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National Consultant on Agricultural Standards

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Pakistan Trade and Transport Facilitation Project
Posted On:
16 July, 2005
Last Date to apply:
30 July, 2005
Experience in years
2 to 4

The Consultant will have at least 10 years experience in the administration of sanitary and phytosanitary controls over food imports in a national administration, preferably including working experience in an international environment. Knowledge of HACCP and EurepGAP. The Consultant will have to be able to prepare comprehensive and well-presented reports in English.


The Consultant will assess the current status of Pakistan’s regulatory framework for setting and enforcing standards and make recommendations for any corrective action necessary to ensure the integrity of the country’s food safety, animal health and plant protection systems with respect to the import of agricultural inputs, such as seeds, feeds and fertilizers to fresh foods—including meat, daily products, fruit and vegetables—and processed foods.

The Consultant will:

Inventory the relevant legislative authority that governs sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) controls over imports, highlighting any inconsistencies or deficiencies in the existing legislation;

Identify the roles and responsibilities of key Federal and provincial Government departments concerned with these imports;

Review the corresponding import controls in neighbouring countries: Afghanistan, China, India and Iran;

Principal stakeholders, including the regulated parties as well as non-governmental organizations representing public health, animal welfare, environmental and consumer interests;

Relevant international conventions and agreements, noting Pakistan’s status in respect to acceding formally to such agreements and fulfilling the incumbent obligations in practice;

Enumerate the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system in Pakistan, citing those areas that are organised and managed effectively and those areas where improvements could be made, and

Prepare a detailed draft report on the findings and recommendations for harmonization, with all relevant appendices for review by (NTTFC)

Duration: The assignment should begin as soon as possible and is expected to last two months, with the possibility of extension.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesAdvanced university degreeMasters DegreePreferably Ph.D., in agricultural science or equivalent.