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Management Information System / Geographical Information System Specialist (MGS)

Job Category:
Information Systems
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Assistance to Governance Reforms and Practices in Balochistan (AGRP-B)
Posted On:
16 September, 2008
Last Date to apply:
29 September, 2008
Experience in years
2 to 4

The candidate should have at least 5 – 7 years of similar work experience. The candidate should have a good understanding of ICTs, MIS, GIS, land revenue/record management system, digital surveying and local government, participatory development programmes, devolution and project planning, management and monitoring. The candidate should have excellent communication skills and be fluent in English, Urdu and preferably local languages. She/he should have excellent writing, reporting and research skills.


A full time MGS will be recruited to assist the Project Manager to manage and implement the E-Governance component of the project in an effective and efficient manner. The MGS will be responsible for ensuring high quality advisory and implementation support to achieve the objectives and outputs of the project in relevance to the E-Governance. The MGS will work under the supervision of the Project Manager for meeting the objectives of the project. The MGS will work at least five days of his/her time monthly in the districts.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. MGS will work closely with the NPM, CDS, HRD, RPAs and the District Governments for the development of the District Management Information Centers and replication and utilization of GIS based PIS in the Project districts.
2.   She/he will develop information collection tools in collaboration with the concerned stakeholders and implement in the field.
3.   She/he will work closely with the CDS, RPAs, HRDS, Computer Programmers and District Governments for capacity building of DMIC’s staff and concerned government officials on operation, maintenance and utilization of PIS and DMICs.
4.   She/he will provide technical assistance to the field teams for ensuring the collection of reliable data for PIS.
5.   The MGS will facilitate the RPAs, CDS, GS and District Governments in ensuring the proper utilization of PIS and DMICs in planning and monitoring of public services.
6.   The MGS will be responsible for planning, coordination and implementation of all Project activities focusing the PIS.
7.   The MGS will develop the ICT Policy and Action Plan of GoB for introducing E-Governance in the Province.
8.   The MGS will develop and implement the BLRMIS on pilot basis with urban land management module for land revenue and land record automation. She/he will facilitate the development of policy reforms package for implementation of BLRMIS and formulation of replication strategy in collaboration with Revenue Department GoB.
9.   The MGS will prepare and implement plans for the capacity building of District IT Department for effectively undertaking its responsibilities under the District Government Rules of Business.
10. The MGS will develop and implement the training modules for capacity building and operationalization of DMICs in the Project area.
11. The MGS will be the overall responsible for supervising and ensuring the effective functioning of DMICs.
12. The MGS will prepare and implement plans for strengthening of IT Department GoB and facilitate the institutionalization of the training interventions of the Project related to his/her component.
13. The MGS will be responsible for monitoring of field activities related to his/her component.
14. The MGS will prepare and submit regular monitoring/progress reports to the Project Coordinator related to his/her component.
15. The MGS will be responsible for the preparation of the work plans related to his/her component and ensure its proper implementation.
16. The MGS will be responsible for identifying special policy issues related to his/her component for research and analysis for drawing lessons for replication and sustainability of the systems that have been put in place.
17. The MGS will ensure the gradual transfer of the responsibilities that the project staff is undertaking to ensure the sustainability of project activities and a proper exit strategy of each of the main activities related to his/her component. She/he will also prepare and implement the exit strategy for his/her component of the project.

18. Any other work that he may be assigned by the Project Manager.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMaster’s Degree in Computer ScienceMasters DegreeThe candidate should hold at least a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with good understanding of GIS tools and technologies.