to date: to analyse the achievement of objectives, highlighting issues, challenges and ‘lessons learned’;
2. Strategic Direction: to define a forward looking strategy in line with new challenges and opportunities (including those presented by the recent floods); and
3. Proposed Programme for 2011-2012: to define the future course of the ongoing programme including proposed annual workplans, implementation modalities and resource mobilization strategies.

3. Programme Review and Development: Scope

3.1. Programme Review
The framework for the review should focus on the needs and capacities relating to institutional strengthening for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in Pakistan.  The review is also placed very much in the context of the current situation with the floods, and as such should have a forward-looking emphasis.  The consultation process and analysis for the review should therefore include the following four main core areas:

 Overall achievements
 Achievement of results according to standard UNDP monitoring and evaluation criteria
 Sustainability of these results, with particular reference to future needs arising from the floods
 Lessons Learnt from 2009-2010

 Capacities
 Existing and potential capacities relevant to the programme
 Capacity support at national, regional and international levels

 Strategic direction
 Thematic focus
 Institutional strengthening strategies

 Implementation
 Modalities
 Financial Management Systems
 Measuring Impacts
3.2. Program Development
The above analyses of needs and capacities should form a logical and objective basis for identifying strategies and activities for 2011-2012.  Subsequent work-plan and programme briefs for 2011-2012 should be developed on this basis.

3. Methodology and Duration
It is expected that the mission should adopt a consultative and participative approach.  Therefore, besides a thorough review of all documents including the Country Programme (2011-2012) and the current country programme and materials produced by the project, the mission members are expected to hold in-depth consultations with NDMA and key stakeholders at national and provincial levels such as the project team, NGOs, Civil Society, international development partners including donors, and elected reps.  The consultation process will include field visits in selected provinces to obtain first hand information relating to the programme and the flood situation. The mission will start with a meeting with UNDP Country Office and will conclude on a collective debriefing with UNDP, NDMA and other key stakeholders.  The evaluation will take place over a two month period (4 October to 26 November, 2010).

4. The Team
A team of two experts: one international DRM expert with ten years of demonstrated experience in managing national level Disaster Risk Management projects and/or programmes with a clear focus on technical advisory capacities at the policy, institutional and field level. The international expert must also have strong understanding of community-based disaster risk management projects and preferably early warning systems. The national consultant should have at least ten years of expertise on Governance and Institutional arrangements and sound understanding of emergency preparedness and DRM systems in Pakistan. The international consultant will be the team leader while the national consultant will be mission members.

5. Deliverables and Timelines
The TEAM LEADER will take the lead to prepare: 1) work plan; 2) programme brief; and 3) a review report focusing on the scope and focus outlined above (4) Programme and work-plan for 2011 in accordance with the learning over the years.  These deliverables will be submitted primarily to UNDP and NDMA for review.

5.1 Review and Programme Development Work Plan for the assignment
The draft review and programme development work plan is to be submitted within seven (7) days of the commencement of work and finalized within 2 days of receipt of comments. The work plan will describe how the review and programme development is to be carried out.

5.2 Programme Brief for the debriefing meeting
The expert will submit a draft programme brief for review so it can be presented at a debriefing to all stakeholders. It will comprise of the review findings and recommendations. It will also give recommendations for what needs to be included in the annual work plan for the next two years.

5.3 Review Report
Within one week of receiving comments on the draft programme brief and stakeholders’ consultation, the expert will submit a final copy of report as per UNDP standard review and work plan format. The final review report should be logically structured, containing evidence-based findings, conclusions, lessons and recommendations.

5.4 Annual Work plan/Project Document
The expert should draft a proposed Annual Wok Plan based on the findings of the review to be completed as per the required UNDP format and in consultation with key Government counterparts (NDMA) within one week of receiving comments at the debriefing meeting.

The NATIONAL CONSULTANT will assist the team leader in delivery of the above, but in particular will be responsible for the following key activities and outputs:
• Fieldwork: to at least two provinces and districts
• Analysis: contribute to the analysis of needs and capacities of national, provincial and local institutions
• Report writing: responsible for certain sections of the report (as required by the team) and in particular relating to institutional aspects of the review.

The national consultant is expected to be available for work on this assignment from Mon 25 Oct 2010 to Fri 26 Nov 2010 i.e. for 25 working days.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters DegreeMasters DegreeMasters degree in relevant field

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish language and report writing Excellent