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Consultant - Strengthening the GCC at NPB

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Islamabad, Pakistan
Posted On:
17 November, 2008
Last Date to apply:
29 November, 2008
Experience in years
2 to 4

10-12 years professional experience performing similar functions, preferably in an international environment


(A) Objective
The main objective of this assignment is to strengthen the Gender Crime Center (CGCC) established within National Police Bureau (NPB) via a three pronged strategy, involving: building capacity within the Gender Crime Centre in the form of a dedicated Child Protection Unit to collect and analyse data on crimes involving children; improving coordination and dialogue between criminal justice authorities and all levels of government on crimes involving children and women; and taking an active role in reviewing and proposing police strategy and government policy in these areas.
As a first step towards strengthening the Child and Gender Crime Centre, UNODC will support NPB to recruit a consultant for an initial period of two months from January to February2009 to build its technical and administrative capacity. 
B)    Scope of work
In view of the aforementioned objective the consultant will be required to provide technical and administrative assistance to improve the capacity of the Child & Gender Crime Center by conducting a gap analysis and developing a comprehensive project proposal to further support the C&GCC, specifically focusing on the Child Protection Unit.
The consultant is required to perform the following activities and deliver the following outputs:
(i). Assess the strengths, weaknesses, short, medium and long-term needs of the C&GCC and reflect findings in a Gap Analysis Report;
(ii) Present findings to NPB, UNICEF, UNODC other relevant actors, stakeholders and government counterparts to obtain recommendations, inputs and comments;
(iii) In consultation with the NPB and C&GCC management support the drafting of terms of reference (ToR) for the C&GCC and for its staff, in order to ensure deployment of specialized skill sets;
(iv )  Support the development of policies, business processes and a roadmap of activities for the Centre and facilitate related implementation;
(v) In view of the findings and recommendations of the Gap Analysis Report, develop a comprehensive project proposal for UNICEF and UNODC to further support the C&GCC for the period 2009-2010, including ToRs for project staff to be recruited, budget, log frame, risk analysis and exit strategy/ handover plan for the end of 2010.
(C)    Reporting Obligations
The consultant will report directly to a joint (UNODC, UNICEF and NPB) monitoring panel in Islamabad. When necessary, the consultant will inform about progress through meetings. In addition, the consultant should prepare written outputs and submit these to the monitoring panel for review upon completion as stated below. During the project, the consultant will cooperate closely with UNODC, UNICEF and NPB.
Written outputs will be in English language (3 copies) and will be submitted also electronically as follows:
1.      Inception Report
An Inception Report should be submitted two weeks after signing of the contract and should include a draft Gap Analysis Report with first recommendations.
2.      Intermediate Report
An Intermediate Report should be submitted four weeks after signing of the contract and should cover the following:
·        Revised and final Gap Analysis Report including recommendations;
·        Draft version of Terms of Reference (ToR) for the C&GCC and its staff.
3.      Draft project proposal
A draft Project Proposal streamlining UNODC/UNICEF’s joint activities in support of NPB should be submitted six weeks after signing of the contract.
4.      Final Substantive Obligation
The final substantive obligation should be submitted 8 weeks after signing of the contract and should cover the following:
2.1 Final version of ToR for the C&GCC and its staff agreed by all stakeholders;
2.2 Final version of Project Proposal streamlining UNODC /UNICEF’s joint activities in support of NPB duly signed by government counterparts
D)    Timing
The consultant should start the assignment no later than 08 December 2008 and the assignment should last two months in maximum.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMaster DegreeMasters DegreeUniversity degree in Criminology, Anthropology, Development Sciences, Law or related field

Must Title Level Description
YesFunctional Competencies Excellent  1.Effective communicator, successful negotiator, creative analytical thinker, strategic planner, active learner, team player, cross cultural facilitator 2. Demonstrated drafting skills in a similar function; 3. Previous liaison with government agencies/ministries preferred 4. Willing to work in flexible working hours 5. Proficient in Microsoft Office. 6. Language Skills: English, Urdu