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Consultant – Automobile Sector

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
United Nations Development Programme
Posted On:
19 February, 2004
Last Date to apply:
29 February, 2004
Experience in years
2 to 4

As a result of the consultative meetings conducted between UNDP and GoP, it is recommended that Automobile be included in the set of Sectoral Studies/TSDs. The study will devise strategies to ensure that liberalization of the automotive sector contributes to human development, with particular emphasis on the “vendor” sector and the assembly sector, and provide: a. Analyses of the factors that led to the boost of car sales and growth in Pakistan. The study would also incorporate suggestions as to how to adapt to changes and further exploit opportunities from a human development perspective, in the context of globalization and changing rules of the multilateral trading system. At present the auto industry has the one of the highest tariff protection. The study will also examine the, macro and sectoral implications of tariff reductions or zero tariff in 2005 and come up with recommendations as to how best to address the issue step by step and advise the GOP on the issue of tariff elimination; b. Identification of the main actors in civil society involved in furthering the interests of automobile industry, in order to collect their views on the dimension and depth of the impact of WTO regime on automobile sector; c. Review of the success stories of other countries on deletion policies in order to save foreign exchange, boost industrial production and employment in the engineering sector; d. Suggestions as to how can Pakistan automobile vendor industry’s take a step towards global vendor base development i.e. outsourcing components from Asia for after market so that it becomes stronger and internationally competitive, in turn making an impact on the generation of sustainable employment opportunities; e. An in-depth situational analysis to ascertain the factors resulting in non-investment of the domestic industrialists in automobile sector of country. Suggestions as to how the presently operating automobile assemblers can expand the assembly plant capacity, with an exclusive attention at generating employment opportunities.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesPHD/Master’s degree in economics, social sciences Doctorate

Must Title Level Description
YesCommunication & Analytical Skills / Computer Skill Excellent