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Consultant on E-Governance

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
13 July, 2010
Last Date to apply:
27 July, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 10 years of experience of working in senior management positions, e-Governance/e-Commerce and Web Development Tools



UNDP in partnership with the Office of the Wafaqi Mohtasib is executing a project titled “Strengthening Public Grievance Redress Mechanisms (SPGRM).

In order to realize the aim of improving coordination and dialogue amongst oversight institutions and service delivery bodies, a Policy Dialogue Forum was held in August 2009. The Forum explicitly discussed that the government should make maximum disclosures on information for the benefits of the citizens. It was further elaborated that in order to promote the culture of transparency, government should promote E-Governance in the country. For this purpose, new features should be added on official web-sites of the departments to make them interactive and user friendly and to make maximum information available to the stakeholders. Moreover, in order to improve information system in public organizations, the government should set up systems for information management at all public institutions. There is also a need to develop mechanism to ensure that the institutions adhere to these new systems and their performance in this regard should be quantified. 

It is realized that there is a need to further dig-out these recommendations through in-depth research on the subject in order to make practical recommendations for improvements in the area of e-governance. The recommendations would be forwarded to the decision makers for incorporating necessary changes in the laws and regulations identified in the document, backed by some sound best practices in the relevant area.   

Objectives of the Assignment

Following are the objectives of this assignment.

i. To initiate the process of well informed research to examine present policies, rules and regulations on e-governance
ii. To review and analyze present facilities and infrastructure on websites of government institutions keeping in mind the needs of citizens 
iii. To make practical recommendations based on research findings for improving e-governance in the country

Duties and Responsibilities

The SPGRM project, therefore, intends to engage the services of a Consultant to carry out the following tasks:
1) Hold focused meetings with the senior management and liaise with Ministry of Information Technology, E-Government Directorate, Computer Bureau of Pakistan and other similar institutions to review government policies, rules, regulations, training programs, assistance programs for the federal and provincial government institutions, implementation strategies, progress on decisions, analyze strong and weak points, suggest improvements
2) Collect information on existing facilities and infrastructure of government institutions 
3) Carry out research on best practices, technical standards, and specifications;
4) Compile strategic recommendations on policy, laws/regulations, and institutional structure for the development, operation, and management of e-governance in federal agencies;
5) Plan strategy and modules to introduce e-governance in federal government departments;
6) Prepare policy, draft laws, rules and regulations for quick introduction of e-governance in the federal government departments;
7) Provide strategic recommendations on systemic improvement.
8) Propose action plan and suggest effective monitoring mechanism to ensure implementation.
(Note: The senior management of the Wafaqi Mohtasib’s office reserves the right to suitably amend these ToRs to make the study more comprehensive and meaningful).

1) Submission of an outline and detailed work plan within 15 days of signing of contract.
2) Submission of review report on the existing policies, rules and regulations on e-governance
3) Submission of a document on present facilities offered by the government to the citizens on e-governance along with some best practices available in the related area 
4) Submission of final report on completion of the study after three months which covers the following aspects.
a. Background and rationale behind the study
b. Review of existing laws, rules and regulations on e-governance
c. Current features of e-governance and best practices 
d. A set of practical recommendations to advocate improvements in the e-governance
e. The study material should be a part of the final report that can be given as annexure.   
The interim reports and final report will be examined and discussed in the internal meetings and necessary amendments, modifications would be identified in the light of discussions. Draft rules, regulations and guidelines shall be provided as annexure.

Payment Schedule

i. 10% of the contract price upon submission of an outline and work plan
ii. 30% upon submission of a review report on the existing policies, rules and regulations on e-governance
iii. 30% upon submission of best practices and review of available features of websites of government institutions 
iv. 30% upon satisfactory note by the project management on the final report 

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters DegreeMasters DegreeMinimum masters degree in Computer Sciences, management/administrative sciences.

Must Title Level Description
YesGovernance, Policy Formulation and E-Governance Excellent  • Demonstrable knowledge in the area of governance and policy formulation in public sector departments • Possess expertise in drafting laws, rules, instructions • Should be equipped with current issues on E-Governance