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TTFP Electronic Trading Platform Requirements Analysis Consultant

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Pakistan Trade and Transport Facilitation Project
Anywhere in Pakistan
Posted On:
05 August, 2005
Last Date to apply:
30 August, 2005
Experience in years
2 to 4

Prior information systems requirements analyses, emphasising interconnection/ interoperability, preferably in the field of international trade, freight logistics or Customs.


Government agencies and business members of the National Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee (NTTFC) have agreed to collaborate in the creation of an electronic trading platform to interconnect public and private sector trading partners and facilitate information flow and enhance the efficiency of Pakistan’s international trade. A consultant will be engaged to conduct a stakeholder requirements analysis. On the basis of this document, the functionality of platform will be formalized. NTTFC will evaluate the proposed solutions and select the appropriate one suiting the requirements.

The consultant will be expected to review a range of issues:

1. Existing requirements, procedures, and processes for the submission of import, export and transit documents and information to government to:

·       Identify key governmental authorities and agencies that can potentially be involved in the system

·       Determine the extent to which it is possible to harmonise and simplify these requirements, procedures, information flows and documents. In particular, explore possibilities for ensuring the single submission of documents and information

·       Identify the needs of  users, especially regarding the design of the eventual service and associated interfaces (either electronic or physical)

2. Overall organisational aspects of implementing the platform to determine:

·       Which governmental authorities and agencies should be involved?

·       Which governmental authority/agency, or private organisation should lead the running of the project - government, private owner under government contract or completely privately-owned by business (service provider)?

·       Whether the platform be centralized or decentralized; an active or passive program?

3. Existing personnel resources within the relevant governmental authorities and agencies for the project development, implementation, and operation, and consider training, additional staffing and management requirements related to implementation of the electronic trading platform.

4. Legal issues, privacy legislation and data protection laws associated with the implementation of a “single window”, including the submission of information by traders, the exchange of information between various governmental authorities and agencies, and issues related to the use of electronic signatures.

5. Technical systems for receiving, storing and exchanging the above information:

6. Trade documents in use and determine what data will be required, how it will be submitted, and in what format.

7. Potential impact of the project on existing systems, procedures, employment, job descriptions, etc.:

8. Implementation options, specifying proposed operational models, relevant governmental authorities and agencies that would be involved, suggested lead governmental authority or agency, or private organisation, services to be provided, potential costs and benefits, and time frames for implementation.

9. Suggest whether a full or partial implementation process should be undertaken.

10. Develop a business case for the establishment of the electronic trading platform under each proposed scenario, including an estimate of the initial and operating costs, value of the benefits, sustainability, possible mechanisms for revenue collection and sources of project financing.

The consultant will be selected on the basis of:

     • Quality of written proposal and understanding of the assignment

     • Organization and adequacy of proposed work plan

     • Proposed fees and total cost of proposal in Pakistan rupee

     • Extent of work proposed in relation to costs

     • Expertise and relevant experience and time contribution of the project team

• Satisfactory references related to involvement in similar types of projects

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesBachelors DegreeBachelors Degree (2-3 Years)