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Administrative and Finance Assistant (DEX-SC)

Job Category:
Admin Assistants
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Disaster Risk Reduction in Muzaffarabad & Battagram
Muzafarabad /Battagram
Posted On:
29 June, 2007
Last Date to apply:
12 July, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 5 years of working experience in administrative and financial positions, preferably in development projects;
Demonstrated experience in preparing financial reports and using Ms. Excel
At least 3 years experience in maintaining records preferably in a development organization;
Experience of working under stress situations;
Fluency in Urdu is essential. Understanding of English would be required. Ability to communicate in Kashmiri and Pashtu is desirable.


1.                   Background
The Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit (CPRU) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is supporting the Government of Pakistan in establishing policy, legal and institutional arrangements for disaster risk reduction. The purpose of UNDP support is to develop and strengthen capacities of the Government of Pakistan at national, provincial and local levels to adopt strategies for reducing threat of disasters and minimizing the impact of disaster events upon communities.
The Government of Pakistan has established policy and institutional mechanisms at national, provincial and district levels. A National Disaster Management Ordinance has been issued by the President on 21st of December 2006. Under the Ordinance a National Disaster Management Commission (NDMA) and a National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has been established. The National Commission has notified the provincial, regional and state governments to established disaster management authorities at provincial and district levels.
In order to develop capacities of the newly established national provincial and district authorities, the UNDP is working closely with the National Disaster Management Authority. A Program Document is being signed to support implementation of the National Disaster Risk Management Framework.  
An important strategy of UNDP is to implement local and community level initiatives to promote a culture of disaster prevention and to reduce local vulnerabilities. In this regard, UNDP has received financial support from the Government of Japan to implement local level initiatives in two earthquake affected towns of Muzaffarabad and Battagram. 
Under the Project five key areas will be covered in order to develop capacities of the municipalities of Muzafarabad and Battagram. This will include i) risk assessment of the municipalities, ii) establishment of Municipal Disaster Management Authorities, iii) capacity development of the municipal disaster management authorities through training, development of Municipal Disaster Risk Management Plans, conduct of simulation exercises, iv) improve awareness of public officials and communities, and facilitate reflective learning practices on disaster risk management amongst communities and municipality officials.
The total duration of the project is about 22 months. A Project Management Team (PMT) will implement the project. The team will be comprised upon five staff. All staff of the project except the Project Manager will be based at Muzaffarabad and Battagram.
2.                  Reporting
Under the overall supervision of Project Manager, the Administrative and Finance Assistant will report to the Field Coordinator. 
3.      Duties and Responsibilities
The Administrative and Finance Assistant will provide critical support services to the Field Coordinators for the implementation of project activities as scheduled. In this regard s/he will undertake following tasks.
·         Maintain documentation of the all project activities and contact details of partners and correspondence;
·         Maintain excellent financial management system with details of income and expenditure and submit monthly reports to the Project Manager through the Field Coordinators.
·         Assist in making logistical arrangements for implementation of various project activities; e.g. meeting/conference venue, travel arrangements, purchase of inputs for implementation of project activities and keeping record of the purchase etc.
·         Take minutes of the meeting, if necessary in the absence of any other arrangements;
·         Make arrangements for provision of basic necessities in the office in order to ensure it proper functioning.  
·         Travel to the project sites with the Field Coordinator in order to supervise the progress;
·         On behalf of the Field Coordinator, interact with relevant stakeholders to further the project objectives;
·         Perform any other admin and finance related tasks that may not have been foreseen in this Job Description and might be assigned by the Project Manager or Field Coordinator on as needed basis;
4.                  Competencies
·         Financial Management skills, including budget making, financial track keeping for incoming and outgoing amount and maintenance of receipts etc
·         Excellent skills in MS Excel with ability to develop and maintain budget in Excel;  
·         Record keeping skills
·         Knowledge of and skills in logistics management; e.g. travel, workshop organization, communications, purchase of hardware etc;
·         Good interpersonal communication skills;
·         Good physical health and ability to travel to local areas with basic travel facilities;
·         Positive attitude with a mind set of delivering development services in a most professional manner;

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesBachelorsBachelors Degree (2-3 Years)Bachelors degree in social sciences or any development discipline related to disaster risk management; Good skills in using MS Office (Ms. Word, Excel, Power Point) and Internet and emails