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Consultant - Education Governance

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
UNDP - Assistance to Governance Reforms
Posted On:
28 March, 2010
Last Date to apply:
10 April, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 5 years of work experience of consultancy in Public Sector, NGOs and with International Organizations.


The Education Governance Study is part of the Education Joint Program by the UN partner agencies convened by UNESCO and supported by UNDP, UNICEF and WFP. The study will be conducted by the UNDP Project operating in Balochistan by the name of “Assistance to Governance Reforms and Practices in Balochistan”. The Government of Balochistan, Planning and Development Department launched AGRPB Project in the province with the technical assistance of United Nations Development Program to improve public services delivery. The project aims at i) strengthening and alignment of provincial and local government institutions to implement devolution and related governance reform; ii) improvement in access to information for effective decision making, planning and monitoring at provincial and local government levels; and iii) strengthening of participatory local governance mechanisms.
Capacity enhancement of government departments to design and implement improved educational governance practices and tools are deemed necessary to bring meaningful improvements in the educational system of the province. To achieve the task the good practices and tools in education governance and administration at National and Provincial level needs to be reviewed and compiled. The compilation of information on good practices and development of tools related to education governance to bring improvement in the education system of the Province both at Provincial level and at district level.
The findings of the study are meant to support the government and its partners in strengthening the education sector. The study is concerned with link to national policies, political, administrative and fiscal decentralization and the best practices in place as well as its sustainability in the context of Balochistan Province.
In short the review of the functions under the three heads of Policy, Provision and Production would be conducted as part of the study. The Policy would include setting service delivery regulations, norms and standards and monitoring mechanisms. The Provision pertains to planning, overseeing service delivery and accountability mechanisms and the Production would cater the actual management of staff & service delivery operations; building and maintaining facilities to deliver services, etc. The best practices in all three areas of Policy, Provision and Production with emphasis on accountability and transparency would be compiled and the tools would be developed for brining improvement in education governance in Balochistan.
.Objectives of the Study:
1.      Review Policies, Processes and Procedures across the governance tiers; analyze quality and standardization of education and accountability mechanisms (if any) at Provincial, District and School level.
2.      Review procedures on procurement, recruitment, finance and expenditure, including budget tracking and sector auditing, existing incentive system and propose the best practices at National, Provincial and District level.
3.      Identify areas for improvement and suggest appropriate structures (e.g. educational governance committees and its terms of reference at various levels), standards, resources and processes to manage quality and performance.
4.      Accountability of service providers vis a vis complaint redress, citizen interface and develop clear accountability mechanisms for quality, performance and quality management systems at Provincial, District and School level.
5.      Propose quality monitoring methodologies, reporting channels and scrutiny arrangements for improving educational governance, 
6.      The Best Practices in Education Governance would be compiled and tools would be developed to improve education Governance in Balochistan.
Duties and Responsibilities
Consultant(s) would focus on the following key work tasks:
  • To develop and submit a work plan highlighting the details of activities for undertaking the assignment with appropriate timelines for the approval of the project management.
  • To conduct various meetings with Concerned Government Officials, Organizational heads, representatives of CSOs at Provincial and District level particularly senior educationists in the Four Provincial Capitals of the Country and two rural districts with best practices in the country and two rural districts for situation analysis in Balochistan regarding the possible replication in the context of the Province.
  • To conduct a detailed survey from the beneficiaries of the Education System on implementation of good practices and development of tools by using Questionnaire methodology in one Urban and two Rural Districts of Balochistan with the assistance of P&P Unit, Education Department, Government of Balochistan
  • To review necessary documents, policy guidelines, procedures and rules of business pertaining to the scope of study and highlight good practices and achievements which are replicable with in the context of the Province.
  • To work in coordination with Policy & Planning Unit of Education Department, Government of Balochistan.
  • To conduct Focus Group Discussion / Workshop with the stakeholders on good practices and development of tools for Educational Governance at Quetta and two project districts one in North of Balochistan and the other in South of the Province.
  • Presentation of the Draft Report to the Education Department and UNDP Partners at Quetta. The findings would be shared with the UNDP Peers for their feedback on the study.
  • The inputs/recommendations of the consultative meeting with the Education Department and UNDP Peers will be made part of the study report.
  • Work Plan
  • Draft Study Report
  • Presentation on Findings of the Study.
  • Final Study Report.
 Funding arrangement
The payment shall be made upon completion of the following milestones.
30% of the total amount shall be paid upon completion and duly approval of NPM, the submission of work plan highlighting the details of activities.
30% of the total amount shall be paid upon completion and duly approval of NPM, submission of draft study report.
40% of the total amount shall be paid upon completion and duly approval of NPM, submission of final reports and presentation to be delivered to the Education Department & UNDP Partners under Education Joint Program.
Moreover, the Consultant would be paid the Air Fare and provided Logistic support as per the approved work plan by AGRPB Project. However, no daily subsistence allowance would be given to the consultant while serving at the duty station Quetta.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Master DegreeMasters Degree Masters Degree in Management Sciences or relevant Degree in Social Sciences

Must Title Level Description
 Local Government SystemGood  • Good understanding of the Local Government System under LGO 2001 and Educational policies. • Able to work under tight schedule and in multi-disciplinary environment. • Experience of working on policy issues, development of tools for transparency and accountability, understanding of Government processes and procedures will be an added advantage. • Excellent writing, communication and presentation skills.