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Technical Advisor (POPs - PMU)

Job Category:
Community & Social Services
Career Level:
Mid Career ( 2 to 5 years of experience )
Job Type:
Agency / Project:
UNDP – Environment & Climate Change Unit (ECCU)
Posted On:
19 April, 2015
Last Date to apply:
05 May, 2015

Project Brief:

Objectives of this project are reducing human health and environmental risks by enhancing management capacities and disposal of POPs in Pakistan through:

i) the development and implementation of a regulatory, policy and enforcement system to reduce POPs releases and to regulate POPs waste disposal;

ii) capacity building to reduce exposure to and releases of POPs;

iii) collection, transport and disposal of 300t of PCB and 1200t of POPS Pesticides.

The elimination of POPs pesticide stockpiles became even more urgent after the 2010 floods which damaged some of the storage sites of hazardous chemicals and pesticides. To ensure environmentally sound disposal of POPs, a facility to be upgraded, tested and permitted in compliance with Stockholm Convention BAT/BEP. As an alternative, the project will however keep open the option of shipment of POPs waste abroad for disposal, in compliance with the Basel Convention, if at an early stage it will result evident that the POPs cannot be disposed of using the technologies available in the country.

Relevant Experience:

At least 5 year experience in the field of chemical risk assessment,  or in projects related to the implementation of Stockholm Convention on POPs, or in the management of hazardous chemicals and waste; Sound experience on POPs and Stockholm Convention; Previous experience as supervisor / technical advisor in projects related to environmental protection or hazardous waste management; Previous experience in the implementation or supervision of projects related to the management and disposal of POPs or PCBs is an asset.

In addition, the technical advisor should be independent and should not have any personal interest related to project activities which may hinder its independency and which may distort or bias his performance.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

This assignment is for a full time PMU Technical Advisor who will be recruited with the objective to provide PMU with technical assistance and advice on all the activities to be carried out under the Project, to help on routine technical coordination and supervision and to prepare or assist in the preparation of relevant project documentation and training materials.  The TA will work under overall supervision of Project Manager.

The Technical Advisor will, in general, be responsible for:

  1. Assisting PMU in drafting the inception report of the project;
  2. Assisting PMU in overall technical management and coordination of all project activities;
  3. Technical support to PMU on the supervision of all the technical activities related to institutional strengthening, policy framework, POPs and PCB management and disposal, project monitoring and evaluation, and replication program development;
  4. Technical support to PMU in participating in meetings with UNDP and the MoCC;
  5. Technical support to PMU in coordinating the work of international consultants;
  6. Providing comments on project implementation progress at different stages;
  7. Assisting PMU in drafting Term of References for all the services and equipment to be procured under the project;
  8. Assisting PMU in drafting technical reports and management reports like the Project Implementation Reports, (PIR), Annual and Quarterly Progress Reports (APR, QPR) and Annual and Quarterly Work plans (AWP, QWP);
  9. Assist PMU in drafting minutes of the meetings with special reference to the technical part;
  10. Perform site visits and inspections at project implementation sites during various implementation stages (storage facilities, PCB reclamation workshops, disposal facilities, trainings)
  11. Provide comments on the reports related to the technical activities and review the related plan under the Project to ensure their technical feasibility and most appropriate measures and actions taken.
  12. Supervise the work of local waste treatment companies that will undertake POPs disposal activities to guarantee the quality and consistency of the reports and deliverables, and help them finalize reports before their dissemination to concerned parties;
  13. Timely and proactively provide recommendation for the improvement of all project activities.

Duration of this assignment, duty station and expected places of travel:-

This is a full time assignment of the duration of one year. The contract may be renewed yearly for maximum 5 years (the duration of the Project) on the basis of the satisfactory evaluation of the performance of the work carried out by the technical advisor in the preceding year.

The Technical Advisor will work at the Project Management Unit (PMU) office to be established in Islamabad.

The Technical Advisor is expected to travel within the country at the implementation sites, to supervise project implementation activities. The exact number of travels will be specified in the course of project implementation based on project needs.  Travel and subsistence during travel will be paid by the project.


The following deliverables will be submitted to the PMU by the Technical Advisor:

  • Short quarterly work-plan of the activities to be carried out under this assignment;
  • Draft Inception report of the Project;
  • Quarterly reports of the activities carried out under this assignment (three reports per year);
  • Comments reports and supervision reports as relevant for the different project activities;
  • Draft TORs for the required project activities; 
  • Draft PIR, APR, QPR, AWP, QWP
  • Mission report and debriefing for the field visit;
  • Meeting minutes, with special reference to the technical parts.

Education:- Advanced Degree (Master of Science as a minimum) in Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biology