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Focal Advisor, Government Restructuring (Service Contract)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
UNDP - Governance Unit
Posted On:
11 December, 2007
Last Date to apply:
25 December, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

The candidate should have at least 10 years of similar work experience. The candidate should have a good understanding of local government, participatory development program, institutional development, devolution, project planning, management and monitoring. The candidate should have excellent communication skills and be fluent in English, Urdu and preferably local languages. He/she should have excellent writing skills and be well conversant with the use of computers.


Support to Good Governance in Pakistan (Phase-III) is UNDP assisted nationally executed project to facilitate the designing, formulation and implementation of strategic policy options for sustainable and durable good governance in the state institutions.
The Focal Advisor on Local Government Systems will assist the NRB to manage and implement the devolution agenda of the project in an effective and efficient manner. The advisor will be responsible for ensuring high quality advisory and implementation support to achieve the objectives and outputs of the project. 
The advisor would assist NRB in drafting proposals for new administrative structure and systems including rules and procedures which will enable the provincial governments’ administrations to be synchronous with the administrative structure and roles and responsibilities in the post devolution environment. The advisor would prepare a draft policy matrix for the proposed restructuring and a strategy for implementation, having regard to the need or refining existing laws and procedures and the concept of government’s overall restructuring package.
Duties and Responsibilities
The advisor will be responsible for:
1.      Preparation of the work plans related to his/her component and ensure its proper implementation;
2.      Review and create an inventory of the various types of current provincial administrative structures and their hierarchies including line departments, directorates, attached departments, autonomous bodies, commissions and other authorities modified by devolution.
3.      Review and create an inventory and analysis of the respective functions, rules (such as rules of business), procedures, and capacities of the structures mentioned in Para -1 above.
4.      Closely liaise with the NPD and the NPM and with the relevant Ministries of the Federal Government and Departments of the Provincial Governments to enhance their understanding of the devolution process and communicate their concerns to the NRB;
5.      Design draft amendments in the codal structure to shed the executive functions of the devolved subjects at the provincial level and create in their place introduction of regulatory functions relating to inspections, special audits, capacity building, setting standards, rule making, information and research, legislation, coordination, policy research and dissemination.
6.      Prepare a procedure code and rules for the conduct of routine time bound regulator functions by the provincial level departments/structures required for the regulation of devolved subjects and their functioning through the provincial local government commission and the provincial finance commission.
7.      Responsible for identifying special policy issues related to his/her component for research and analysis for drawing lessons for replication and sustainability of the systems that have been put in place.
8.      Review reports, proposals, documents and work compiled in the related field for further analysis or other work assigned and give presentations to the Chairman, NRB and concerned Think Tank(s).
9.      Any other work that he may be assigned by the Chairman NRB in consultation with the NPM/NPD.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Masters degreeMasters Degree The candidate should hold at least a Master’s Degree preferably in MPA, or Social Sciences, Development Studies or Rural Development.