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Drought Contingency Planning Expert

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
23 July, 2010
Last Date to apply:
05 August, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

An experience of working in field related to drought mitigation and response for 5 minimum years. Individuals with added experience of research work in agriculture, livestock and environment will be given preference.


Pakistan continues to suffer from a plethora of natural and human induced hazards that threaten to affect the lives and livelihood of its citizens; e.g. floods, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones and drought, fires, civil unrest and terrorism and transport and industrial accidents. The Climate Change and related disaster risks have added an additional dimension to the task of development planners. The nation’s ability to increase its capacity to withstand natural and human induced disasters lies in the adoption of new strategies. Adopting a proactive approach would include disaster risk reduction with regards to particular hazards. Such an approach would be focused at benefiting the most vulnerable segments of population and it would raise the impact of national development strategy on poverty alleviation.

The country lacks a systematic approach towards disaster risk management. Provinces reflect diverse capacities to respond for reasons of institutional capacities, ability for integrated contingency planning and resource inadequacy for emergency response. However, all provinces do undertake detailed pre-disaster response planning with armed forces that play a key role especially in floods. Simultaneously UN agencies and international NGOs actively participate in the contingency planning process in consultation with NDMA at the National Level. However to analyse potential hazards with regards to their possible humanitarian impact and consequences requires a common strategic planning framework for all stakeholders to identify clear objectives, roles and responsibilities. The lack of hazard specific contingency planning to encounter the potential threats remains a major gap and even the districts and regions that have suffered from frequent hazards don’t have contingency plans, except few. NDMA & UNDP continue to emphasise upon the contingency process as a preparedness measure for response to natural and human induced hazards. The main purpose is to focus on planning for the impending disasters to identify and analyze related risks for their humanitarian impact, and to define roles and responsibilities of diverse national stakeholders for preparedness and response.
In this backdrop and under the overall umbrella of the One-UN Disaster Risk Management Program, UNDP is supporting the Government of Pakistan in developing contingency plans for major hazards. This particular assignment requires the expert to develop Drought Contingency Plan.

The Drought Contingency Planning expert will report to Director Mitigation & Planning, NDMA.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Determine impacts of Drought hazards on human settlements, crops, livestock and stored bulk agricultural material to work out damage scenarios for Drought contingency planning on scientific principles
• Compile and furnish exact and accurate data of adverse impacts of climatic changes on human being, crops and livestock along with the soil quality and water resources and suggest possible short and long term remedial actions.
• With the assistance of data available determine the expected damages and losses that could occur in certain locations due to drought conditions.
• Recommend suitable solutions to minimize the impacts of drought hazard on breeding of animals, soil, animals' living conditions, crops, environments and harvesting.
• Review various (existing) drought specific contingency plans with the perspective of agriculture, soil, water resource, livestock and environmental damages in Pakistan.
• Develop National Tsunami Contingency Plan.

• Excellent and thorough knowledge of agriculture, livestock, environment and water management in Pakistan
• Ability to plan and work independently without maximum supervision.
• Excellent analytical and investigative approach for compilation of information
• Complete information and comprehensive knowledge of hazard occurrences and their impacts in Pakistan pertaining to drought.
• Good physical health and ability to travel
• Positive attitude with a mind set of delivering development services in a most professional manner;
• Excellent skills in technical writing;
• Excellent listening skills;
• Excellent interpersonal skills;

• Proficiency in both English and Urdu is desirable. Ability to speak and understand the local languages would be an added advantage.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters DegreeMasters DegreeMasters degree in relevant specialty is necessary; e.g. agriculture, water resources management, environment etc.

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish Language and report writing Excellent  • Excellent skills in technical writing; • Excellent listening skills; • Excellent interpersonal skills;