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Structural Engineer/Mainstreaming Expert (NEX-SC)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
National Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management Project - UNDP
Posted On:
27 August, 2007
Last Date to apply:
09 September, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 10 years of demonstrated experience in application of the structural engineering knowledge in field based programmes preferably in the field of disaster risk management;
At least 2 years (could be within above ten years) of experience in designing and implementing training and awareness raising activities in the context of development projects;
At least 3 years (could be within above ten years) of demonstrated experience in managing infrastructure development activities;
Experience of working with government officials and with communities directly, preferable;
Individuals with experience of working in earthquake affected areas or other disasters will be given preference;


The Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit (CPRU) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is supporting the Government of Pakistan in establishing policy, legal and institutional arrangements for disaster risk reduction. The purpose of UNDP support is to develop and strengthen capacities of the Government of Pakistan at national, provincial and local levels to adopt strategies for reducing threat of disasters and minimizing the impact of disaster events upon communities.
The Government of Pakistan has established policy and institutional mechanisms at national, provincial and district levels. A National Disaster Management Ordinance has been issued by the President on 21st of December 2006. Under the Ordinance a National Disaster Management Commission (NDMA) and a National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has been established. The National Commission has notified the provincial, regional and state governments to establish disaster management authorities at provincial and district levels.
In order to develop capacities of the newly established national, provincial and district authorities, the UNDP is working closely with the National Disaster Management Authority. A Program Document has been signed to support implementation of the National Disaster Risk Management Framework, titled National Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management.  
The current development planning of various ministries and departments is not sensitive to risks of disasters. Therefore, important infrastructure is built in locations that are prone to natural hazards without considering the risks posed by these hazards. This results in colossal losses to the national, provincial and local economy. Government has to reallocate precious resources from other development priorities in order to re-construct the damaged infrastructure. This negatively effects the economic and social development of the country. Therefore, an important priority under the project is to integrate disaster risk reduction into the development policy and programming of the sectoral ministries and departments. In this regard, the UNDP intends to work with five sectoral ministries initially at the national and provincial, local levels.
Assistance will be provided to these ministries in development of technical guidelines on disaster risk assessment of their relevant programs and projects (existing and future) and in integration of disaster risk management into the design and implementation of future development projects/infrastructure. In this regard, the structural engineer will work with another expert to provide advice on mitigation of hazard risks during implementation of development projects as described in the Output 10 of the National Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management Program. The other expert is knowledgeable about the government procedures and systems and can facilitate the technical work of the structural engineer/mainstreaming expert.
Under overall supervision of the National Project Manager, the Mainstreaming Expert (Structural Engineer) will report to the National Project Manager.
Duties and Responsibilities
Structural Engineer/Mainstreaming Expert will be responsible for implementation of project activities at the national level in collaboration with selected federal and provincial ministries and departments. Structural engineer will perform following tasks.
·         Work jointly with the Legal and Institutional Expert to design and implement activities on integration of disaster risk management into the design and implementation of development programmes of various selected federal ministries; 
·         Formulate Ministerial Working Groups initially with the ministries of i) Housing and Works, ii) Water and Power, iii) Food, Agriculture and Livestock, iv) Planning and Development, v) Industries, Production and Special Initiatives with the participation of federal and provincial ministries and hazard/risk experts;
·         Formulate Ministerial Working Groups with five other ministries on appropriate time as per the decision of the Project Management;
·         Facilitate review of the annual programme planning processes and procedures of each sector with a view to incorporate disaster risk assessment;
·         Facilitate analysis on identification of strategies for integration of disaster risk reduction in programme/project implementation;
·         Assist in identification of sectoral needs for capacity development on integration of disaster risk assessment and disaster risk reduction in the planning process, procedures and in the programme implementation;
·         Develop a work plan to implement: i) incorporation of risk assessment in the ministerial procedures and processes, ii) integration of risk reduction in project implementation through pilot projects and iii) capacity development of the ministries at national, provincial and local levels in the above two areas;
·         Develop technical guidelines on integration of risk reduction measures in the construction of new infrastructure and for strengthening of existing critical infrastructure of respective ministries;
·         Develop training curriculum for orientation of the respective ministries about disaster risk management and its integration into development planning and programming;
·         In collaboration with team members organize training for the ministries;
·         In collaboration with the Legal and Institutional expert implement the work plan for integration disaster risk reduction into the selected ministries;
·         Undertake monitoring visits to check progress in integration of DRR into ministries/sectors
·         Prepare periodical reports on the progress in integration of disaster risk reduction into various ministries/sectors;
·         Excellent knowledge of structural engineering and various technologies available in Pakistan for construction of infrastructure/buildings;
·         Good understanding of the public sector development programmes;
·         Excellent interpersonal communication skills;  
·         Ability to work under stress and to undertake multi-tasking;  
·         Excellent skills in technical report writing;
·         Good physical health and ability to travel to local areas with basic travel facilities;
·         Positive attitude with a mind set of delivering development services in a most professional manner;
·         Excellent listening skills;
         Language requirements
  • Fluency in English and Urdu is essential. Ability in other languages of Pakistan is desirable.
  • Please submit your resume with a online cover letter, describing why you consider you are the best candidate for this position.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeAppropriate Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering or any related discipline;