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Communications Specialist (300 Series)

Job Category:
Communications/ Media
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
UN Office of the Resident Coordinator
Posted On:
04 June, 2007
Last Date to apply:
23 June, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

8 to 10 years of post Master’s relevant experience at the national or international level in public relations, communications, advocacy programmes. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, good knowledge and experience in handling design & content of web-based communication tools.


Organizational Context

Under the guidance and supervision of the Resident Coordinator on behalf of the United Nations Country Team, the incumbent will design, manage, implement and coordinate an internal and external United Nations Communications Strategy in Pakistan. In line with the strategy develop yearly work plans to ensure implementation of the strategy. The officer will undertake the following tasks:

Functions / Key Results Expected

Change Management: Coordinates and substantially contributes to the development and implementation of an internal communications plan which will lead to the following results:

An understanding of and support for the UN Reform Pilot within the UN Staff in Pakistan.

Strong ownership of communication plan in senior management

Identification of relevant internal audiences

Assess communication needs ( media, frequency, message) for each audience

Make detailed communication plan-process sequence, timeline and accountabilities

Rigorous execution of communication plan

Alignment of local communication initiatives with the ‘central’ HQ communication plan

Monitor results and impact

Observe and measure employee perception

Safeguard correct information flows

Media Relations: Will actively engage Pakistani and International media using all available UN tools and mechanisms to support outreach. Improve existing and develop new tools and mechanisms when appropriate for the following results:

Ensure that key development and humanitarian challenges and achievements are widely covered on behalf of the UN system utilizing appropriate, timely, and relevant public information channels.

Officer will support the UNIC OIC to serve as a Spokesperson for the RC and UNCT.

S/he will provide support through response to press queries, scheduling interviews, issuing press releases and organizing press briefings, open discussion forum, trips and accreditation to visits etc.

Advise the RC and UNCT on communication challenges; organize and participate in briefings, conferences, consultations with other agencies and partners on humanitarian and developmental related matters

Will undertake regular media monitoring of the national & international media channels

Will ensure there is no overlap and cross cutting issues can be addressed in unison to highlight the UN as a whole.

Corporate Communication: Ensure development of a brand identity for the One UN programme that encompasses all the elements crucial to market UN’s work and build relationships with the relevant stakeholders for the following results:

Develop a corporate image or brand for the UN System in Pakistan.

Integrate UN brand into agency specific brands

Creates imagery that strengthens UNs position, communicate the advantages, and persuade the target audience that UN delivering as one reduces transaction costs and improves service to national needs

Coordination and integration of multiple brands and voices

Communicate a shared vision of the different roles required as part of “Delivering as One”

Advocacy: Establish and manage an advocacy programme of UN programmes and activities especially relating to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in close consultation and coordination with UNCG and agencies, targeting policy makers at all levels of the public and private sector for the following results:

Development of an advocacy campaign on the MDGs, targeting the public as well as government officials, at both central and provincial level.

Collaborate with Civil Society on the MDG campaign

Engage people to build public consensus and bring about change for achieving MDGs.

Promote communications as part of an overarching rights-based approach to development

Ensure access and right to information, especially for poor people

Supporting community empowerment through communication for social change

Strengthen a healthy public sphere, characterized by informed media, a vibrant civil society and decentralized patterns of information exchange

Promote the role of communication in supporting cultural diversity

Programme Communication: Facilitate the inter-agency coordination of UN communication activities that are aimed to achieve specific developmental impacts under the agreed One Programme resulting in:

Enhanced citizen participation in the development discourse and public sphere.

Establish a common understanding of and approach to communications in the UN system, by developing standards, guidelines , indicators and other norms

Support the One UN programme through communications i.e. facilitating behavioural change and catalyzing processes of social change for meeting the MDGs

Support the social process based on dialogue using a broad range of tools and methods.

Impact of Results

The key results have an impact in two different areas, internal and external.. Firstly on the internal side, all UN staff will understand UN Reform and will be empowered to participate in the decision making process thus increasing their support for the implementation of institutional change. In terms of external impact, the UN’s development partners must understand and support the UN Reform process and begin to perceive the UN as Delivering as One. Additionally, these results should lead to greater impact of our programme Outcomes and Outputs that depend upon communication for development.


Corporate Responsibility & Direction:
Serves and promotes the vision, mission, values and strategic goals of UN in Pakistan
Translates strategic aims into achievable plans, with established priorities, manages them ,making periodic adjustments as required

People Skills

Recognizes and responds appropriately to the ideas, interests, and concerns of others; gives credit to the contribution of others
Promotes a learning environment ; facilitates the development of individual and team competencies

Managing Results:
Plans and prioritizes work activities to meet RC office goals
Partnering & Networking:
Builds and sustains relationships with key constituents (internal/external/bilateral/multilateral/public/private; civil society)
Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices from within and outside of UN

Innovation & Judgment:
Conceptualizes and analyzes problems to identify key issues, underlying problems, and how to relate
Generates creative, practical approaches to overcome challenging situations
Devises new systems and processes, and modifies existing ones, to support innovative behaviour

Demonstrates excellent written and oral communication skills

Job Knowledge & Expertise:
Applies the required depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise to meet job demands
Uses Information Technology effectively as a tool and resource

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesJournalism, Political Sciences or related fieldMasters DegreeMaster’s Degree or equivalent in Journalism, Political Sciences or related field