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Consultant - Critical Analysis of Socio-Development Situation of Balochistan in New NFC Award and 18

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
11 July, 2012
Last Date to apply:
30 July, 2012
Experience in years
2 to 4

A proven track record of five years in producing such a quality research reports specially budget analysis and revenue distribution in wake of political scenario of the country. Five years Extensive knowledge of research methods and statistical analysis and relevant work experience including analyzing and reporting socio-economic data and good analytical skills. Publications on social impacts and government policies would be an added advantage. Experience of working with the Government at policy level is desirable.





Balochistan can safely be called the land of paradoxes. It is the largest province in terms of area but the smallest in terms of population. It is the richest beneath the land , but very backward over it. It homes the largest gas reserves in Pakistan, but its most cities are without gas. Its area and natural resources are its strengths while weak social and economic indicators and unskilled uneducated human resource are the challenges that require persistent long-term economic development policies. Balochistan constitutes more than 44 % of the landmass of Pakistan. It makes around 5.6% of the population of country. Two thirds of its population of 8.8 million resides in rural areas in scattered settlements.

The government of Balochistan had been facing increasing gap between the resources and the expenditure before NFC award and 18th amendment. After 18th amendment and NFC award it is assumed the province is receiving reasonable amount from federal government. In 2009 the provincial own receipts were 3282 m, federal transfers were 57289m and total 60571m with total growth 21.50%. In 2010-11 the provincial receipts were 4113m while the federal transfers increased to 113109m with 93.50% growth due to NFC award.


But the same time different ministries were devolved under 18th amendment and programs funded by federal government were transferred to provinces too which burdened the provincial budget as well.


Keeping in view the situation, the SPRSM project has proposed to conduct a study to critically analyze the socio development situation of Balochistan in the scenario of NFC Award and 18th amendment.




The overall objective of this Study is to assess the social impact of the post 18th amendment and new NFC award; analysis of  public expenditure increase thereof adding in the development expenditures.  To ascertain what is the economic cost of 18th amendment? How have the priorities of the provincial budget been changed as a result of the these new amendments? How has social development been affected by higher spending on development, if any? How has the people of Balochistan responded to this changed environment?


Responsibilities and scope of work:


The task will include, but not limited to, address the following broad questions:
1.     What is the current allocation of functions between federal and provincial governments in Pakistan as per the 18th Constitutional Amendment and NFC award?


2.     What kind of major development schemes are initiate by provincial government after 18th amendment and NFC award, which may address the issue poverty of people and provide basic facilities to deprived people such as education, health, water & sanitation facilities and increase the livelihood opportunities in the area of agriculture and livestock.


3.     What functions/subjects have been devolved to the provincial governments under 18th Constitutional Amendment?


4.     Which departments/institutions have been transferred to provincial government after 18th Constitutional Amendment?


5.     Where have the transferred functions and departments/institutions been located at the provincial government?


6.     What budgetary provisions have been made for devolved departments/functions?


7.     Which PSDP schemes have been transferred to the province? What is their estimated cost, throw-forward and current allocation for year 2012-13?


8.     What has been the progress on the provision of necessary statutory framework for discharging the newly devolved functions at the provincial level? These may include identification of federal laws requiring amendments, enactment of new laws at provincial level, revision of rules of business, etc.


9.     What structural changes have been made after the 18th Constitutional Amendment at the provincial government level (establishment of new departments/ministries, etc.).


This Study will be basically a desktop study on the basis of provincial budget reports, actual expenditure as per AG and finance departments’ reports and policies developed by devolved departments after 18th constitutional amendment. The consultant may conduct meeting with all devolved departments, finance and P&D department to have their views on post new NFC Award situation.


·          Submission of outline of proposed methodology and timeline


·          Submission of proposed services to be covered in these research-focused assessments.


·          Submission of draft instruments for general assessments in the form of questionnaires, focus group guidelines, etc, as well as planned sampling method for each sub-investigation.


·          Submission of first draft report


·          Incorporation of Provision of comments by SPRSMP team, if any.


·          Submission of draft final report.
Duration of Study:
The total duration of the assignment will be 45 working days, spanned over a period of 60 days after the issuance of the contract.
The consultant will be based in Quetta and travel to selected district of Balochistan, if required.
Qualification and Experience:
·          Master’s degree Economics or in any other relevant Discipline of Social Sciences.


·          Extensive experience in research, analysis and writing on the area of socio-economic and political situations.


·          Excellent analytical report writing skills




The consultant will report directly to the Provincial Project Director and Provincial Project Manager of SPRSM project Balochistan at Quetta.


Payment Schedule:


On submission of Outline of the Study and Work Plan         20%


On submission and approval of the first draft                       - 40 %


On submission and acceptance of the final report                 - 40%



 “Equally qualified women will be given preference.”

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeMaster’s degree Economics or in any other relevant discipline of Social Sciences from a recognized university.

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish Language and Report Writing Skills Excellent  â€¢ Extensive experience in research, analysis and writing on the area of socio-economic specially budget analysis and revenue distribution in wake of political scenario of the country • Excellent report writing skills