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Executive Coordinator

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to DTCE (PAK/02/009/NEX)
Posted On:
19 July, 2004
Last Date to apply:
30 July, 2004
Experience in years
2 to 4

The candidate must have at least 5-10 years of working experience in office administration, coordination, programming and personnel management with sound practical knowledge of office organisation and business methods.


The main objective of the Executive Coordinator’s appointment is to ensure that all executive secretarial, administrative and other assistance is provided to DTCE and its Board of Directors in a timely manner. Responsibilities of the secretary include statutory duties, duties in relations to Directors, members and organisation of the DTCE office. The Executive Coordinator would undertake the following responsibilities: 1.1 Participate in DTCE management team and coordinate the team under the direction and supervision of the CEO. 1.2 Participate in DTCE substantive decisions and coordinate their implementation under the direction and supervision of the CEO and indirect coordination with the CTA. 1.3 Undertake all corporate affairs requirements stipulated in the Company’s Ordinance 1984, under Section 42 for “Associations not for Profit”, under the direction and supervision of the Chairman of the Board and the CEO. 1.4 Act as a Secretary to BODs and organize, facilitate and follow up on all Board of Directors activities under the direction and supervision of the Chairman of the Board and the CEO, relating to the following as well as others that might be required: . Prepare and issue notice for all the meetings of the BOD and prepare agenda and working paper for the same. . Attend all Board’s meeting, take minutes and advise the members on points of procedure. . Carry out the instructions of the Board and to convey these instructions to all concerned. . Follow up on the decisions of the Board meetings and to ensure compliance. . Ensure that all secretarial, administrative and other assistance is provided to DTCE and the BOD in a timely manner. 1.5 Coordinate with all concerned regarding the implementation of the directions of the CEO and CTA. 1.6 Coordinate with the Legal Counsel of DTCE to ensure that requirements of the DTCE Act and other laws are met; also coordinate with the Legal Counsel in preparing and filing of statuary returns as required by the Companies Ordinance/BOD. 1.7 Coordinate and take minutes of all meetings held at the DTCE, prepare and run presentations on DTCE for visitors, meetings and workshops. 1.8 Coordinate and conduct workshops held at the DTCE; also coordinate and correspond with Government departments, UNDP, NRB etc on all matters. 1.9 Coordinate between the various directorates and the field operation teams to ensure smooth working of DTCE. 1.10 Undertake any work assigned by the CEO and CTA. Candidates are required to apply online only.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 MastersMasters Degree Masters degree in Public/Business Administration, Economics or other related field of Social Science Adequate working knowledge of company law, audit and accounts practices, management and coordination etc.

Must Title Level Description
YesProfessional Excellent  Good knowledge of bookkeeping, accountancy, taxation etc and be capable of working in a highly demanding environment and under extreme deadlines while demonstrating highest level of responsibility.
YesCommunications Excellent  Excellent communication skills in English, Urdu and working knowledge of local languages.
YesComputers Good  Should be computer literate and be able to operate on computer independently.