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National Consultant: Legal Expert

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Home Based
Posted On:
01 July, 2011
Last Date to apply:
14 July, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

Terms of Reference
Job Title:                                              National Consultant: Legal Expert
Total Position(s):                                  1
Industry:                                               Non-profit
Contract:                                              SSA
Job Location:                                       Home-based
Minimum Education:                            Master’s Degree (graduate with experience acceptable)
Minimum Experience:                          5 years
Career Level:                                       Mid-level
Organizational Unit:                             UNODC
Duration:                                              70 days of work between July and December 2011
Posted On:                                           1 July 2011
Apply By:                                             15 July 2011
In response to its enhanced mandates in the area of technical assistance related to international cooperation against terrorism, UNODC continues to deliver technical assistance to requesting UN Member States. UNODC supports Member States in strengthening criminal justice system capacity to implement the relevant international conventions and protocols in compliance with the rule of law including incorporating them into national legislation and achieving global ratification of all these instruments.
The technical assistance activities are undertaken under the broad framework of a global project on “”Strengthening the legal regime against terrorism. The project contains the following key elements: (a) facilitation and / or provision of legislative assistance; (b) facilitation and / or provision of capacity-building assistance; (c) specialized training of criminal justice officials in legal issues; (d) identification and dissemination of best practices; and (d) elaboration of specialized technical guides and publications.”
During the initial phase of the project, assistance delivery was mainly focused on ratification and legislative incorporation. Progressively, the project extended assistance to capacity development of criminal justice systems to apply the international legal instruments against terrorism in conformity with rule of law. A steady high level of activities with numerous direct technical assistance to countries as well as national and regional/sub-regional workshops characterize the project.
Assignment Objective
The purpose of this consultancy is to provide the Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) of UNODC with the substantive and administrative support for the implementation of national level technical assistance activities in 2011 and to prepare a draft programme of on legal assistance as a potential component of the Country Programme for Pakistan.
As required, the incumbent will be responsible for the following tasks:
a.        Support the planning and implementation of technical assistance activities, including the organization of national, sub-regional and regional workshops or videoconferences and other activities; undertake necessary follow-up work with the relevant national authorities and regional and international organizations, this includes wide range of substantive and administrative tasks for the following activities:
i)                     Sub-regional workshop on countering the use of internet for terrorist purposes national workshop on anti money laundering and counter financing of terrorism, St. Petersburg, 26-28 July 2011
ii)                   National workshop on anti money laundering and countering financing of terrorism, Bhurban (7-8 September 2011)
iii)                  Sub-regional workshop on countering the financing of terrorism, Kuala Lumpur, 20-22 September 2011
iv)                  Consultations and a national workshop under the “train the trainer” initiative
b.       Draft Plan of Activities on legal assistance as a potential component of the Sub-programme 2 (Criminal Justice) of the Country Programme for Pakistan, submit the outline by 1 September 2011 for review within UNODC;
c.        Support bilateral discussions of UNODC staff on the draft with the Government officials preparing corresponding briefs and presentations;
d.       Receive and reflect the feedback on the draft outline and later on the full text from TPB, COPAK and the Government offices as well other relevant partners;
e.       Submit the finalized draft Plan of Activities by 1 November 2011 and support its review by the Programme Governance Committee of the UNODC Country Programme;
f.         Assist the officers in the Country Office for Pakistan (COPAK) and Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) in liaising with relevant Government agencies and entities in Pakistan with a view to identify technical assistance needs;
g.        Keep abreast of legal, political, social, economic developments in Pakistan and the region, particularly on issues related to criminal justice responses to terrorism. Regularly brief COPAK and TPB relevant officers on these developments and take into account in the programming of activities, Contribute to the preparation of relevant briefing notes and reports;
h.       Undertake required legal background research on Pakistan in support technical assistance activities and for the preparation of the programmatic documents;
i.         Support the organization and participate in the programming, planning and fundraising consultations;
j.         Prepare a detailed implementation plan of legal assistance activities for 2012, support consultations on the plan and undertake initial preparatory arrangements;
k.        Perform other duties, as required.
Expected Deliverables
At the end of the contract, the incumbent will have provided:
(i)                   Implementation support for technical assistance activities;
(ii)                 Plan of Activities on legal assistance;
(iii)                Supported consultations and liaison with relevant stakeholders;
(iv)                Briefs, reports and promotional documents on the relevant subjects;
(v)                 Substantive and analytical documents in support of technical assistance and programming work.
Qualifications and Experience
        Advanced university degree in law, political sciences, international relations, public administration, social sciences or a related academic area.
        A minimum of five years experience in programme development and/or crime prevention and criminal justice field.
        Proven report-writing abilities, preferably on international law and/or transnational crime subject; experience in drafting programming and planning documents;
        Hands-on experience in designing, planning, implementing, managing, monitoring and evaluating technical assistance activities, particularly training activities
        Experience in initiating and supporting liaison with multiple stakeholders;
        Familiarity with the relevant national and regional developments;
        Fluency in English, with excellent drafting skills.
Home-based. As required, UNODC will provide to the consultant access to the relevant substantive files and material, as well as access to facilities at the Country Office for Pakistan in Islamabad.
Planning and Implementation Arrangements
The Consultant will perform his/her functions under the overall supervision of the Representative, Country Office for Pakistan and substantive guidance from the relevant officer(s) of Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB).
The Consultant will be called upon to work as and when required.
Payment Schedule and Rate
A daily honorary remuneration will take into account the level of work carried out and the budgetary resources allocated. The exact number of workdays required and to be remunerated will be determined by UNODC/TPB and communicated to the consultant through email. The requirement is estimated not to exceed 80 workdays between July 2011 and December 2011.
The consultant will submit an implementation report to UNODC/TPB with respect to the services provided along with a payment request form on a monthly basis, when employed.
The consultant will undertake travel as requested and authorized by UNODC/TPB. Travel costs and related DSA are to be provided for each travel, in addition to the consultancy honorarium, as determined by UNODC/TPB, in accordance with the relevant United Nations Rules and Regulations.
Documents Required for Application
Interested candidates are required to submit a technical and financial proposal with the application to be eligible. The technical proposal should include the following details:
1.                   Cover letter explaining interest for the position.
2.                   Detailed P-11 form.
3.                   Proposed methodology and work plan for the deliverables stated above.
The financial proposal should indicate the lump sum amount/fee for the entire set of consultancy services.

Kindly send your technical and financial proposals at fo.pakistan@unodc.org