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Human Resources Manager

Job Category:
Human Resources
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
23 November, 2009
Last Date to apply:
06 December, 2009
Experience in years
2 to 4

5 Years(5 years of relevant experience at the national/international level in managing human resources in a large national and/or international organization. Experience in providing HR advisory services, managing staff and operational systems and establishing HR operational inter-relationships among international organizations. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, experience in handling of web based management systems.)


Job Description:

Under the guidance of the Deputy Resident Representative, the Human Resources Manager acts as an advisor to Senior Management on all aspects of CO HR management and operations consistent with UNDP rules and regulations. The main role is to lead the Human Resources Unit in its delivery of client services to ensure smooth functioning of the CO/programmes/ projects operations, consistent services delivery and constant evaluation and periodic readjustment of the HR Department to take into account changes in the operating environment as and when needed and contributes to the maintenance of high staff morale.

The Human Resources Manager leads and guides the CO HR Team and fosters collaboration within the team, with programme staff and with other UN Agencies in a client-oriented approach. The Human Resources Manager works in close collaboration with programme and project teams in the CO, operations staff in other UN Agencies, UNDP HQs staff and Government officials to successfully deliver HR services.

Functions / Key Results Expected

Summary of Key Functions:

*Ensuring strategic direction of Human Resources Department
*Implementation of HR strategies and policies
*Human Resources Management and supervision of the HR team
*Effective HR management
*Staff performance management and career development
*Conduct of UN-related surveys
*Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing
*Establishment of partnerships with other UN Agencies

1. As a member of the CO management team, ensures the strategic direction of Human Resources Management focusing on achievement of the following results:

*Full compliance of operations with UN/UNDP rules, regulations and policies, implementation of corporate Human Resources strategies, establishment of management targets (BSC) and monitoring of achievement of results.
*Establishment of collaborate arrangements with potential partners, a Client relationship Management system and appropriate operational partnership arrangements.
*CO business processes mapping and establishment of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Human Resources Management.
* Continuous analysis of corporate HR strategies and policies, assessing the impact of changes and making recommendations on their implementation in the CO. Continuous research of the matters related to conditions of service, salaries, allowances and other policy matters. Elaboration and introduction of measurement indicators, monitoring and reporting on achievement of results.
* Implementation of the strategic approach to recruitment in the CO, proper use of contractual modalities, forecast of the staffing needs, performance evaluation and staff career development management.
*Knowledge building and sharing with regards to management and operations in the CO, organization of the operations staff trainings, synthesis of lessons learnt/best practices, and sound contributions to UNDP knowledge networks and communities of practice.
*Fosters an environment that supports the UNDP culture and practices through consistent and transparent application of policies and ensures mutual respect to cultivate workforce commitment, enabling staff to meet business needs.
*Proactively role models and advocates work/life balance policies.
*Negotiate MOUs with other UN agencies in consultation with senior management and HQ counterparts.
*Monitor, advice and act on disciplinary matters in accordance with established rules and procedures; mediate conflict for the Country Office national staff.

2. Ensures strategic human resources management and supervision of the HR team focusing on achievement of the following results:

*CO compliance with corporate human resources policies and strategies.
*Optimal staffing of the office and projects.
*Oversight and management of recruitment processes in accordance with UNDP rules and regulations, appropriate use of different contractual modalities, contracts management, and performing the function of HR Manager in Atlas.
*Establishment and maintenance of the proper performance management and staff development systems. Implementation of the Universal Access strategy on learning ensuring access of the staff to role appropriate learning activities.
*Management of recruitment processes including job descriptions, job classification, vacancy announcement, screening of candidates, chairing interview panels, making recommendations on recruitment. Oversight of recruitment under UNDP projects.
*Review and certification of submissions to the Appointment and Promotion Panel (APP).
*Management of contracts in and outside Atlas. Monitoring and tracking of all transactions related to positions, recruitment, HR data, benefits, earnings/deductions, retroactivity, recoveries, adjustments and separations through Atlas
*Management of International staff entitlements and position funding delegated to the HR Unit.
*Development and management of rosters.
*Supervise the prompt and efficient processing of documentation for the arrival and departure of international staff.
*Supervise the agreed separation process of staff members.
*Validation of cost-recovery charges in Atlas for HR services provided by UNDP to other Agencies.

3. Ensures proper staff performance management and career development focusing on achievement of the following results:

*Elaboration and implementation of the protocol for performance appraisal process, facilitation of the process, elaboration of performance evaluation indicators in consultation with the Senior Management.
*Support to effective learning management including establishment of the Whole Office Learning plan and individual learning plans in collaboration with the Senior Management and Learning Manager. Implementation of the Universal Access strategy ensuring access to role appropriate learning activities.
*Provision of effective counseling to staff on career advancement, development needs, learning possibilities.
* Implementation of strategic staffing policies in line with career development.
*Implementation of staff wellbeing initiatives such flexi hours, award recognition policy etc.

4. Ensures conduct of UN-related surveys and participation in inter agency harmonization of HR practices focusing on achievement of the following results:

*Organization and coordination of comprehensive and interim local salary, hardship and place-to-place surveys in coordination with the Operations Manager.
*Survey of UN Examining Physicians
*Substantive participation in the Inter Agency working group on HR to harmonize HR practices across UN in Pakistan.

5. Ensures facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the CO focusing on achievement of the following results:

*Ensures the implementation of Corporate leaning initiatives to all staff.
*Works as part-time Learning Manager for the Office
*Organization of trainings for operations/ programme staff on HR issues.
*Synthesis of lessons learnt and best practices in HR.
*Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreePublic Administration, Business Administration, Finance, Economics or related field