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Local Security Assistant for Administration -AL2 (300 Series)

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
18 March, 2007
Last Date to apply:
31 March, 2007
Experience in years
2 to 4

Relevant 3-5 years experience is required. Experience with UN agencies is a plus.


Under the immediate supervision of the UNDSS Chief Security Officer (CSA), the Local Security Assistant (LSA) will provide assistance in the implementation of the security plan and all the administrative matters relating to safety and security management.

He or She will perform the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Provide administrative support to the CSA in case of crisis to provide update to staff and their dependents, staff movement, mission details, and dissemination of information among SMT members, Staff and SFPs. Coordination with regional Offices and ASCs in updating their data and compiling reports.

2. Be familiar with the other essential functions within UNDSS such as the UN Pakistan Identity Card (ID) processing, Database and Security Clearance Coordination.

3. Provide general administrative support to the UN-DSS office and maintain routine and confidential correspondence files, and policy related documents and ensure they are cross-referenced and filed as appropriate.

4. Act as a Requisitioner for HR issues of CSA Office relating to hiring, contracts, and coordinate Results and Competencies Assessment (RCAs) for eligible UNDSS staff.

5. Act as requisition authority for UNDSS core budget

6. Provide guidance for all administrative matters to regional Field Security Coordination Officers (FSCOs) in UN DSS Offices in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Muzaffarabad & Quetta as well as the relief operations hubs of Bagh, Abbotobad, Battagram and Mansehra.

7. Act as Focal Point for UNDP on administrative matters concerning UNDSS core budget.

8. Identify any security related equipment requirements for UNDSS for CSA funding.

9. Liaison between UNDP and CSA radio rooms flagging any urgent administrative matters.

10. Supervise all activities related to travel e.g. preparation of Travel Authorizations (TAs), book flights and make travel arrangements for UNDSS staff

11. Initiate request for UNDSS vehicle servicing requirements.

12. Other general administrative tasks maintaining the filing system, the drafting of minutes and support for smooth running of UNDSS office resources.

13. Active participation in all security related exercises in terms of administration. Arrange and Coordinate different security meetings, workshops and trainings throughout the year as required by the FSCO and with reference to the yearly plan of action.

14. Initiate requisition/voucher process and follow-up on all UNDSS administration with UNDP as follows:

a. Maintenance of the internal expenditures control system which ensures that vouchers processed are matched and completed; transactions are correctly recorded and posted in Atlas.
b. Initiate timely corrective actions on un-posted vouchers, including vouchers with budget check errors, match exceptions and unapproved vouchers.
c. Creation of requisitions in Atlas and register the receipt of goods.
d. Making budget checks for requisitions.

15. Represent UN DSS at various meetings in accordance with mission requirements and as directed by the CSA or the Deputy Security Advisor (DSA).

16. Initiate requisition for shipments, customs clearances and the preparation of all related required documentation.

17. Prepare required documents regarding visa extensions, R&R requests, UNLP renewals, CBR booklet and non-diplomatic ID card for initial processing and renewal for UNDSS core budget personnel.

18. Act as the conduit between UNDSS, UNDP and other UN Agencies Funds and Programmes.

19. Perform additional duties as assigned by the CSA or DSA.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesIntermediateF.Sc / A Levels / (12 Years)Local QualifiedHigher secondary education

Must Title Level Description
YesSkills Excellent  Solid analytical and problem solving skills, strong interpersonal and communication skills. A high level of motivation, initiative, dedication, intuition an attention to details. Flexibility in the face of changing conditions and ability to manage several tasks simultaneously. Computer literacy with proficiency in modern computer software especially word-processing.