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Consultant for Assessment and Design of Retrofit Measures

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
UNDP - Disaster Risk Reduction Programme/ ERRP
Posted On:
19 August, 2011
Last Date to apply:
28 August, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

10-15 experience structural designing and assessment of buildings and infrastructure.


Earthquake Risk Reduction Programme (ERRP) is being implemented by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Pakistan with the support of UNDP in the municipalities of Mansehra, Muzaffarabad, Murree, Quetta and Chitral. The project aims to build resilience of communities and municipal governments against the Earthquake related hazards.
The project aims at building institutional structures, policies, and systems to integrate disaster risk reduction in the target municipalities. The project employs a multi-pronged strategy which combines technical knowledge with hands on practical experiences in disaster vulnerability reduction and preparedness, which cuts across other themes such as capacity building, establishing a knowledge-base for informed decision making, human resource development, practical demonstration for education, awareness, training, and dissemination of learning and experiences locally, nationally and regionally. The project is built around a partnership approach where it brings together a range of different stakeholders like technical agencies, academic and research institutions, local governments, line agencies and civil society, while placing vulnerable communities in the middle, so as to demonstrate participation, partnership and use of local wisdom to promote context specific solutions to challenges posed to sustainable development, through a blend of structural and non-structural components of disaster risk reduction.
§ ERRP is implementing the RUDRRP in Murree and intends to promote retrofitting as a cost effective mean of structural strengthening of damaged/vulnerable buildings instead of reconstruction. The Project Coordination Committee (PCC) in Murree has recommended Municipal Corporation Boys Middle School building in Murree
Consultancy services are required for the structural assessment and design of retrofitting measures including BOQs etc.
Tasks and Responsibilities
The consultant will perform the specific tasks
·         Assess above mentioned building for structural damage.
·         Prepare structural design based on computer aided models.
·         Prepare retrofitting design.
·         Preparation of retrofitting design drawings of above mentioned building.
·         Prepare Bill of quantities (BOQ) and specifications for retrofitting measures including cost estimates
·         Draft methodology for proceeding with the retrofit measures for above mentioned building (For bidding purposes)
·         Any other task related to design of retrofitting
Reporting: The consultant will report directly to the Project Manger, ERRP. 

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Master DegreeF.Sc / A Levels / (12 Years) 

Must Title Level Description
 Structural AssessmentNever Used  structural assessment and seismic retrofitting design.