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Procurement Consultant

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
20 October, 2010
Last Date to apply:
27 October, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

2 to 3 years of relevant administrative experience. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, Power Point etc.). Experience in handling of web-based management systems.


 II. Organizational Context
Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Deputy Manager, Procurement; supports procurement services in large in COsensuring high quality and accuracy of work. The Procurement Consultant promotes a client, quality and results-oriented approach in the Unit.
 The Procurement Consultant works in close collaboration with the Operations, Programme and projects staff in the CO and UNDP HQs staff to exchange information and ensure consistent service delivery.
III. Functions / Key Results Expected
Summary of key functions:
Implementation of operational strategies
Support to procurement processes
Implementation of sourcing strategy
1. Ensures implementation of operational strategies, focusing on achievement of the following results:
q   Full compliance of procurement activities with UN/UNDP rules, regulations, policies and strategies.
q   Assists in the Asset Management of the Country Office, DEX and NEX Projects, and Offices affiliated with UNDP in the UN House. Interacts with Programme/Operations Units, Projects, and affiliated offices, for ensuring timely submission of data on assets.
q   Undertakes physical stock-taking exercise of both Capital and Non-Capital Items of the Country Office, DEX Projects and affiliated Offices on quarterly basis and update the record accordingly. Generate reports of both Capital/Non-Capital Assets and shares the information with the management.
q   Upon receipt of both Capital and Non-Capital items, undertakes Data Entry of the said Items into Atlas and keep it updated on quarterly basis.
q   Undertakes stock of the surplus items stored in the warehouse, updates the list of the items recommending disposal/transfer or sale. Provides data to the Deputy Manager, Procurement for preparation of Case Reports for submission to CAP for disposal/transfer.
q   Maintains systematic Asset record;
q   Assists to complete mid-year and year-end Asset Management Reports for submission to Headquarters and meets the given deadline;
q   Posts advertisements of goods and services on the local, global websites and also in the print media. 
q   Undertakes purchases through Imprest Account petty cash, maintains complete record of payments disbursed on monthly Reports.
q   Ensures best value for money for purchases undertaken from petty cash imprest account
q   Maintains systematic record of procurement files/folders in the Procurement Share Drive, as directed by the Deputy Procurement Manager.
2. Supports procurement processes for CO, NEX/DEX projects, UN House and at the request of other Agencies focusing on achievement of the following results:
q   Support implementation of procurement processes including preparation of RFQ, ITB or RFP documents, receipt of quotations, bids or proposals.
q   Maintains the filing system of the Procurement Unit which includes but is not limited to filing of CAP cases, Purchase Orders, all kind of Contracts/Contract Amendments, SSA Contracts, Pre-Qualification Files and General Files of the Unit.
q   Tracks all procurement processes up to delivery, acceptance and payment. Follow-up with requesting units on their procurement requisitions, ensuring that all requirements are complied with.
q   Prepares routine correspondence, faxes, memoranda and reports on procurement in accordance with CO SOP.
q   Processes invoices for payment action once the invoices are certified by the Procurement Manager, and maintains proper record with the relevant PO files. Coordinates with B&FU and/or Requesting Unit for ascertaining the payment status and informs the suppliers accordingly.
q   Compiles information for preparation of cost-recovery bills for procurement services
q   Assist the Deputy Manager, Procurement in local shopping of Non-capital and Consumable items as per UNDP rules and guidelines.
     3.    Contributes to the implementation of sourcing strategy focusing on achievement of the following result:
q   Coordinates with suppliers for securing updated latest “Suppliers’ Profile” for Registration with UNDP.
q   Creates Registration Account in Atlas and informs the supplier/vendor accordingly
q   Develops/generates list of suppliers by classification, share it with the Programme/Operations Divisions and the Projects.
q   Upon receipt of Supplier’s Profile, and upon completion of pre-qualification process, properly registers the firm in the database, inform the supplier about the registration number, files the supplier documentation, and informs the supplier through formal note.
q   Raises Purchase Orders and Requisitions through e-Procurement Module
q   Develops the Request For Quotation, sends it out to the prequalified suppliers, coordinates with the suppliers for timely submission of quotations/bids/proposals, and prepares Cost Comparative Summary prior to raising of Atlas Purchase Order.
 IV. Impact of Results
The key results have an impact in the execution of the CO procurement services management in terms of quality and accuracy of work completed. Accurate data entry, presentation of information and client-oriented approach enhances UNDP capability in the provision of procurement services.

 V. Duration: 2 Months with possibility of extension

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Higher Secondary EducationF.Sc / A Levels / (12 Years) Higher Secondary education. Specialized training in procurement desirable.

Must Title Level Description
 Asset Management Excellent  Development and Operational Effectiveness  Ability to perform a variety of repetitive and routine tasks and duties related to collecting of information and preparation of procurement documentation, data processing, filing  Ability to review data, identify and adjust discrepancies  Ability to produce accurate and well documented records conforming to the required standard  Ability to handle a large volume of work possibly under time constraints  Knowledge of financial rules and regulations.  Strong IT skills, knowledge of Atlas will be preferred.