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Consultant : National Database for volunteers

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Islamabad with possibility of field visits
Posted On:
23 June, 2009
Last Date to apply:
09 July, 2009
Experience in years
2 to 4

1. A minimum of three years of relevant professional experience.
2. Having experience of dealing with local organizations/ community.
3. Having a sound personality for better control and discipline.


This United Nations Volunteers (UNV)programme is based on the values of free will, commitment, engagement and solidarity, which are the foundations of volunteerism. Volunteering brings benefit to both society at large and the individual volunteer.  It makes important contributions, economically as well as socially.  It contributes to a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens.
The United Nations Volunteers programme is the UN Organization that supports sustainable human development globally through the promotion of volunteerism, including the mobilization of volunteers. It serves the causes of peace and development through enhancing opportunities for participation by all peoples. It is universal, inclusive and embraces volunteer actions in all its diversity.
1.      Background
 United Nations Volunteers (UNV)programme is launching a web based data base on the website of selected local NGO working in the field especially on promotion of volunteerism. This database when linked to official website will help the volunteers to register themselves to volunteer their services nation wide. Main objectives of this database will be:
1.      To provide a platform to volunteers to offer their services and contribute to the achievement of MDGs.
2.      To help the volunteer organizations to recognize and utilize the services of volunteers.
3.      To help the vulnerable in the society generally in various fields especially in terms of crises like the present IDPs vulnerable situation like education, emergency response, medical help etc
     2.    How it works:
 Volunteers play an important role in the development of a country; the basic concept of this database is to enable not only the volunteers but also VSOs to help in the achievement of MDGs.
This database will be designed for the following type of users:
1.    Volunteers: Who will offer a range of services in different fields for volunteer opportunities.
2.      Organizations working on volunteerism and/or organizations who are not working with volunteers but need services of volunteers for particular tasks.
3.      Community: Individual/groups who seek volunteers to help them accomplish a task.
The consultant along with the technical staff of Help In Need will set up workshops/ meetings in various IDPs camps to introduce this web based database and to encourage volunteers to register them selves. The consultant will also set up different networks of volunteer groups in each camp who will encourage volunteers to offer their services through the web based database.
While designing the database, the consultant will clearly make three categories according to the end users as described above.
3.         Duties and Responsibilities
-          Planning for carrying out the survey for the data base (need assessment).
-          Arrange meetings with the volunteer focal points in the camps, similarly arranging workshops/meeting with the VSOs.
-          Collecting information /data for the data base.
-          Planning for the mobilization of volunteers from the community to promote volunteerism among young volunteers through this data base.
-          Plan and organize different activities related to the promotion of the database among VSOs and other end users of the database.
-          Design the database and link to the selected local NGO website.
-          Provides IT technical advise, guidance and support to the staff to help maintain the database.
-          Provide coaching, consultation, support for data/system recovery and ad-hoc enhancements
-          Undertake other duties as required.
4.           Reporting:
The consultant will be required to produce monthly reports at the end of every month and a final report at the end of the consultancy on the progress of the tasks assigned to him/her.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 University degree in Computer Science/ TelecommuMasters Degree 

Must Title Level Description
 Advance Computer SkillsNever Used  Systems Analysis skills, together with hands-on programming and relational database management experience on platforms such as MS ACCESS, etc. - Knowledge of .NET technology, Web-technology based application development and LANs will be an advantage. - Sound knowledge and experience of planning, implementing and monitoring of activities.