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National Manager – Press & Bar

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to DTCE (PAK/02/009/NEX)
Posted On:
21 March, 2005
Last Date to apply:
30 March, 2005
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 5-10 years collective experience in community development, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation and community based field research and analysis with particular reference to community development in Pakistan;
Experience of supporting local governments in the promotion of CCBs is preferred;
Possess strong leadership and problem-solving skills in IT;
Strong knowledge of governance issues in Pakistan, particularly pertaining to the current national reconstruction process in general and devolution in particular;
Have a strong commitment to community participation and empowerment, and sensitivity to gender issues;
Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people from different cultures/ backgrounds.
Good command on English language (fluency in speaking, writing) with knowledge of Urdu and other local languages.
Be a Pakistani national.



Cognizant to the fact that district Press Clubs and Bar Association in Pakistan has a critical role in community empowerment process by protecting citizens rights to development and creating awareness among local citizenry, DTCE organized two National Conventions each for District Bar Association and Press Clubs in Pakistan July 2004. The main focus of Press Clubs Conventions was to enhance the understanding of nationwide network of Press Clubs and Bar Associations on CCBs, community participation and broader devolution elements and processes through sensitization of the local media representatives on processes for optimizing CCBs as a tool for citizen empowerment and community participation, and for making CCBs a vehicle to facilitate the shift from “patronage politics” to “rights based development”. The thrust of Bar Convention was at enhancing the understanding and support of the Bar Associations on CCBs and community empowerment in particular, and devolution, bottom-up democracy and rights based development in general.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The main objective of this assignment is to assess the impact of relationship between DTCE and Press Clubs/ Bar Associations on CCB mobilisation campaign and undertake necessary follow-up steps to gather the required momentum of these partnerships. The National Manager (Press and Bar) would undertake this assignment in collaboration with Press Clubs and Bar Associations with whom DTCE has signed MoUs and under the overall subversion of CEO. The detailed job description include the following 

Review the CCBs registration mechanisms, legal cases against non-registration of CCBs, role of Bar Associations in litigation, and contribution of Press Clubs in promoting CCBs mobilization at grass roots level.

Develop a follow-up strategy on the progress of Press Clubs and Bar Associations on the responsibilities assigned to them according to the MoUs signed with DTCE and undertake the follow-up exercise.

Synthesize data on CCB mobilization activities by the Press Clubs and Bar Associations and analyze the number of CCBs formed as a result of promotional activities carried out by the Press Clubs and Bar Associations.

Follow-up on CCB-related cases taken up/pursued by the Bar Associations under the obligation of MOU signed with DTCE.

Develop and maintain a database of active Press Clubs and Bar Associations partners and advice for release of MoU payments to the partner Press Clubs and Bar Associations.

Disseminate DTCEs informational material to the Press Clubs and Bar Associations and develop a catalogue of media coverage, documentary films, press bulletins, news articles related to DTCE/ CCB activities by the Press Clubs.

Provide technical support and coordinate the promotion of community organization, participation, and capacity building through CCBs at the union level in collaboration with Mangers FOTs and Directorate of Community and Local Government Relations.

Participate in Training of Trainers of Civil Society Organizations and other CCBs promotional training programs and CCBs development projects as master trainer and undertake any other field-related activity in this regard.

Collaborate with DTCE IME team and give inputs in formulating IME reports with a national perspective of CCBs.

Undertake any other assignment as recommended by Chairman BOD/ CEO.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeMasters degree in Sociology with strong research background in Community Development and Community Organization;