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Waste Treatment Facility Expert

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
27 April, 2010
Last Date to apply:
11 May, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 15 years accumulated /demonstrated experience in industrial waste management / treatment facility and implementation of projects related to waste water treatment, solid waste management, water management and industrial infrastructure development projects in marble sector with particular reference to disaster risk management.



NDMA is supporting the Ministry of Industries and Production (MOIP), Government of Pakistan in establishing policy, legal, institutional and regularity arrangements for Disasters Risk Management. The purpose of NDMA/UNDP support is to develop and strengthen the capacity of the public/private sector for adapting strategies for reducing threats of potential disasters and minimizing the impact of disasters events upon communities.
The current practices of various Public/Private organizations in industrial sector are not fully considerate about risk posed by natural and human induced hazards. Therefore, generally the infrastructure are built in locations that are prone to naturals hazards e.g. earthquake flood, cyclones and landslides & human induces hazards like urban fires and technological accidents. Even the small industrial units are scattered in densely populated urban areas. While during the production stages, mostly operation are not safe enough.
To address the above mentioned issues, the Marble Cities are being established by Pakistan Stone Development Company under MOIP at Risalpur, Nowshera and other places. Marble City Risalpur has been selected as a Demo Model Project for demonstrating that elements of disaster risk assessment and Risk reduction has been fully incorporated in the planning, designed and implementation stages so that sustainable economic and social development could be achieved by minimizing shocks from all types of disasters.
PASDEC has been established as a Public/Private Partnership under MOIP under Sec 42 of Companies Ordinance to promote and develop the Marble and Granite Sector. Marble City in Risalpur is located on Nowshera, Mardan Road, 45 km North East of Peshawar. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 420 million. PASDEC has acquired 185 acres of land in Aug 2008 and got position in Sep 2008 and has planned to develop an industrial estate therein. The sponsors are in the process of finalizing the layout and design of the Marble city. Allotment is made in February 2010. Soon the civil works will be take place.
Objectives of the Consultancy:
The expert would examine the Marble City at Risalpur project documents (PC1&2 / EIA etc.) with a view to ensure the control of indiscriminate discharge of potentially harmful solid and liquid wastes generated from the marble processing units, thus ensuring environmentally sustainable social and economic development of the area.
The main objective is to review the existing plans and other studies, documents, reports either generated by PASDEC or available with various government functionaries regarding water management, floods and rainfalls etc. Furthermore to review the proposed size and number of marble industries, their approximate production, technologies involved and to estimate the approximate generation of solid and liquid wastes, and air emissions. The expert is supposed to study layout plans, services, designs, observance of standards and parameters with reference to hazards originating during processing and finishing of material/product of marble and thereupon.  Based on the findings, undertake multi-hazard risk assessment of the entire project keeping in view the quantum on generation of waste and to develop a mitigation plan / DRR framework and to suggest improvements in outlay and design of the building and infrastructure regarding the conveyance system and treatment facilitates.
The mitigation plan would also spell out the recycle, recovery and reused techniques in marble processing involved elsewhere in technologically advanced countries during the processing and finishing of marble, and for conversion of marble waste into value added commercially marketable products.
The expert would suggest processes and techniques which may ultimately lead to the discharge of treated waste water, solid waste and air emissions (Dust Collection) etc conforming to National Environmental Quality Standards so as to ensure that DRR elements are fully incorporated and mitigation and preventive measures have been addressed adequately to overcome technological hazards.
The expert would work in close collaboration with other two experts specific to other areas of concern related to DRR aspects, so that the team work could finalize a holistic approach to the incorporation of DRR concept.
Before submitting the final report, the expert in coordination with other 02 experts, would conduct a ‘Consultation Workshop’ to get feed back on the outcomes from relevant experts available in the country and related stakeholders.


In the light of consultancy objectives, the expert will deliver following regarding Marble City Risalpur:
1. Work plan with complete time lines.
2. Report on gaps analysis from DRR point of view with reference to above mentioned waste handling and treatment parameters in the project documents which include each stage of the project cycle. It will include Multi Hazard Risk Assessment within the scope of the consultancy.
3. Plan / Report on possible mitigation measure / alternate mitigation measure with cost affects and implementation framework. It will include specific technical recommendations on various aspects of development of a Model Marble City suggesting improvement for future.
4. Report on development of layout and technical designs of the waste treatment facility and waste conveyance system of the marble city incorporating waste prevention/mitigation practices and Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.
5. Development of a typical disaster resilient plan / design of one unit for each size of plot in collaboration of waste treatment facility expert covering planning, structural and waste management aspects and guidelines for installation of machinery conforming to international/ national standards and practices.
6. Report on handling of slurry, its separation and technological details for conversion (Including CAKE) into value added commercially marketable products.
7. Development of generalized guidelines / awareness material to manage the waste and its re-cycling.
8. Co-organize a ‘Consultation Workshop’ to get feed back of relevant professionals and stakeholder before finalizing the deliverables.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters Degree in relevant fieldMasters DegreeAdvanced university degree (master or higher) in a discipline related to industrial engineering, Disaster Risk Management, civil engineering / structural engineering, public health, industrial management, environmental engineering, etc.

Must Title Level Description
YesResearch & Report Writing Excellent  Excellent knowledge of civil works designing and execution as well as monitoring of industrial projects in public/private sector especially development of industrial estates, waste water treatment facilities and CP Techniques. • Good understanding of DRR and Building Codes, Bye-laws, design standards and various government rules & regulations, especially pertaining to PEPA Act, EIA. • Sound knowledge of prevailing risk standards and DRR mitigation technologies especially related to marble and granite sector and for the management of its waste / waste re-cycling. • Excellent interpersonal communication skills. • Ability to coordinate to work as team with other actors in the assignment. • Excellent skills in technical report writing.