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Consultancy (Individual) To Study Livestock Value Chain Development

Job Category:
Career Level:
Management (Manager/Director)
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
ADPB Project
Home based with extensive field work in Balochistan
Posted On:
27 June, 2013
Last Date to apply:
10 July, 2013



The Government of Balochistan (GOB) and UNDP are currently partnering on a joint initiative, titled Area Development Programme Balochistan phase II, to improve the livelihoods of rural poor in Balochistan. It was an up-scaled phase of a pilot initiative which was implemented through 1999-2005. The current phase of Area Development Programme Balochistan (ADPB II) commenced in July 2006 and currently scheduled to conclude in December 2013. ADPB, is a community driven area development project funded by UNDP, Government of Balochistan (GOB), WFP and local communities.  While addressing the needs of early recovery of flood damages in existing project area, ADPB was supported with financial assistance by AusAID during 2011.  The Project is being implemented by Planning and Development Department of Government of Balochistan.

The objective of the project is  to contribute to poverty reduction in the project target union councils through community based interventions to improve crop and livestock productivity, conserve natural resources, improve communities ‘ access to market and services, support income generation activities, and strengthen women’s role in development. The project’s target area includes the selected union councils 9 district of Balochistan including Musakhail, Loralai, Qila Saifullah, Ziarat, Pishin, Quetta, Mastung, Kalat and Khuzdar.


ADPB-II is in its phasing out stage at present which will lead towards completing the transition to next phase of launching its new generation project namely Local Economic Development in Balochistan by 31st December 2013. Therefore, project intends to conduct a study on Livestock Value Chain Development (LVCD) in Balochistan providing the strategy and priorities for the implementation of livestock development interventions primarily focus:

a)      Improving livestock sustainable productivity;

b)      Improving access to markets;

c)      Improving the utilization of innovations that enhance market opportunities;

d)      Improving value addition in input and output marketing chains, and;

e)      Improving the contribution of livestock to enhanced sustainability and local economic development.

The above include a wide range of priority areas spread along the livestock value chain which can help in identifying the priorities of enhanced sustainable productivity and value added competitiveness of livestock development sector in Balochistan. The priority areas supported programme to be implemented in an integrated manner along the production to consumption continuum particularly focusing at poverty alleviation. More specifically, it is expected that in each production system, projects to be carried out be defined based on the highest potential impact on poverty reduction and that each livestock component be characterized by stakeholders’ participation, livelihoods approaches, building on indigenous knowledge and fostering livestock innovation information technologies systems through effective public private partnership partnerships.


The overall objective of this consultancy is to facilitate the development of a

Livestock value chain development strategy and priorities can be responsive to LED-B, the new generation project of ADPB-II.


The specific objectives for the consultancy service include:

(a)   Identify and prioritize the outstanding issues and /or challenges and opportunities for the development of a market oriented livestock    in the region;

(b)   Identify priorities as policy guidelines with well defined specific approaches addressing livestock value chain development as a ultimate strong pathway out of poverty for livestock dependant people in the region; and

(c)    Participatory development strategy identifying the investment opportunities and constraints and defining the possible role of LED-B/ADPB in addressing the priority areas, taking into consideration of LED-B/ADPB implementation strategy and project plan 2013-18.


To achieve the above objectives, the Consultant will carry out the following tasks:

(i)         Review of available data and information on key issues in the regional livestock sector require interventions for livestock value chain development. This will involve comprehensive review of studies already conducted by other like-minded organizations and line department, their strategic choices and programme priorities can be taken into the consideration by LED-B/ADPB. In order to bring on board emerging issues, analyzing new trends of direct relevance that will guide the review of the priorities providing key facts and trends of relevance in terms of production, technologies, policy, market environment and socio-economic factors and deriving the potential contribution of livestock sector to agricultural development in this region.

(ii)        Review and up-date the comprehensive constraints analysis carried for the livestock sector.  It will cover ranking exercise using set of effective criteria, proportion of farmers affected; proportional improvement/benefit expected from solution of the problem; capacity available to address the problem; cost of addressing the problem; expected  project time to arrive at solution and contribution to LED-B/ADPB goal, purpose and results.

iii)        Carry out a consultation process with major stakeholders on the draft Strategy and Priorities and prepare the final draft Strategy and Priorities for Strategy Development and Priority Setting. This consultation will mainly be carried out through meetings with line department and other key stakeholders.

iv)        After discussing and agreeing on the Program’s strategy, draft document of defined priorities with specific focus of criteria including (1) local economic growth; (2) Gender and social welfare: (3) quality of environment; (4) north / south regional ranking analysis (5) capacity building.

(v)        Draft the report highlighting the Livestock Value Chain Development Strategy and Priorities for the implementation of livestock development.


The proposed consultancy will have three key deliverables:

1)      Comprehensive report on the state of the livestock development sector in terms of production, marketing and policy environment and trends; constraints and opportunity for production to consumption continuum and proposed interventions.

2)      An outline and description of Thematic Priority areas for investment, and;

3)      Final Livestock Program Strategy, which at the least should have the following sections: (i) Executive summary, (ii) Introduction (iii) Setting the empirical scene (iv) Strategic focus of the program (vision, mission, purpose, outputs and core values), (v) regional and global agricultural research agenda, (vi) SWOT analysis (or other more relevant approach) and implications to implementation of LVCD Strategy (vii) Results areas based on the identified investment domains (viii) Implementation arrangements, (ix) Monitoring and Evaluation (Results-Based Performance Management), (x) Funding, (xi) Assumptions and risks.


It is anticipated that this consultancy of two months duration will be commencing preferably by July 15, with an effective input of 60 labour days. However, the consultant in consultation with the National Project Manager will prepare a detailed plan of work that will form part of the contract. On its part, ADPB will meet the relevant costs related to this consultancy as terms and conditions mutually agreed and provision of office space for the duration of the consultancy if required. It is important to note that the consultancy will be based on desk-reviews of the most relevant data and information on the livestock development issues in the province / region. The project will arrange field visits, if needed any. It is expected that the consultant will use his/her own networks, however, project will also facilitate to reach the contacts persons as much as possible.


The consultant will work closely with the National Project Manager (NPM), ADPB-II. All reports will be submitted to NPM-ADPB on dates as may be agreed during the inception meeting. The reports will be reviewed by all concerned stakeholders e.g. GoB and UNDP. All draft reports (written in English) will be submitted as soft copies while the final report will be submitted as a soft copy and four (4) hard copies with colored figures and pictures where necessary.


ADPB seeking a Consultant with extensive experience in livestock development sector with wide exposure to related issues. The consultant should possess a PhD/masters degree in animal science, veterinary science or any other related field with at least 5 years post-PhD and 7-10 years experience, in case of Masters.