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International Consultant

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
28 April, 2010
Last Date to apply:
05 May, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 10 years of experience in natural resource management and development practitioner, having extensive international experience in programme formulation, execution and evaluation of GEF assisted sustainable land management projects with synergies to implementation CBD, UNFCCC and UNCCD. The work experience in developing countries, especially in the South-Asian region, will be an added qualification.



The purpose of the Implementation Review (IR) of the Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP) Phase-I through an International Consultant is to determine the progress being made towards the achievement of outcomes and identify course corrections, if needed. The IR will focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of the SLMP Phase-I implementation. It will highlight issues requiring decisions and actions; and will present initial lessons learned about project design, implementation arrangements and pilot demonstrations (feasibility studies). The findings of the Consultant will be useful for understanding the programmatic and technical issues of the Project and the progress achieved to date.  It will help partner organizations and stakeholders in further consolidating project operations, coordination and implementation of pilot interventions under nine pilot projects, including addressing specific project management issues at the NCU and PCU levels. The consultant will also review draft Project Identification Form (PIF) for the Phase-II of the SLMP based on GEF-5 Strategy for Land Degradation (LD) Focal Area, identify SLM interventions for the Phase-II of the Project, develop final version of PIF for submitting to UNDP-GEF. He/she will also be required to act as main resource person to facilitate NCU, SLMP for organizing a National Workshop on SLM concepts/principles, and make presentations to the workshop participants. Moreover, findings of this review will help in designing and up-scaling/replication SLM demonstrations during  the SLMP Phase-II as stated in the UNDP Project document for the Phase-I.


The main objective of the Review is to measure effectiveness and efficiency of project interventions in relation to its objectives, and provide recommendations for course correction (if needed) for the remaining period of the Phase-I and up-scaling SLM investments under the Phase-II. The review report will play an important role in future implementation of the SLM programme in Pakistan by providing advice on:

 Strengthening  adaptive management and monitoring mechanism of the project:
 Ensuring achievements of global benefits of the project;
 Enhancing organizational and technical learning; and
 Providing concrete recommendations for on-the-ground interventions under the Phase-II.

The review will provide the GEF Secretariat a complete and convincing evidence to support its findings and merits for SLM related investments under the Phase-II for addressing problems of LD and promoting SLM in Pakistan.

Job Description:

The specific tasks and responsibilities of the international consultant for the Implementation Review of the SLMP Phase-I will be as under:

Task 1: Project Progress and Implementation Review

 examine the project objectives and arrangements for its implementation and  coordination;

 assess the project logframe to see whether its objectives, outcomes, and outputs are stated explicitly, and precisely with verifiable indicators:

 examine the relevance of the Phase-I outcomes with the GEF LD Focal Area Strategy, UNCCD 10-Years strategic plan, and country priorities;

 assess ownership of the programme at the national, provincial, and local levels;

 assess the efficiency of project management, its organizational setup, rules and procedures for its functioning, decision-making process, compliance with decisions taken, including financial management and delivery of inputs in terms of quality and quantity;

 identify, analyze, and record major factors that have facilitated or impeded the progress in achieving the intended outcomes and their outputs (planned and unplanned);

 assess that to what extent the Phase-I of the project would be able to achieve its objectives with the current implementation arrangements;

 analyze the level of stakeholders involvement and if appropriate suggest ways and means to enhance stakeholders participation, including women and marginalized people in on-the-ground implementation of the programme;

 assess the efficiency of financial and administrative procedures being follow for implementation of the Project;

 review achievements of the project in terms of its contribution towards environmental sustainability, including global and local environmental benefits;

 determine successful interventions under the Project that need to be scaled up during the Phase-II;

 formulate a set of specific recommendations for actions necessary to ensure resolution of issues and removal hurdles identified.

 present final report of the project IR and recommendations to the UNDP-Country Office after discussions with the SLMP team, particularly with the NPC and NPD-SLMP.

Task 2: Finalization of PIF for the SLMP Phase-II

 based on the project review, study of relevant documents (including GEF-5 Strategy for LD Focal Area, UNCCD 10-Years Strategic Plan, National Action Programme (NAP) to Combat Desertification), discussion with Project Team, Government counter-parts, and field visits to pilot project sites, finalize the draft PIF document for the Phase-II of the Project.

Task 3: Sharing International Experiences on SLM with stakeholders

 serve as a key resource person on SLM principles and practices, mainstreaming SLM into sectoral policies and plans during a national workshop;

 Share international experiences on SLM with the workshop participants; and

 facilitate NCU-SLMP for organizing a national training workshop on SLM and making presentations during the workshop.

Task 4: Recommendations

 based on the IR, formulate a set of specific recommendations for strengthening adaptive management and monitoring mechanisms, enhancing realization of global benefits, and up-scaling SLM interventions under the Phase-II.
 identify necessary actions required for course correction for the remaining period of Phase-I; and
 present these recommendations to the Project Management and UNDP- Country Office


The main outputs expected from the Consultant are:

1. Project  Review Report (Not exceeding 50 pages, including executive summary)
2. Final PIF document
3. Facilitation National Workshop on SLM

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters Degree in relevant fieldMasters DegreeA Masters degree in Natural Resource Management, environmental economics, social science or a field related to SLM from a recognized university. Candidates with a PhD degree in the related subject would be preferred.

Must Title Level Description
YesResearch & Report Writing Excellent