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Consultant - Linguistic Expert

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
13 January, 2009
Last Date to apply:
27 January, 2009
Experience in years
2 to 4

1. 5-7 years of professional experience performing similar functions, preferably in an international environmen.
2. Required functional competencies: excellent orator, creative analytical thinker, strategic planner
3. Demonstrated drafting skills in a similar function;
4. Previous liaison/negotiation with government agencies/ministries, linguistic/literary institutions and media companies preferred
5. Willing to work in flexible working hours
6. Proficient in Microsoft Office.
7. Language Skills: English, Urdu


(A)    Background
Training of law enforcement staff is a main challenge given the large number of officers to be trained, the frequency of transfers of staff and the high cost of delivering training in conventional training institutions. The appropriate use of information technology in delivery of training can enable organizations to train more staff, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.
The Computer Based Training (CBT) programme aims to support capacity development in law enforcement agencies in Pakistan to counter criminal activity through the introduction of computer-based training. The programme will comprise 180 hours of computer-based, interactive multimedia instruction in Urdu, in subjects relevant to the responsibilities of law enforcement officers. Using the interactive delivery method, operational staff can acquire essential knowledge and develop skills to a high, uniform, operational standard.
(B)    Objective
CBT has been successfully implemented within 50 countries worldwide. For Pakistan, it has been adapted and translated into Urdu language to conform to the legal, procedural, linguistic and social conditions of Pakistan, mainly to serve a two-pronged purpose (i) Better comprehension on part of the trainees and (ii) sustainable integration into the existing training curricula of beneficiary agencies.
The main objective of this assignment is to perform quality assurance of the grammatical and linguistic aspects of Urdu transcripts of CBT programme, in order for the end product to conform to the pre-determined standards, as well as to initiate corrective action regarding any/all translated materials that may require revision due to a) either potential misinterpretation of the contextual meaning or b) use of incorrect grammar.
As an intermediate effort in assuring the quality of CBT programme UNODC will recruit a consultant for an initial period of 1 month from February to March 2009 to check the grammatical aspects/linguistic facets of Urdu (screen text and voice-over) transcripts as well as Urdu translated rough cut version of CBT programme. 
(C)    Scope of work
In view of the aforementioned objective the consultant will be required to provide linguistic and technical assistance to improve the quality of the CBT programme by conducting a quality assurance exercise of the Urdu translated screen text and voice-over transcripts of CBT programme, as well as rough cut Urdu version of CBT Programme.
The consultant is required to perform the following activities and deliver the following outputs:
  1. Review both the voice-over and screen text related Urdu translated transcripts of CBT Programme;
  2. Review the rough cut Urdu version of CBT programme in its entirety;
  3. In view of initial review, draft a review report outlining linguistic/grammar-related errors of Urdu translated transcripts and rough cut version of CBT programme; Propose recommendations in view of existing timelines to counter identified errors/discrepancies;
  4. Work in close coordination with CBT Translator and Project Team for timely checking of transcripts; Submit periodic error reports in batches for incorporating approved revisions/amendments within final version of transcripts and rough cut version of CBT programme;
  5. Draft and submit a final report of proposed consultancy, to include final version of Urdu translated (screen text and voice-over) transcripts; In addition to the errors and recommendations pointed out in the review report, the final report should also include problems encountered during the review and revision of transcripts and steps taken to resolve the same;
(D)    Reporting Obligations
The consultant will report directly to the Project Officer-CBT. The consultant shall also be expected to work in close coordination with CBT Translator regarding review and revision of Urdu transcripts of CBT Programme. The consultant should prepare written outputs and submit these to the Project Officer for review upon completion of assignment as stated below. Written outputs will be in English/Urdu language (2 copies) and will be submitted also electronically as follows:
1.      Review Report
Following completion of the second week of the proposed consultancy the Linguistic Expert will be expected to submit a review report concerning the findings of the quality assurance exercise, as well as recommendations to the Project Officer CBT for approval and overview.
2.      Final Substantive Obligation
The final substantive obligation should be submitted following completion of the fourth week of the consultancy and should cover the following:
2.1 Final version of Urdu transcripts (screen text and voice-over) as to be incorporated within CBT programme
2.2 Final report expanding upon the initial Review Report and enlisting a detailed account of the problems encountered whilst reviewing and revising the transcripts and steps taken to resolve them.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 PhD PostDoctorate Urdu Literature or Language