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National Programme Manager (NIM-SC)

Job Category:
Programme Management
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Institutional Strengthening for Implementation of the MP
Posted On:
04 March, 2010
Last Date to apply:
18 March, 2010
Experience in years
2 to 4

The Ministry of Environment assumes sole responsibility for implementation of the provisions of the Montreal Protocol on the substances that deplete the Ozone layer. Keeping in view Pakistan’s commitments to the international community, Ozone Cell under the project entitled “Institutional Strengthening for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol for the phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances (Phase-V)” with the financial assistance of Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol has been established in this Ministry. UNDP is the implementing agency for this project. The Ozone Cell is the focal point for coordinating all activities for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in Pakistan such as legislative, licensing, data reporting, providing technical and financial assistance to local industry to convert to ozone friendly technology, public awareness, and implementation of Refrigerants Management Plan, Solvents and Halons Management Plans, Hydro-chlorofluorocarbons Phase out Management Plan and transition strategy for the CFC-Metered Dose Inhalers industry into Ozone friendly technology etc.
Relevant Experience:                                      
15 years experience in the management/administration in the public / private/defence sector. Preference will be given to candidates having sound knowledge / experience on the Montreal Protocol Project or any other environmental related project. Familiarity with the UN working system is essential.
Education:                               Master’s degree in Management Sciences, Public Administration, Law, Environmental Sciences or Chemistry
·         Ability to execute effectively the policy and administrative matters of the project.
·         Excellent computer skills.
·         Good communication / presentation skills.
·         Sound knowledge of the mechanism of the Montreal Protocol Project and other environmental issues will be preferable.
·         Good spoken and written English.
·          Knowledge of the UN working system essential.
TERMS OF REFERECE / Job Description
The National Programme Manager will be required to perform the following services:-
·         Ensure that all government inputs committed to the project are available to the project.
·         Manage the project administratively, financially, logistically, professionally and technically according to the UNDP’s standard procedures.
·         Supervise project’s staff
·         Carry out any other relevant duties identified from time to time to further develop the project.
·         Liaise with project donors, to keep them informed of the progress of project activities.
·         Draft requests or proposals for additional project activities.
·         Liaise with other GoP offices, and civil society organizations etc.
·                  Prepare and revise project work plans and budgets.
·         Manage the mobilization and provision on inputs of the project and production of outputs, according to the project document and the procedures provided in the PCOM.
·         Supervise staff and consultants to adhere to financial disbursements and control procedures.
·         Prepare all technical and financial reports and terminal reports with the assistance of Programme Assistant Sr. Assistant and Admin and Finance Assistant to be submitted to the Government and international organizations.
·         Advise the government on project management issues as necessary. To assist in preparation of project work plan, including annualized targets, indicators for monitoring progress and data collection procedures. To ensure close linkages and interaction between the UNDP, project staff, Government and other implementing partners.
·         Conduct regularly resource and constraint analysis and develop strategic plans accordingly.
·         Approve certain payments of project funds according to the transparent procedures in the Project Cycle Operations Manual.
·         Represent the project at various national / international meetings (i.e. ODS Officers Network Meeting, OEWG Meeting & MoP)
·                  Carry out field monitoring visits and hold meetings with different stakeholders.
·                  Arrange the holding of seminars and workshops on various ozone related issues
·                  Prepare awareness material, reports on the proceedings of seminars and workshops for dissemination among concerned stakeholder and civil society members
·                  Prepare quarterly / annual progress reports