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Manager – Field Operation Team

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Support to DTCE (PAK/02/009/NEX)
Posted On:
03 December, 2005
Last Date to apply:
17 December, 2005
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 5-10 years experience management and/or field operations, with expertise in two or more of the following fields financial management, personnel management, public and donor relations, and information and evaluation systems, as well as in the motivation of work teams, preferably with experience in the management of civil society organizations;
Possess leadership and problem-solving skills; Strong management vision and skills;
Strong knowledge of governance issues in Pakistan, particularly pertaining to the current national reconstruction process in general and devolution in particular;
Have a strong commitment to community participation and empowerment. Have sensitivity to gender issues;
Have a wide network/linkage with different development institutions in the country;
Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with people from different cultures/ backgrounds.
Suitable candidate should possess the following qualifications:
Be Pakistani national;


Duties and Responsibilities

            The Field Operations Teams will develop and test DTCE systems in real applications, directly undertake awareness campaigns, contract out DTCE campaigns at the local level, mentor and undertake field training of organizations contracted to undertake DTCE work, evaluate the work of contractors upon request, and troubleshoot situations on instructions from the CEO. The FOTs will keep DTCE in touch with the ground reality of DTCE operations, community participation, and the devolution process.

Manager FOT shall work under the immediate supervision of the Office of the CEO and coordinate closely with the Project Management Unit who will distribute the work load for the field operations teams.

1.      To participate in systems design and subsequent modifications in direct, coordination with headquarters functional work teams;

2.      To develop a field operation plan for the selected districts/tehsils in direct coordination with headquarters work teams;

3.      To identify national and regional level civil society organization working for the similar cause in consultation with the C&LGR;

4.      To participate in the annual integrated planning and budgeting process, including mid-term and final substantive and financial reports, in direct coordination with the PMU under the overall supervision of the CEO.

5.      To undertake provincial awareness campaigns in collaboration with district Nazims and coordination with the provincial government, informing Community and Local Government Relations (CLGR) of all actions in order to maintain an overview of all DTCE relations and actions from headquarters;

6.      To undertake district awareness campaigns in direct coordination with the Zila Nazim  and Naib Zila Nazim, as well as through the local media and direct communications in accordance with local customs;

7.      To contract tehsil awareness campaigns with tehsil municipal administrations and union Nazims, in direct coordination with the tehsil Nazim and Naib tehsil Nazim, as well as through the local media and direct communications in accordance with local customs;

8.      To contract union awareness campaigns with the union administration, union councils, village or neighbourhood leader, and local civil society leaders, in direct coordination with the union Nazim and Naib union Nazims, as well as through the local media and direct communications in accordance with local customs;

9.      To contract ground assessment systems of the capacity of stakeholders and local administrations, as well as assess the essential action capacity of a given locality;

10.  To contract the promotion of community organization, participation, and capacity building through CCBs at the union level in a. given jurisdiction (district, tehsil, set of unions, or single union);

11.  To contract the promotion of the application of the bottom-up planning process through the identification, formulation, prioritization, and financing of community development projects in a given jurisdiction (may or may not be same contract as point 8 depending on maturation of. organization and participation process);

12.  To contract, under the direct supervision of PMU, external financial control evaluators;

13.  To contract, under the direct supervision of IME, information, monitoring, evaluation, and eligibility assessment services;

14.  To identify, evaluate, and select civil society entities and individuals eligible for contracting, in coordination with Project Management Unit (PMU) and headquarters functional work teams with information sharing with C&LGR and IME in accordance with the content of the programme.

15.  To assist in the development of withdrawal strategy and handover the responsibilities to the local stakeholders (CSO or association) for onwards implementation.

16.  To undertake the follow-up visits to see the system working without the DTCE proactive support.

17.  To arrange the disbursement of DTCE funds by PMU upon confirmation of compliance of contractors with contractual terms and financial guidelines set by PMU;

18.  To arrange the disbursement of DTCE seed funds by PMU for projects presented by CCBs and approved by local governments, with requisite cost- sharing financing in place, in accordance with DTCE systems, rules, and regulations and proper documentations;

19.  To advise the CEO on operating systems effectiveness and proposals for modifications, as well as on the operational situation in different localities.

20.  To build close collaboration to properly inform the Community and Local Government Relations (C&LGR) Directorate of all actions. 

21. To ensure gender equity, particularly adequate participation of women in DTCE program implementation and other development activities;

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreePost-Graduate degree holder in Public Administration, Management, Social Work, Economics, Social Sciences, International Relations or other related fields with knowledge of information Technology;