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Short-term Consultancy for National Volunteer Policy (DEX- SSA)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
30 October, 2007
Last Date to apply:
05 November, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

Minimum 10-15 years of experience with thorough knowledge of the fields of volunteer management and volunteer’s related strategy and policy development.
Strong knowledge o local government system of Pakistan and AJK
Experience of working on Government projects, especially related to youth and promotion of volunteerism, an advantage.

Fluency in English and Urdu, both spoken and written.
Excellent writing and communication skills, including the use of electronic media;
Demonstrated ability to assess complex situations in order to succinctly and clearly distil critical issues and draw forward looking conclusions;
Experience leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver quality products in high stress, short deadline situations;
Proven capacity for working across different sectors and institutional levels from policy and decision-making, to administration and management, local government, and communities;
An ability to assess institutional capacity and incentives, and formulate proposals for strengthening and improvement;
Excellent facilitation skills in group discussion situations;
Strategic planning skills and experience in strategy and policy formulation;
Previous work experience in Pakistan and knowledge of the voluntary organizations and their work in the region will be an asset;
Detail oriented, able to meet deadlines and able to prioritize multiple tasks.



The objective of this consultancy is to develop the framework or harmonized policy document, legislative instrument and institutional arrangement as appropriate for promotion of volunteerism in Pakistan.

2. Scope of Work

The development of the appropriate framework or harmonized policy document on volunteerism. In undertaking this assignment, the Consultants will work closely with the NVM Management, UNDP/UNV and relevant stakeholders. To achieve the objectives of this assignment, the Consultants will be required to execute the following tasks:

Task 1: Inception Report
Attend an inception meeting with NVM management and UNDP/UNV concerned staff members, based on discussions, prepare a final Work Plan for the provision of the contracted works.

Task 2: Review of Existing Documentation and Legislation
The consultant is required to review:
• Any existing national and international studies and reports on the subject.
• Existing legislation ( if any) on volunteerism various international and regional policy models for national volunteering
• Reviews of existing policy, legal and institutional frameworks and comparative analysis of national volunteers frameworks
• Identify any requirements with respect to the enactment of framework or harmonized (as more appropriate) domestic volunteer legislation in Pakistan.

Task 3: Conduct National Consultations
Carry out in country consultations with the various Ministries and Divisions of Government of Pakistan, provincial departments, civil society organizations involved in the promotion of volunteerism in Pakistan and other stakeholders as determined in the approved work plan. Consult with stakeholders via a range of communication means (telephone, email) using appropriate tools such as questionnaires, focused groups, and/or consultative workshop, etc.

Task 4: Prepare Interim Report
Based on Task 2 and Task 3 above, prepare an Interim Report on the findings of the review and needs analysis including recommendations on the structure and coverage of framework or harmonized policy documents or legislative instruments as found to be most appropriate for promotion of national volunteering in Pakistan. The Interim Report will be submitted to NVM and UNDP/UNV for review and feedback.

Task 5: Draft framework/harmonized National Volunteerism Policy and/or Act
Following feedback on the Interim report and based on the aforementioned Interim Report, prepare a discussion Draft framework or harmonized (as appropriate) National Volunteer Policy and/or Act for circulation and review by the NVM, UNDP/UNV and its partners.

Task 6: Draft institutional framework for National Volunteerism Policy and/or Act
Identify and design an appropriate institutional framework in support of National Volunteer Policy and/or Act for circulation to and review by the NVM, UNDP/UNV and its partners.

Task 7: Consultancy report to include framework or harmonized National Volunteerism Policy and/or Act and finalized Draft Institutional framework design
Based upon the comments received in writing from the NVM prepare a report of the consultancy which will include a finalized Draft framework or harmonized (as appropriate) National Volunteer Policy and/or Act suitable for promotion of national volunteering in Pakistan, and finalized design for the required institutional framework to implement said policy/legislation.

The document report will be presented to NVM and other stakeholders at a national workshop designed to consider and endorse the framework/harmonized Policy and/or Act. The finalized framework/harmonized policy/Act will then be submitted to the NVM Board of Director and National Council for endorsement and finally it will be submitted to the cabinet for consideration and approval.

3. Task Methodology
The Consultant will be required to:

1. Consult the existing policy, legal and institutional frameworks for voluntary work and volunteerism in Pakistan, and comparative analysis of national and provincial level frameworks for initiation of voluntary activities in Pakistan;
2. Consider the work of NVM, concerned federal and provincial government departments and UNDP/UNV and other national and international organizations to assess and analyze approaches for promotion of national level volunteering;
3. Liaise with the UNDP/UNV, VSO and other national and international voluntary organizations for international best practice and policy framework review;
4. Based on the aforementioned tasks, determine the appropriate policy, legal and institutional arrangements for promotion of volunteerism at both national and provincial levels in Pakistan;
5. Development of draft framework or harmonized policy document and/or legislation, as most appropriate;
6. Identify and design the appropriate institutional framework for NVM;

4. Outputs

The final output of this assignment will be as following:
1. An Inception Report inclusive of a Work Plan at the start of the contract period;
2. A concise Interim Report including recommendations on the national volunteer policy to be submitted on completion of Task 2 and Task 3; and
3. A Draft framework or harmonized national volunteer Policy and/or Act to be submitted at the end of Task 5
4. A Draft institutional framework for promotion and management of national level volunteering to be submitted at the end of Task 6
Consultancy report that includes the final Draft framework or harmonized National Volunteer Policy and/or Act, and the final draft Institutional framework design to be submitted at the end of Task 7.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeLocal QualifiedMaster Degree or PhD in social sciences with a specialization in development, volunteer’s management or civil society.