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Disaster Risk Assessment Specialist (NEX-SSA)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
National Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management
Posted On:
05 September, 2007
Last Date to apply:
18 September, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 10 years of demonstrated experience in undertaking similar assignments;
Minimum of 3 years experience of designing and /or managing disaster risk assessment projects including training activities;
Demonstrated experience in technical writing and research especially on disaster risk assessment;
Experience of working with government officials and with communities desirable;
Experience of working with the UN system would be preferred;


The Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit (CPRU) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is supporting the Government of Pakistan in establishing policy, legal and institutional arrangements for disaster risk reduction. The purpose of UNDP support is to develop and strengthen capacities of the Government of Pakistan at national, provincial and local levels to adopt strategies for reducing threat of disasters and minimizing the impact of disaster events upon communities.
The Government of Pakistan has established policy and institutional mechanisms at national, provincial and district levels. The President of Pakistan issued a National Disaster Management Ordinance on 21st of December 2006. Under the Ordinance a National Disaster Management Commission (NDMA) and a National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has been established. The National Commission has notified the provincial, regional and state governments to establish disaster management authorities at provincial and district levels.
In order to develop capacities of the newly established national, provincial and district authorities, the UNDP is working closely with the National Disaster Management Authority. A ProDoc has been singed with the Government of Pakistan to support implementation of the National Disaster Risk Management Framework (NDRMF).
As outlined in the Framework, the UNDP is set to assist the Government of Pakistan through NDMA in undertaking the National Risk Assessment (NRA) exercise with an overall purpose of a thorough analysis in relation to various natural, environmental and industrial hazards and the relative vulnerability in order to identify disaster risk levels and causal factors in Pakistan. The expected core output of the NRA is to produce decision-making tools for the formulation of policy and development programs to be available in print and digitized forms on spatial distribution of natural hazards, disasters and vulnerable areas.
For the above mentioned exercise, the services of a technical firm would be hired with specific objectives of: a) mapping out all hazard prone areas of Pakistan covering geological, hydro-meteorological and environmental and industrial hazards; b) assessing the exposure of people, infrastructure and economic activities to identified hazards; c) assessing the full range of vulnerabilities of the exposed elements experienced throughout the country with reference to identified hazards; and d) influencing sectoral development strategies towards recognizing the highly dynamic forms of vulnerabilities and factoring an understanding into institutional, legislative and organizational systems for preparedness planning and mitigation.
With key responsibility of overseeing and guiding the mapping of specific hazards and associated vulnerabilities, a multi-sectoral National Technical Oversight Committee (NTOC) representing various hazard and vulnerability assessment agencies as well as user organizations would be formed to facilitate the smooth and effective implementation of the NRA exercise. Comprising 15-20 members, the NTOC would perform a broad rang of functions such as: a) define overall objectives and uses of mapping and the outputs expected from the Technical Firm with regard to analysis of various risks; b) supervise and steer the work of the Firm; c) identify data sources and provide relevant information pertaining to hazards and vulnerabilities to Firm; d) ensure that the needs of various user departments are properly articulated and communicated to and implemented by the Firm during the process; e) ensure that the NRA exercise is done in a manner which is useful for national decision makers; and f)  analyze cross-disciplinary aspects, provide guidance and technical recommendations to Firm on the mapping exercise.

The overall objective of the Disaster Risk Assessment Specialist’s assignment is to guide and assist the NTOC in managing the process of NRA effectively and achieving compatible outputs for effective preparedness and risk reduction in Pakistan.  

Duties and Responsibilities
A brief description of the duties and responsibilities of the Disaster Risk Assessment Specialist is as following:
Provide overall direction to the NTOC in overseeing the risk assessment process by the Firm;

Undertake training needs assessment of the NTOC members and develop capacity building material on disaster risk assessment (risk, hazards, vulnerability analysis) concepts and technical aspects;

Conduct training for NTOC members on disaster risk assessment including various technologies and approaches that could be adopted for risk assessment;

Assist the NTOC in reviewing the risk assessment design and methodology developed by the Firm;

Develop guidelines for reviewing the outputs / products / tools of the Firm and get them finalized after feedback from the NTOC and the National Risk Reduction Advisor, NDMA;

Assist and guide NTOC in conducting need-based specific research and data tabulation;

Assist  NTOC in periodical reviews of the Firm’s outputs / products / tools and give technical feedback / suggestions for their improvement and practicality in the country context;

Keep a close liaison with the National Risk Reduction Advisor and submit to him progress reports describing critical issues pertaining to the working of the NTOC and the risk assessment process and suggest measures for removing the shortcomings therein;

Assist the NTOC and the National Risk Reduction Advisor in finalizing and approving the risk assessment outputs / products / tools; and

Submit the final report at the end of the assignment to the National Risk Reduction Advisor.

Reporting Line

The Disaster Risk Assessment Specialist will report to the National Disaster Reduction Advisor on regular basis.


Excellent knowledge of Disaster Risk Management in general and Risk Assessment in particular and also of multi-disciplinary development approaches;
Highly developed analytical skills;
Excellent training and facilitation skills;
Ability to work with government officials and other technical agencies; and
Excellent skills in technical writing.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeMasters degree in a social sciences or discipline related to disaster risk management or in information technology. Disciplines may include geology, seismology, meteorology, structural engineering, social work, urban planning etc.