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UN ID Card/GIS Assistant (100 series)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
05 November, 2008
Last Date to apply:
19 November, 2008
Experience in years
2 to 4

3 - 5 years of relevant experience. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.)



The UN ID Cards/GIS Assistant will be reporting directly to the Security Operations Officer (SOO) UNDSS in providing a broad scope of support services. Incumbent will be responsible for processing UN Identity Cards on a broader level to all UN agencies employees & their dependents in Pakistan. Coordination with agency security focal points relating to collection of UN ID Cards payments. Coordination with Regional FSCO’s /LSA’s for timely collection of incidents related data on weekly basis for the preparation of GIS based Incident Map of Pakistan for a wide distribution to all around the world. The UN ID Cards/GIS Assistant will also play a vital role in IT related ongoing activity which includes trouble shooting of equipment, Advisory role in selection an IT infrastructure & installation & configuration of hi-tech GPS equipment. Successful execution of the above would depend on excellent interpersonal skills and in satisfying a broad and varied customer base. Ability to plan own work, to work effectively under stress and to prioritize and juggle multiple tasks within tight deadlines.
Functions / Key Results Expected:
1. UN ID Card Processing/Management
Under the guidance & supervision of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security Security Operations Office (SOO), the UN ID Cards /GIS Assistant will produce & issue UN Identity Cards/Service Cards to the following agencies & categories.
The incumbent will handle requests from the following UN agencies in Pakistan for processing of UN ID cards i.e. UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP, UNHAS, WFP-AFG, UNHCR, UNHCR-AFG, UN-HABITAT, UNESCO, IOM, UNIC, UNIDO, WB, UNIFEM, OCHA-IRIN, UNRCO, ALL UNDP Project Offices around Pakistan, FAO, UNODC, UNAIDS, WHO, WHO-AFG, UNAMA, UNDSS & ILO.
1. International Staff
2. International Staff on Missions
3. International Staff of Partner Agencies of UN
4. Dependents of International Staff
5. National Staff
6. Afghanistan Dependents
7. Contractors & Vendors Registered with UN Agencies.
A total of 4000 staff ID Cards will be processed at one contract period which is normally six months. The no of ID cards may increase depending on renewals of each contract in one year time.
The incumbent will maintain a database in card five software for record purpose with management of a small studio for taking photographs of staff for their ID cards. The ID card Assistant is also responsible for issuing of invoices to the concerned agencies for collection of manufacturing cost for ID cards. The incumbent will also perform regular cleaning tasks on ID card printers for smooth functioning of equipment.
2. Lennel/Onguard Software Management for UN House ID Cards
Concept: The incumbent will be familiar with On Guard’s Total Security Knowledge Management Solutions seamlessly integrate synergistic technologies using open architecture design standards. The system also includes advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusion detection, asset tracking, information security integration, credential production, and employee and visitor management functionality.
Under direct guidance & supervision of Security Operations Officer (UNDSS) & UNDP Building Management Services Department the incumbent will perform the following tasks.
Description of Task:
1. The incumbent will programme & issue special machine readable ID cards in IDCredentialCenter Software, For this the user must have a background knowledge of Access control system mechanism.
2. On special instructions from UNDP-BMS/UNDSS the incumbent will block/release access for staff Cards as per emerging situations.
3. Provide UNDP-BMS/UNDSS Time Attendance report of staff from software as per need.
4. In this category of programmable ID cards following are the agencies which will forward request to the incumbent for issuing programmable cards. UNV, UNDSS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNRCO, UNICEF & WHO.
5. The post also manage UN Reception visitor ID card system & Handle all queries related to visitor management system installed in UN House in coordination with UN Receptionist sitting inside UN House, Front Reception & X-ray Room outside UN House Building.
3. Video surveillance monitoring for UN House Islamabad
Surveillance & Monitoring: Under guidance & supervision of Security Operations Officer (UNDSS) & UNDP Building Management Services Department the incumbent will monitor 16 IP Based video cameras installed in UN House for keeping an eye on ongoing events in the building.

Description of Task:
1. For this particular task in UNDSS Office the incumbent will monitor all the security cameras on a separate desktop and update/forward information to all concerns on upcoming processions/security situations/Parking issues outside & around the UN House.
2. In order to get required recorded video events the incumbent must be familiar with functions of Alarm Monitoring & Video Viewer software’s provided by lennel systems for UN House video surveillance.
3. In case of a theft or robbery in office, the incumbent will extract reports & logs from software as per instructions of management & forward information to the concerns for further action.
4. Incident Management System For Pakistan on MapInfo Software
Concept: Under guidance & supervision of Deputy Security Adviser UNDSS the incumbent is responsible for maintaining a tabular information which is of graphical & interactive in nature. In this regard in 2003 the concept of reflecting security related incidents on an interactive map of Pakistan on weekly basis was invented by SMT members for wide distribution to National/International staff & NGO’s in Pakistan for keeping an eye on the ongoing security related matters in the country.
Description of Task: For this particular task the incumbent is required to collect information from different sources in field & newspapers to furnish a nice looking GIS Incident Map of Pakistan with different layers of information on it such as District, Provincial/Tehsil boundaries, Security Phase levels, UN Related incidents & other incidents occurred in the country. For this task the incumbent must be familiar with software, Hardware & concepts related to GIS and printing of Maps on plotter size rolls. After completion of a quarter the incumbent will generate a report & an interactive map for wider distribution to all concerns in the whole UN System.
1. Familiar with MapInfo 7 Software
2. Must understand the structure of Different Tab/Workspace Files of Software’s.
3. Must understand the concept of Geo-Coding.
4. Be familiar with the techniques of Digitization (Converting raster images to vectors)
5. Management of UN Offices/Installations data layered on Digital Atlas of Pakistan
Compulsory Task: In compliance to the mandatory returns required by UNDSS Headquarter after every six months the incumbent will maintain a Map info TAB file layer of information with its coordinates detail (Latitude & Longitude Information with addresses & telephonic information) about All UN agencies /Installations in Pakistan. This layer is then published on Digital Atlas of Pakistan which reflects UN Presence in Pakistan on a GIS Based Map. Once in a year this information is then forwarded to UNDSS Headquarters in New York for record purpose/updation in their GIS System.
6. Management of International/National staff & Dependents data layered on Digital Atlas of Pakistan
In UN System Pakistan UNDSS in coordination with all UN agencies manage to collect information regarding staff details. For an interactive preview of tabular information about staff data UNDSS produced a GIS based system in which street level information of Pakistan is embedded with UN staff Details which in final provides managers an interactive environment on GIS software to analyze staff locations with a one click information of staff which includes “Picture of Staff, Dependent Pictures, House Picture, Vehicle Picture, Personal Information as per format laid in Security in the field Booklet.” The incumbent will have to produce, manage & update the system of International/National staff & Dependents data layered on Digital Atlas of Pakistan.

7. Provision/Creating Maps of different nature
As per UNDSS mapping requirements the incumbent will produce/update the following categories of Maps on need basis.
1. UNDSS Pakistan Security Phases Level Map
2. UNDSS Pakistan Accessibility Map of all five Provinces.
3. High Risk Areas of Pakistan Map
4. Update the Security briefing presentation for International Staff on Daily Basis.
5. Maps of different location of Pakistan where Suicide explosions occurred
6. Actively search for maps, satellite imagery of the areas concerned and provide necessary topographic basis for mapping exercise.
7. Provide geospatial support in vulnerability assessments and develop different GIS maps upon the assessment done by the FSCO’s of concerned region.
8. Provide spatial and analytical information that can be used to assess the vulnerability of target areas based on previous natural disaster events, population, infrastructure, communications, etc any other assignments related to assessments and mapping related issues.
8. IT Support Services to UNDSS Staff all around Pakistan
Concept: The objective of this post is to provide operational and information technology support to Field Operation Teams to ensure timely assistance to their projects on computer hardware and software, etc.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Secondary EducationF.Sc / A Levels / (12 Years)