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Consultant for Gawadar Community Development Project

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Gawadar with frequent travel to Karachi, Quetta and Islamabad
Posted On:
25 November, 2004
Last Date to apply:
04 December, 2004
Experience in years
2 to 4

Minimum 10 years of experience in conducting special studies and developing project concept notes and documents.



As part of an overall development programme to improve the socio-economic condition of people living in the rural areas of Gawadar district, an integrated development programme is being envisioned for a period of five to seven years. The integrated programme will cover all the key sectors i.e., health, education and rural development including rural infrastructure with strong element of community participation as a development approach. A conceptual framework for the integrated development project needs to be developed with an aim to share this idea with Government of Pakistan and subsequently a detailed project proposal will be developed with the consent of the relevant Government authorities and donors.

The Assignment

The conceptual premises of the proposed project are to reduce poverty through an integrated approach. The consultant will provide a conceptual framework for an integrated approach and identify the development interventions in the selected areas of Gawadar. The activities should reflect the needs of the poor people especially women and can be implemented in partnership with the local community based organizations. The consultant would also look into the possibility of developing public-private partnership for more visible and sustainable impact of the development interventions of various agencies including the government. The consultant is, therefore, expected to examine the scope of an integrated project geared towards poverty reduction in Gawadar district.

The assignment has three major components

1. Conducting baseline socio-economic surveys.

2. Developing a 5-7 year integrated community development plan with a tentative budget.

3. Proposing a management and governance structure under the overall guidance of Gawadar Port Implementation Authority, but which also gives a sense of ownership to local communities and other important stakeholders.

Scope of Assignment

The main purpose of the intervention is to enable the local communities living in and around Gawadar to participate and internalize wider benefits of the Gawadar Port Project and its related activities. Specific objectives of this assignment include the following

1. Collect quantitative data on demography, social and economic conditions, including land ownership and its use pattern, water and other natural resources and determine scope for enhancing unit productivity through better management practices.

2. Determine baseline trends and potential for social and economic development in the target area.

3. Survey the state, outreach capacity and use of public and private sector services, both in the economic and social sectors, and identify gaps and constraints. Related to this would be to develop an inventory of other NGOs already working in the area to avoid duplication and promoting synergies.

4. Scoop out the potential for community mobilization for local planning and implementation of small and manageable projects in the economic and social sectors.

5. Develop a package of interventions in agriculture, small infrastructure, water management, financial and business development services, SMEs, and basic health education and sanitation services.

6. Propose nature and scale of investments needed in basic social sector services, such as primary education, community health and sanitation.

7. Develop special components for creating new opportunities for the poorest sections of the community including women, landless and destitute.

8. Identify employment, enterprise, outsourcing and other opportunities for channeling the wider benefits of the Gawadar port and its related facilities to local communities.

9. Assess potential environmental risks associated with all interventions and suggest ways to mitigate negative impacts.

10. Devise a management, organizational and governance structure that is flexible enough to ensure integration of various development sectors and permits greater involvement of the communities.

11. Clearly defined integrated strategy, areas (geographical/sectoral) of focus and institutional mechanism for integration acceptable to the stakeholders (community, local government and the lead executing agency). Provide rationale for the integrated approach to sell the idea to government as a lead executing agency.

12. Define clearly defined activities, outputs, outcomes and indicative budget required for the implementation of the integrated project.

13. Develop a concept note (maximum 5 pages) / project document for submission to UNDP/GoP.

1. Short project concept note (maximum 5 pages)
2. Report on Socio-economic profile of Gawadar district
3. Project document on UNDP format (maximum 20 pages)
4. Powerpoint presentation



Reporting Arrangements

The consultant will report to the Director Development / DRR, UNDP, Islamabad.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeMasters and above with 10 years of experience in conducting special studies and developing project concept notes and documents.