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Social Organizer

Job Category:
Social Organizers
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to DTCE (PAK/02/009/NEX) - UNDP
Posted On:
07 March, 2006
Last Date to apply:
18 March, 2006
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 5 years experience in community mobilization and/or field operations across different geographical areas of the country preferably with experience in the local/ civil society organizations.

Be Pakistani national;

Possess leadership and problem-solving skills and adaptability to extensive travelling, particularly, in rural areas of Pakistan.

Strong knowledge of local governance issues in Pakistan, particularly pertaining to the Local Government Ordinance in general and devolution in particular

Have a strong commitment to community participation and empowerment. Have sensitivity to gender issues

Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people from different cultures/ backgrounds.


Introduction to DTCE

To accomplish the systematic activation of CCBs in all 6,022/- Unions of Pakistan, to fulfil the potential of LGO 2001, the Government of Pakistan created the Devolution Trust for community Empowerment (DTCE), which was incorporated through Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance of 1984 as an “Association Not for Profit” without share capital in July 2003. It has a Board of Directors with a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as a member of the Board and its Secretary, distinguished federal ministers, citizens, including one from each province. Donors supporting the DTCE also participate as observers. UNDP Pakistan has been supporting Operationalization of DTCE through a nationally executed UNDP project titled “Support to DTCE”. The basic organizational principle of DTCE is inter-related work teams rather than departments in order to produce a flat, agile, flexible organization that function in an integrated fashion. Work teams exist at both headquarters and field operations levels, with the former providing support services to the latter.

Duties and Responsibilities

DTCE has seven field operational teams with standardized configurations of 4-5 persons under the supervision of a Manger Field Operations Team. Each FOT will develop and test DTCE systems in real applications, directly undertake some awareness campaigns, contract out DTCE campaigns at the local level, mentor and undertake field training of organizations contracted to undertake DTCE work, evaluate the work of contractees upon request, and troubleshoot situations on instructions from the CEO and the Director of Community and Local Government Relations. The Manager Field Operations FOTs will keep DTCE in touch with the ground reality of DTCE operations, community participation, and the devolution process.

Social Organizer shall work under the immediate supervision of the Manager Field Operations Team and coordinate closely with the other team members, Community and Local Government Relations (CLGR) team at the headquarter who will distribute the work load for the six field operations teams.

To assist Manger FOT in undertaking awareness campaigns with line departments and district/ tehsil/ union Nazims, informing Community and Local Government Relations Directorate of all actions in order to maintain an overview of DTCE relations and actions from headquarters and Field Operation Team.

To involve in contracting ground assessment, promotion of community organization, participation, and capacity building through CCBs at the union level in a given jurisdiction.

To authorize the disbursement of DTCE funds upon confirmation of compliance with contractual terms by local contractees.

To study existing organizational culture, power structures, and other socio-economic factors in the concerned local region and identify areas of immediate concern and high priority around which community groups can be organized as CCB.

To make contact with and organizing local communities and CCBs in the most appropriate form of organization in the given situational context.

To train local concerned persons and organizations/ CCBs in maintaining records, developing plans and raising awareness (prior to actual training) for the utilization of skill training at the community level.

To train local leaders and activists in the basics of organizing and mobilizing communities and introducing the concept of Citizens Community Boards.

To assist in need identifications and management of seed financing to CCBs for development projects approved by the local government.

To assist in the development of withdrawal strategy and handover the responsibilities to the local stakeholders (CSO or association) for onwards implementation of development project.

To undertake the follow-up visits to see the system working without the DTCE proactive support.

To identify local civil society organization working for the similar cause in consultation with the Manger Field Operations Team.

To exchange ideas an experiences with management and field staff as to inculcate the spirit of debate and discussion within DTCE.

Language Requirement

Excellent communication skills in English, Urdu and at least one other local language, with multiple local languages being a strong asset.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreePost-Graduate degree holder in Sociology, Economics, Social Work or other related fields with in-depth knowledge of community development.