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Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Strengthening PRS Monitoring Project
Any city in Pakistan with preference for Peshawar
Posted On:
07 December, 2011
Last Date to apply:
17 December, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 10 years of experience in research on social / related issues. Practical work on human rights issues is a definite advantage.



A.        Background


The “Transgender” community in Pakistan mostly represents the rural part and but has urban presence as well. They suffer from discrimination mainly stemming out from transgender identity and or sexual behavior leading to severe social and political marginalization. Lack of education, among other responsible factors, limits their awareness regarding the basic human rights. Because of their peculiar behavior they are deprived of shelter, alternative profession, education and expression of their own rights exposing them to discrimination and violence along with leaving them with the options of indecent means of livelihood.
In Pakistan, the Supreme Court ruling, which declared them entitled to “Protection guaranteed under Article-4 (right of individuals to be dealt with in accordance of law) and the article-9 (Security of person) of the constitution, was widely celebrated.
The ruling has been an important step towards integrating “Transgender” into the Pakistani society, which are now going to be registered as ‘Transgender’ on the National Identity Cards. This transformation, though long term, would enable them to realize their right of access to basic social services and would also initiate the process of their acceptance as members of society. A close estimate to number them would come around 200,000 throughout the country.
After the Apex Court’s ruling the Federal & Provincial Governments and development partners would need to devise strategies, policies and plans to address the basic needs of the Transgender.
Strengthening PRS Monitoring Project is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Finance, Planning & Development Division, Government of Pakistan and UNDP Pakistan. The Project, under its overall mandate of strengthening institutional capacities for result-based monitoring and evaluation of the poverty reduction strategies (PRS), strongly focuses gender dimensions pertaining policies, resource allocations and implementation. SPRSM project is going to initiate the process of basic services provision to the Transgender. SPRSM Project having tendency to conduct a study to map and analyze the situation, legislation and policy environment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regarding Transgender. The study would serve two purposes; one it will establish a baseline on the current situation of Transgender (Human rights of Transgender) and second it would help in formulation of policy to address the actual challenges. The process would include; conducting a situational analysis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and framing the findings towards formulating a policy for “Transgender” in order to enable the policy makers for taking informed decision in this very important area.
B.        Objective


“To improve the well being of “Transgender” through customized welfare and development interventions”


C.        Key Focus Areas


·         Literature Review and International best practices for improving the wellbeing of “Transgender”


·         Established baseline regarding transgender rights


·         Cultural and social status based on ground information


·         Deep insight in to their living conditions and the level of access to basic services 


·         Specific needs and concerns of “Transgender”


·         Factors that contribute to the current care seeking behaviors of “Transgender”


·         Level of adoptability/willingness for changing their behavior


·         Coverage of existing Social Sector Policies/legislation for “Transgender” if any


·         Socio-cultural acceptance for Transgender


·         Role in spreading communicable diseases (e.g. HIV-Aids etc.)


D.        Methodology


The study will employ both qualitative and quantitative tools to data collection and analysis. The data sets will include both primary and secondary. The primary data will be collected by the consultants through focus group discussions or structured questionnaire. The research would present a comprehensive situational analysis for the purpose of policy formulation regarding “Transgender” in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The research would establish a baseline covering social norms, cultural taboos and status of basic human rights for Transgender.
E.        Responsibilities / Scope of work for the study


·         Submit a detailed work plan covering


- Scope






The research question/s to be used


Clear time frame


An outline of the study


          ·         Establish a baseline with regard to the social norms, cultural taboos, legal        

                 framework and the status of basic human rights·

·         An analysis of the situation and behavior of the society with regards to “Transgender” while emphasizing on accessibility and affordability of Transgender individuals in terms of basic needs provided by the state
·         Execution of the tool suggested/adopted by the firm; collection of data, editing and cleaning of data, processing of data and analysis interpretation of results
·         Develop a draft thematic report on the findings of the sample survey and qualitative analysis; revise the draft final report in the light of the feedback received
·         Assess the potential impact that the Supreme Court ruling will make on the lives of these groups·
·         Assess the institutional and policy constraints that may impede the implementation of Supreme Court rulings
·         Presentation of the compiled data, tabulations and results to primary stakeholders including P&D Department, Social Welfare & Women Development Department, UNDP, SPRSM Project etc.
·         Frame recommendations and way forward for probable entry points / support – at the policy, institutional or grassroots level – to help the transgender populations enjoy their fundamental human right
F.        Deliverable


·         An annotated outline for study report


·         A detailed study report


·         Defining the communication plan for disseminating


G.      Timeline


The study time line for carrying out the study will be 2 months.


H.      Budget


The study is budgeted @ of 30 working days.
I.       Payments


Strengthening PRS Monitoring Project will pay the consultant(s) as per the following deliverables:


·         On submission & acceptance of Study Outline & Work Plan              20 %


·         On submission & acceptance of the First Draft Report                      40 %


·         On submission & acceptance of the Final Report                              40 %


 J.      Reporting:


The consultant will report directly to the Provincial Project Director and Provincial Project Manager of Strengthening PRS Monitoring Project KP.


 Duration of Assignment is 30 days spread over 60 days

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 MastersMasters Degree At least master degree in Social Sciences or related field.

Must Title Level Description
 Report WritingExcellent  Excellent report writing skills