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TTFP Export Transaction Process Analysis Consultant

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Pakistan Trade and Transport Facilitation Project
Anywhere in Pakistan
Posted On:
05 August, 2005
Last Date to apply:
19 August, 2005
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 10 years experience in systems analysis, Customs, or a commercial trading firm, preferably including working experience in an international environment. The Consultant will have to be able to prepare comprehensive and well-presented reports acceptable to the Government of Pakistan. The Consultant must have sound writing skills in English.


During 2004 the Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (TTFP) carried out carried out a “trade transaction analysis” to identify and graphically represent the steps and organizations involved in a typical export transaction. Two products were studied: textile and mango. This analysis produced a process flow diagram and serves as a benchmark for identifying continued improvements in streamlining export documents and procedures.


The Ministry of Commerce has requested to extend the initial analysis in order to identify and quantify opportunities for reducing the time taken to complete export procedures. This process improvement analysis should also examine the role played by chambers of commerce and professional associations in providing the Government with policy recommendations that support business development, as well as promote awareness among Pakistani businesses of best international trading practices.


The Consultant will review the trade transaction analysis developed earlier under TTFP and identify the slowest tasks in the process; that is, having the tasks with the slowest throughput rate or longest cycle time.


The Consultant should identify some of the ways that processes can be improved, for example:

·         Add additional resources to increase capacity of the bottleneck.

·         Improve the efficiency of the bottleneck activity - increases process capacity.

·         Move work away from bottleneck resources where possible - increases process capacity.

·         Increase availability of bottleneck resources.

·         Minimize non-value adding activities - decreases cost, reduces lead time. Non-value adding activities include transport, rework, waiting, testing and inspecting, and support activities.

·         Flexibility can be improved by outsourcing certain activities. Flexibility also can be enhanced by postponement, which shifts customizing activities to the end of the process.


A preliminary cost-benefit estimate should be performed to determine if a process change is worth the investment. If the change appears to have merit, more detailed studies will be carried out subsequently to determine whether an “improvement” in the export process is really is an improvement.


In conducting this assessment, the Consultant will work under the technical direction of the UNCTAD Chief Technical Adviser and will be responsible for providing a report to Pakistan’s National Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee (NTTFC).


The end-product of this short-term consultancy is a detailed report entitled: “Expediting Exports: Opportunities for Improving the Efficiency of Pakistan’s Export Trade.” The Consultant will submit a mid-term report on 1 July 2005. The final report and accompanying PowerPoint slides shall be due at the end of the assignment. The Consultant will be expected to make a presentation of the results to the National Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee or to the Ministry of Commerce.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesBachelors DegreeBachelors Degree (2-3 Years)