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Chief Technical Advisor (CTA)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to DTCE
Posted On:
19 April, 2009
Last Date to apply:
17 May, 2009
Experience in years
2 to 4

1. At least 15 years demonstrated experience in advising and/or researching large scale governance programmes, with strong substantive knowledge and skills related to local government reforms and systems, decentralization and community empowerment;
2. Extensive experience in presenting research outputs on high level international for a and strong leadership and problem-solving skills;
3. Leadership experience in a multi-cultural setting; Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people from different cultures/backgrounds;
4. Have sensitivity to gender issues.
5. Be a Pakistani national;


Duties and Responsibilities:

CTA will be responsible for providing policy advisory services, technical assistance and management of technical inputs. He/She will provide strategic direction to empirical and diagnostic processes to support and optimize effective re-alignment and implementation of DTCE program components in DTCE partner Districts. The CTA will ensure quality research products highlighting DTCE experiences in relation to the achievement of outputs and outcomes to be presented in international fora.

Summary of Key Functions:

1. Strategically position DTCE as an effective platform and conduit for Citizen Engagement and Community Empowerment in the context of local governance;
2. Strategic advice on policy engagement, dialogue, advocacy and knowledge transfer;
3. Monitor and analyze the programme environment and advise on timely readjustment of project strategies and activities.
4. Undertake any other assignment involving expertise in governance, devolution or community empowerment, as and when required by the organization.

Policy Advice:

1. Provide policy advice to influence both strategic as well as tactical and operational decision making within DTCE;
2. Undertake empirical research in DTCE activated districts to identify facilitating, obstructing, socio-political and other relevant factors and their respective solutions/recommendations related to DTCE program components
3. Assess and continuously improve the process and outcome of field activities, as well as provide concrete information to support the development and design of new interventions;
4. Lead analytical work (e.g. institutional and risk analyses, capacity assessment, policy reviews) to inform the development of the project’s strategic positioning in case of evolving factors influencing project direction;
5. Prepare position papers and advise management in preparing for high level consultation meetings with the government on citizen engagement and local governance.

Expert and Mentoring Support:

1. Guide and support the technical teams within DTCE on need basis;
2. Responsible for the quality of technical inputs required for successful implementation of the DTCE programme;
3. Develop a thorough yet flexible knowledge management system to inculcate a culture of Learning, Remembering & Reflection (LRR) enabling the technical staff to progressively improve its services;
4. Design and implement strategies for knowledge transfer to partners & stakeholders;
5. Coordinate with National Project Manager (NPM) in the preparation of the integrated annual plan and budget and mid- term and final substantive and financial reports with regard to technical inputs, under the overall supervision of the CEO.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

1. Conceptualize, plan, participate and coordinate periodic reviews and assessment of overall program or specific components, through joint missions and external technical review teams;
2. Formulate and regularly update Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVIs) that measure quantitative and qualitative outputs and outcomes related to DTCE project interventions as per the LFA;
3. Develop research tools that draw on multiple information nodes, include primary and secondary sources of data, involve internal and external stakeholders, and take into consideration the current devolution reform underway in Pakistan, its historical antecedents, and the opportunities and threats it may encounter.

Strategic Networks and Partnerships:

1. Develop strategic entry points to enhance interface and linkages among UN supported initiatives under ONE UN for maximum results in the field of decentralization, community empowerment and service delivery.
2. Develop functional networks with national and international partners to facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas related to empirical and diagnostic processes that underpin devolution reform and the community empowerment process internationally, and in Pakistan.
3. Give particular focus to advancing gender balance; optimizing effective implementation in urban districts, rural districts as well as strategies for resisting elite capture to advance empowerment of the poor keeping in consideration the policy and institutional environment.

The CTA will work under the supervision of National Project Director.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesPolitical Science, Sociology,Public AdministrationMasters DegreePost-Graduate degree, preferably at doctoral level, in Political Science, Sociology, Public Administration, or allied field with extensive research and practical field based experience.