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Minerals Development Consultant

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Area Development Programme Balochistan
Posted On:
18 October, 2004
Last Date to apply:
02 November, 2004
Experience in years
2 to 4

Experience in Geological mapping in Pakistan for development or private sector projects
At least 5 years of experience of related projects with any international agency and should have a good understanding of the International Agencies programs in Pakistan. Familiarity with the P&DD procedures will be an added qualification.
Must be familiar with the global issues of sustainable development and GoP’s commitments in that regard.


Terms of Reference (TOR)
Minerals Development Consultant (MDC)

The Area Development Programme Balochistan (ADPB), jointly supported by Provincial Government of Balochistan (GoB), World Food Programme (WFP) and UNDP, has started its implementation in April 1999 and will be closed in December 2004 while another 5-year extension is under discussion.  ADPB has been successful in organizing communities for improving agriculture and livestock productivity, planning and implementation of local level development such as irrigation, range management and watershed management, and improving access to social services.  One of the expected outputs is “improved efficiency of government functionaries in handling community development programme.”  In this regard, it was decided that ADPB would assist to build capacity of Planning & Development Department of GoB (P&DD Quetta) in several sectors found to be weak in order for P&DD Quetta would be able to prepare development programmes better.

MDC will be answerable to the Additional Chief Secretary, P&DD Quetta.  The majority of task will be undertaken in collaboration with P&DD, Minerals Department, non-government organizations, private sector, and primary stakeholders and communities. It would be a learning process that will reflect inclusive decision-making and maximum transparency and accountability.   

To analyze existing mineral development systems / processes in the government structure, unleash bottlenecks / deficiencies, and suggesting corrective measures that could be translated in short and long-term plans/projects with special attention to poor community and poverty reduction in the concerned areas.    

Scope of Work (Tasks):
The Consultant, in collaboration with stakeholders, will be responsible for:

  • Study present Government setup of the sector and suggest measures for improvement.
  • Collect available basic data regarding minerals in Balochistan and conversion of data in GIS system supported by Geographical maps (if possible).
  • Conduct situation analyses data available with reference to economic value of Minerals and prospective area of use in and outside country.
  • Suggest Minerals based industries installation with reference to their minerals exploration and subsequent processing. Only important/ essential Minerals to be incorporated.
  • Develop efficient/ perfect marketing mechanism to achieve healthy return of raw/finish Minerals.
  • Study economic impact on province (e.g. job opportunities etc.) and consideration of environmental protection.
  • Purpose setting of an information/ display centre for potential minerals backed up by necessary technical details.
  • Prepare a list of projects indicating subsequent phases in Mineral sector for future.
  • Develop collaboration strategy between GoB and the private sector
  • Develop possible projects of public-private partnership

Assignment Duration:
Mineral Development Consultant will complete the assignment during a period of two months begging from 1 November 2004 and ending on 31 December 2004. 

The Consultant for Minerals Development would report to Additional Chief Secretary, P&DD Quetta.

The Consultant will be required to submit the final report containing all tasks given above to Additional Chief Secretary, P&DD Quetta and Project Coordinator, ADPB.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesPostgraduate degreeMasters DegreePostgraduate degree in Geology, preferably specialized in Mineralogy

Must Title Level Description
YesLanguages Excellent  Fluency in written and spoken Urdu and English.