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Internal Auditor

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to DTCE (PAK/02/009/NEX)
Posted On:
03 December, 2005
Last Date to apply:
17 December, 2005
Experience in years
2 to 4

Suitable candidate should possess the following qualifications:
ยท Be Pakistani national;
ยท The person will have experience in researching and analysing information. A professional qualification in internal auditing is required Professional experience in an international environment would be advantageous.
ยท At least 5-7 years collective experience in financial administration and management (particularly audit and accounts);
ยท Possess leadership and problem-solving skills;
ยท Strong knowledge of governance issues in Pakistan, particularly pertaining to the current national reconstruction process in general and devolution in particular;
ยท Have a strong commitment to community participation and empowerment. Have sensitivity to gender issues;
ยท Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people from different cultures/backgrounds.



Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE) is a registered entity, which aims at creating an enabling environment for citizen participation and community empowerment in Pakistan. DTCE has been funded by a consortium of donors under the umbrella of UNDP Support NEX Project “Support to DTCE”. Details can be found at www.dtce.org.pk

Duties and Responsibilities

The Internal Auditor shall work under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  He /She will work closely with Field Operation Teams (FOT), PMU, C&LGR and IME teams in order to perform in very effective manner. Followings are the responsibilities and functions:

1.      Prepare the internal audit charter. This charter establishes the authority and responsibility conferred by the PMU on the office of Internal Audit.

2.      Prepare the internal audit manual. This internal audit manual describes all policies, methodologies, responsibilities, reporting and investigation as per financial policies and procedures of DTCE and CCB rules.

3.      Develop procedures for the financial controls and procedures of DTCE.

4.      Preparation of an annual internal audit Plan, which fulfils the responsibility of Internal Audit.

5.      Confer with PMU on policies, Programmes, and activities of Internal Audit Services: make recommendations regarding specific areas of responsibility.

6.      Develop and update internal audit program and checklists; plan and monitor audit work schedules; implementation of forms, systems, and procedures by IME systems to carry out responsibilities and accomplish goals of the Internal Audit service.

7.      Conduct compliance test to ensure the presence, effectiveness and continuation of the Internal Control Systems.

8.      The Internal Auditor will advise and assist in the updating of the Audit Needs Assessment and Long and Short-term Audit Plans.

9.      Conduct the audit of the field operation teams in order to verify the expenses made in field operations using substantive testing and review methodology.

10.  Conduct the audit of the CCB’s in order to verify the utilization of seed money as per MOUs / Contracts through outsourcing.

11.  Conduct the Internal Audit of the Head Office Financial Systems Implementation.

12.  Preparation of Information System audit manual.

13.  Conduct Information System Audit.

14.  Ensure that accepted accounting and audit principles and policies are followed, and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal accounting procedures and operating systems and controls.

15.  Meet with NPD/NPM as necessary, to discuss audit plans and results and make recommendations to resolve audit findings requiring corrective action.

16.  Coordinates coverage with external auditors for UCs /CCB etc. where DTCE has provided Funds.

17. Undertake any work assigned by Chief Executive Officer/ National Project Director/ National Project Manager.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 ICMA, ACCA, CA Inter, Article ship completed, MBA Masters Degree ICMA, ACCA, CA Inter, Article ship completed, MBA Finance or any other related accounting degree;