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Project Manager (NEX-SC)

Job Category:
Programme Management
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Urban Search and Rescue Project, (CPRU)
Posted On:
06 December, 2007
Last Date to apply:
19 December, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

• An individual who has minimum 10 years of experience of working with or within Government Sector and is familiar with the national emergency management framework its structure and policies.
• Person with experience of 2 years working in the fields emergency and disaster management especially management and organization of emergency response trainings (Fire, Rescue and Medical) in Government sector and has the first hand experience of emergency response curriculum development.
• A person who has experience of planning and executing the emergency response and disaster management training courses in Pakistan preference will be given to person with foreign qualification in the relevant field and an experience as instructor.


1. Context
Pakistan continues to suffer from a wide range of natural and man made disasters due to its geographic location and diverse terrain. Serious attention is only now being given to disaster management after the country was rocked by the 8 October earthquake that claimed more than 73,000 lives and affected 3.5 million persons. UNDP has been proactively promoting and advocating the need for creating a culture of preparedness since 2001 and has managed to convince the highest echelons on the efficacy of interesting disaster management into the development process.
As continuation of it assistance in response to the 8October earthquake, an INSARAG fact –finding team was sent to Pakistan in January 2006. The fact-finding team stresses the importance of the development of the overall emergency preparedness and disaster management in Pakistan (e.g. organizational development, competence levels etc.) More specifically it recommends that the Government of Pakistan (NDMA) considers the following:
  • Develop a Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM)
  • Develop a USAR response System
  • Design a USAR training system
  • Establish to fully equipped heavy USAR teams
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is providing support to the Government of Pakistan (NDMA) by recruiting a Project Manager to support the National Disaster Management Authority in implementing its Framework of Action with regards to building disaster preparedness and response capacities.
The Project Manager will be based in Islamabad and work with UNDP’s Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit reporting to the National Disaster Response Advisor (NDRA).
2. Terms of Reference
Under the overall supervision of the ARR and the direct supervision of the National Disaster Response Advisor, Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit, the Project manager will perform the following tasks:
  • Prepare project implementation plan, identify priorities, and undertake project activities in close collaboration with the counterparts, city government in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi;
  • Crystallize of project implementation plan, international and national partners: city governments of Islamabad, Karachi and Rescue 1122 Lahore, document in concert with national stake holders and implementing partners.
  • Facilitating mobilization of national resources, mainly training facilities and human resource, for project implementation as per the project document.
  • Implementing the project and maintaining intimate coordination with key partners consistent with the agreed modalities.
  • Monitor and evaluate project activities as per the framework.
  • Facilitate the creation of national training base for subsequent phase of national programme.
  • Facilitate the structuring of the project on sustainable lines by concluding legal commitments on deliverables and standards in the shape of MoU and legislations;
  • Facilitate the establishment of the national USAR cell and operationalise it as conceived.
  • Take measures to generate awareness and consensus building on USAR project through workshops, joint planning, implementation, etc.
  • Develop institutional linkage with INSARAG and OCHA for subsequent integration of USAR teams with INSARAG network both for quality control and regional employment in trainings and actual emergencies.
  • Report on quarterly basis the project progress to the SRSA Programme Manager.
  • Undertake duty travel to project sites when required.
  • While working in support of the NDMA, also promote implementation of USAID Programme for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER) which builds capacities of disaster and emergency response organizations and hospitals. The programme creates trainers and master trainers in its three components: Medical First Responders, Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue and Hospital Preparedness for Emergencies. Its beneficiaries include Civil Defense, Armed Forces, Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Ministry of Health (HSA), Fire Services, Rescue 1122 and Police Emergency Services. As the National Programme coordinator, deliverables are:
o       Facilitate setting National Objectives and their achievement as per the decided national strategy.
o       Facilitate creation and implementation of a national strategy to support the programme when it transits to partial funding mode, after March 2008.
o       Assist in planning in-country courses, i.e. needs assessment, participant selection, course organization, venue/facility selection, materials adaptation, course budget and equipment procurement.
o       Keep and update records of all peer trained instructors, graduates, events and courses in the country which may be used in mobilizing responders, etc.; and keep a record of all PEER related activities in the country.
o       Assist in the formulation, implementation and review of PEER program strategies, including institutionalization, nationalization and networking.
o       Report regularly or as required to NSET Nepal on program and country activities, including media monitoring and reporting.
o       Provide NSET with guidance for organizing in-country networking groups on disaster management; and assist with logistics and management needs for PEER in-country meetings and trainings.
o       Facilitate trainings and monitoring in concert with PEER team.
o       Assist with translation of PEER course materials when required.
Qualified Women are encouraged to apply.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMaster DegreeMasters Degreeuniversity degree preferably in disaster or emergency management. A self-motivated and self-reliant person with strong sense of initiative and good computer skills with a Bachelor’s or an equivalent. • Excellent communication skills in English and Urdu and good report writing and presentation skills are essential