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Manager Field Operation Team

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to DTCE (PAK/02/009/NEX) - UNDP
Posted On:
07 March, 2006
Last Date to apply:
18 March, 2006
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 7 years experience management and/or field operations, with expertise in two or more of the following fields financial management, personnel management, public and donor relations, and information and evaluation systems, as well as in the motivation of work teams, preferably with experience in the management of civil society organizations;

Suitable candidate should possess the following qualifications:

Be Pakistani national;

Possess leadership and problem-solving skills; Strong management vision and skills;
Strong knowledge of governance issues in Pakistan, particularly pertaining to the current national reconstruction process in general and devolution in particular;

Have a strong commitment to community participation and empowerment. Have sensitivity to gender issues;

Have a wide network/linkage with different development institutions in the country;

Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people from different cultures/ backgrou


Introduction to DTCE

To accomplish the systematic activation of CCBs in all 6,022/- Unions of Pakistan, to fulfil the potential of LGO 2001, the Government of Pakistan created the Devolution Trust for community Empowerment (DTCE), which was incorporated through Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance of 1984 as an “Association Not for Profit” without share capital in July 2003. It has a Board of Directors with a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as a member of the Board and its Secretary, distinguished federal ministers, citizens, including one from each province. Donors supporting the DTCE also participate as observers. UNDP Pakistan has been supporting Operationalization of DTCE through a nationally executed UNDP project titled “Support to DTCE”. The basic organizational principle of DTCE is inter-related work teams rather than departments in order to produce a flat, agile, flexible organization that function in an integrated fashion. Work teams exist at both headquarters and field operations levels, with the former providing support services to the latter.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities: Manager FOT will be responsible for the following activities:

To participate in systems design and subsequent modifications in DTCE program components in coordination with headquarters functional work teams under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

To undertake reconnaissance visit to the partners districts in Sindh and develop a baseline of the districts in the fields involving DTCE intervention.

To mobilize district, towns, tehsils and unions for entering into partnership with DTCE.

To develop a field operation plan and MS Project work plan for partner districts and undertake its execution in collaboration with DTCE headquarter teams, as well as partner districts, tehsils and unions. The field operation plan to include activities related to the six DTCE components of CCB Mobilization, Police Community Relations, Local Council Monitoring Committees, Press and Bar Relations, Local Citizen Information Network, CCB Networks and Local Government Associations.

To identify national / regional / local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in collaboration with headquarter to partner with DTCE for implementation of activities in relation to capacity building, survey, research, kulhi kacharis, information, monitoring and evaluation in the programmatic areas.

To contract, under the supervision of IME, information, monitoring, evaluation, and eligibility assessment services, informing Community and Local Government Relations (C&LGR) of all actions.

To undertake work planning exercise with district and town/tehsil authorities for operationalisation of districts and town MoUs.

To work in close partnership with National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) for undertaking capacity building of Government and Elected officials at the district and tehsil level and also to ensure internalization of the training through NCHD.

To inform and report to the C&LGR on the progress of field operation plan and district and tehsil work plans.

To participate in the annual integrated planning and budgeting process, including mid-term and final substantive and financial reports, in direct coordination with the   Project Management Unit (PMU) functional group under the supervision of the CEO.

To contract, under the direct supervision of PMU, external financial control evaluators, informing C&LGR of all actions. 

To identify, evaluate, and select civil society entities and individuals eligible for contracting, in coordination with headquarters functional work teams, C&LGR in all cases and PMU and IME in accordance with the content of the programme.

To assist in the development of withdrawal strategy and handover the responsibilities to the local stakeholders (CSO or association) for onwards implementation.

To undertake the follow-up visits to see the system working without the DTCE proactive support.

To authorize the disbursement of DTCE funds by PMU upon confirmation of compliance with contractual terms by contractees, informing C&LGR of all actions.

To authorize the disbursement of DTCE grant financing for CCBs by PMU for projects presented by CCBs and approved by local governments, with requisite cost- sharing financing in place, in accordance with DTCE systems, rules, and regulations, informing C&LGR of all actions.

To advise the CEO on operating systems effectiveness and proposals for modifications, as well as on the operational situation in different localities.

Language Requirement

Excellent/ Good command on English language with knowledge of other local languages is mandatory. Must be able to communicate effectively with staff at all levels of the organisation and outgoing and comfortable in handling external relations at all levels.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeThe candidate should be a Pakistani national and possess a Post Graduate Degree in Public Administration, Economics, International Development or other related field of Social Science with adequate knowledge of Information Technology.