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DRR Provincial Officers

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
UNDP - One UN Disaster Risk Management Joint Program
Lahore, Quetta, Muzaffarabad (AJK), FATA (Peshawar Based) & Peshawar KPK
Posted On:
20 July, 2011
Last Date to apply:
30 July, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

• Preferable experience of 3-5 years in implementing trainings and awareness raising activities on DRM.
• Preferable extensive field experience in disaster environments and an in-depth knowledge of disaster management issues.


Pakistan continues to suffer from a plethora of natural and human induced hazards that threaten to affect the lives and livelihood of its citizens; e.g. floods, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones and drought, fires, civil unrest and terrorism and transport and industrial accidents. The Climate Change and related disaster risks have added an additional dimension to the task of development planners. The nation’s ability to increase its capacity to withstand natural and human induced disasters lies in the adoption of new strategies. Adopting a proactive approach would include disaster risk reduction with regards to particular hazards. Such an approach would be focused at benefiting the most vulnerable segments of population and it would raise the impact of national development strategy on poverty alleviation.

Under the overall umbrella of One UN Disaster Risk Management Program and in partnership with other UN agencies, the UNDP is supporting the Government of Pakistan in establishing policy, legal and institutional arrangements for disaster risk management. The purpose of UNDP support is to develop and strengthen capacities of the Government of Pakistan at national, provincial and local levels to adopt strategies for reducing threat of disasters and minimizing the impact of disaster events upon communities.
UNDP’s is closely working with the national and provincial disaster management authorities. Scope of work with the GOP includes identification of priorities, provision of technical assistance to authorities, advocacy, mobilization of donor support and support from other agencies; e.g. the UN, Media, and civil society for the governmental initiatives. 
The Provincial Disaster Risk Management Coordinator (PDRMC) will report to the Director General PDMA, Community and Local Level Programming Expert One UN DRM Program and UNDP/NDMA. PDRMC will discharge the following responsibilities under the directions of the DG PDMA, who will write his bi-annual Performance Evaluation Report, duly incorporating the comments of the Community and Local Level Programming Expert, One UN DRM Program. 
Duties and Responsibilities:
Strengthening of PDMA from the DRR perspective
·         Identifying mitigation measures necessary for disaster risk reduction and management, and undertake their implementation through various line departments;
·         Establish effective coordination mechanisms across Government agencies, international community and civil society for risk reduction work at the provincial and district levels;
·         Monitor and introduce a culture of building requisite features of disaster mitigation and prevention in all development plans and programmes. This could include the formulation of sector specific working groups within key line departments focusing on developing strategies for prevention and mitigation;
·         Integrate mitigation and prevention in to provincial development plans and other development strategies;
·         Develop sector specific guidelines on prevention and mitigation techniques for key sectors;
·         Facilitate provincial/regional DMAs in identification of structural and non-structural measures based on community resources of flood mitigation in close coordination with concerned departments.
·         Build on knowledge and experiences related to mainstreaming DRM and use as material for the provision of training to government counterparts and other stakeholders.
·         Carry out advocacy, training and awareness raising activities on DRM;
  • Develop CBDRM projects and seek funding for the proposed interventions;
  • Identification of disaster risk reduction options and measures, available resources, as well as potential factors or interests working against these options;
  • Negotiation with the involved stakeholders and actors or potentially affected populations, including both local level and other territorial levels which might be implicated.
  • Assist Provincial/regional DMA in pooling resources for establishment of Emergency Operation Center.
Coordination and DRR mainstreaming:
  • Provide strategic coordination support to all partners through information provision, convening of thematic coordination forums, meetings or orientation sessions as appropriate.
  • Coordinating the relief and early recovery activities in case of a disaster and take these activities forward.
  • Build the capacity of key line agencies for post disaster recovery;
  • Develop a method for recovery needs assessments and recovery (and reconstruction) planning for post disaster recovery;
  • Develop a database of respective capacities across government agencies for recovery;
  • Provide training and sensitisation to government line departments on approaches to recovery assessment, planning and implementation;
  • In times of disaster, facilitate government participation across all relevant humanitarian clusters relating to relief and recovery;
  • Coordinate resource mobilization efforts for relief and recovery and the tracking of donor assistance;
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation systems which allow for the timely identification of corrective measures and revisions of strategies and action plans relating to relief and recovery.
Early recovery and community restoration cluster:
·         Coordinate the early recovery efforts in case of a disaster
·         Support the community restoration activities at the district level and attend meetings accordingly and send reports providing data and other information from the field.

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
 Master Degree Masters Degree 

Must Title Level Description
 Disaster Risk Issues Good  • Good knowledge of disaster risk issues of the respective province/region. • Application of theoretical knowledge in management of multi-disciplinary programs involving government, civil society and communities at risk. • Ability to plan and work independently. • Excellent knowledge of multi-disciplinary development approaches. • Ability to negotiate with counterpart government officials and with other technical agencies. • Good physical health and ability to travel to local areas with basic travel facilities. • Positive attitude with a mind set of delivering development services in a most professional manner. • Proven analytical and writing skills. • Excellent listening skills. • Excellent people management and interpersonal skills. • Ability to work under stress situations and manage multiple tasks. • Preferable extensive field experienc