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Consultant - Social Impact of Security Crisis in Balochistan

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
11 July, 2012
Last Date to apply:
30 July, 2012
Experience in years
2 to 4

A proven track record of five years in producing such a quality research reports. Five years Extensive knowledge of research methods and statistical analysis and relevant work experience including analyzing and reporting socio-economic data and good analytical skills. Publications on social impacts in crises ridden areas would be an added advantage. Experience of working with the Government at policy level is desirable.





Balochistan is the largest of Pakistan’s four provinces and is located in the southwest part of the country. It covers 34.7 million hectares and accounts for 44% of the nation’s land area. The diverse landscape extends from southern coastlands along the Arabian Sea through deserts, plains, and uplands to rugged northern mountains. Elevations reach to over 3,200 meters in the areas bordering Afghanistan. In spite of its size, Balochistan contains only 5% of Pakistan’s population (an estimated 7.1 million people) more than three-quarters of whom live in rural areas.


Balochistan is the most deprived province of Pakistan. Poverty Incidence was as high as 48% (Balochistan MDGs Report 2011), schools are scarce and attendance is low, literacy rate is low,   and hunger and malnutrition are common. Access to health facility particularly for rural women is a major problem and MMR is still higher in country.


The security and law & order situation has deteriorated in Balochistan for the last 7 years, which not only affecting the life of the common man but also the socio economic condition of Balochistan. Government has announced an economic package for Balochistan in October 2008 and March 2009 in name of Aghaz-i-Haqooq-i-Balochistan in order to bring the young unemployed youth to workplace which to some extent helped alleviating the unemployment but the impact of which has yet to be assessed in context of deteriorating law and order situation. The public order & safety affairs cost has doubled in couple of years, which included direct costs of compensation to victims, damage to property and infrastructure, higher expenditure on defense, higher expenditure on police, and higher costs of private security.


Higher expenditure on security agencies is a major economic cost for maintaining law and order situation and halting terrorism. There has been massive increase in the security related government expenditures during the last few years. These expenditures grew at an annual average rate of 14.6 percent from 2000-01 to 2007-08. However, since 2007-08 security expenditures have increased doubled.


In this perspective Strengthening PRS Monitoring Project Balochistan has planned to conduct a study to assess the social impact of security crises in Balochistan.




The overall objective of this Study is to assess the social impact of the current security crisis in Balochistan; public expenditure incurred thereof curtailing the development expenditures. To ascertain what is the economic cost on economy? How have the priorities of the provincial budget been affected as a result of the security crisis? How has social development been affected by higher spending on security? How have local population been affected by the security threat? What socio-economic impact has the conflict had on the household? How has the civil society responded to the changed security environment?



The proposed study is mixture of secondary data and its analysis available at national and provincial level using qualitative research methods, conducting meetings, FGDs/workshops with relevant stakeholders such as civil society members concerned line departments, trade unions, chamber of commerce and research & advocacy organizations.


 Responsibilities and Scope of Work:


The consultant will carry out the following assignments;

·          Collect and collate the relevant data and material from different sources such as government departments, institutions and research organizations.


·          Review the relevant secondary data and analytical reports produced at national and provincial level on mentioned subject


·          Analyze and review the sector wise budgetary expenditures of provincial government and give a comparative analysis in context of security crisis


·          Organize meetings, focus groups discussions/workshops with relevant line departments, trade unions, chamber of commerce and organizations to incorporate their views


·          Compile a situational analysis report on social impact of security crisis in province


·          Submission of outline of proposed methodology and timeline


·          Submission of proposed services to be covered in these research-focused assessments.


·          Submission of draft instruments for general assessments in the form of questionnaires, focus group guidelines, etc, as well as planned sampling method for each sub-investigation.


·          Submission of first draft report


·          Incorporation of Provision of comments by SPRSMP team, if any.


·          Submission of draft final report.


 Duration of Study:

The total duration of the assignment will be 45 working days, spanned over a period of 60 days after the issuance of the contract.




 The consultant will be based in Quetta and travel to selected district of Balochistan, if required.

Qualification and Experience:
·          Master’s degree Economics or in any other relevant Discipline of Social Sciences.


·          Extensive experience in research, analysis and writing on the area of socio-economic and political situations.


·          Excellent analytical report writing skills


The consultant will report directly to the Provincial Project Director and Provincial Project Manager of SPRSM project Balochistan at Quetta.


Payment Schedule:

On submission of Outline of the Study and Work Plan          - 20%


On submission and approval of the first draft                        - 40 %


On submission and acceptance of the final report                 - 40%



 “Equally qualified women will be given preference.”

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMastersMasters DegreeMaster’s degree Economics or in any other relevant discipline of Social Sciences from a recognized university.

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish Language and Report Writing Skills Excellent   • Extensive experience in research, analysis and writing on the area of socio-economic and political situations • Publications on social impacts in crises ridden area or any other relevant research • Excellent report writing skills