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Information Analysis and Development Consultant: Police

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Posted On:
01 July, 2011
Last Date to apply:
14 July, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

Terms of Reference
Job Title:                                              Information Analysis and Development Consultant: Police
Total Position(s):                                  1
Industry:                                               Non-profit
Job Type:                                             IC
Job Location:                                       Islamabad
Minimum Education:                            Masters Degree
Degree Title:                                        Social or Political Science, International Development, Economics, or Public                                                   Administration
Minimum Experience:                          4 years
Career Level:                                       Mid-Level
Organizational Unit:                             UNODC
Duration:                                              4 months, starting July 2011 (85 working days)
Posted On:                                           1 July 2011
Apply By:                                             14 July 2011
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Country Office for Pakistan (COPAK) is tasked with assisting Pakistan through its Country Programme (CP) 2010-14 with a focus on needs related to illicit trafficking and border management, criminal justice and drug demand reduction and HIV/AIDS. In order to react in a strategic and structured manner, COPAK requires the services of a consultant with research experience to inform and position its policing work under Outcome 4.
Assignment Objective
The purpose of the assignment is to support the development and implementation of the UNODC CP, specifically Outcome 4: More Effective Delivery of Law Enforcement Services. Outcome 4 aims to make Pakistani police forces more responsive to the community, improving the interface between civilians and the government in promoting the rule of law.  
The objective of the assignment is twofold – (i) the identification of key crime issues and trends with a provincial breakdown, and (ii) using this process to model information gathering and analysis methods for police counterparts. The management of COPAK will be advised on strategy and the way forward.
The incumbent will work closely with the COPAK colleagues under the supervision of the Representative of the Country Office for Pakistan.
The Consultantwill undertake the following substantive duties and responsibilities:
  1. Draft a crime trends report with a break-down by province with the following process:
    1. A draft report structure
    2. A draft report
    3. Develop (customized) final assessment report
  1. Draft a proposed crime information collection system report with the following process:
    1. A draft report structure
    2. A draft report
    3. Develop (customized) final assessment report
3.       Prepare two power-point presentations on the final report and assist in communicating related UNODC plans to internal and external audiences.
Expected Deliverables
1.       To identify the primary crime trends, including but not limited to drugs/precursors trafficking, human trafficking and migrant smuggling, kidnapping for ransom, weapons/explosive smuggling with a focus on variations between the provinces and the specific challenges in the border regions.
2.       To identify data gaps and reporting and collection challenges with a view to recommending remedial measures part of an information systems report.
3.       Highlight existing and foreseeable risks/challenges and capacity building needs faced by the police in responding to the identified crime types that is/can be exploited by the trans-national criminal groups, with a view to recommending remedial measures.
  1. Prepare advisory notes to guide the Representative / COPAK to ensure work will be well received by internal and external audiences. Notes need to be concise and clearly structured.
  2. Presentation materials and related reports to be used with internal and external audiences including at round tables and one-on-one consultations/briefings.
Qualification and Experience
·         A professional, holding a Master’s degree in Social or Political Science, Economics, or Public Administration, plus at least 4 years of relevant professional experience.
·         Demonstrated knowledge of research and drafting.
·         Capacity to analyse needs and formulate recommendations on appropriate responses, including the organization of recommendations into a coherent programme of activities.
·         Ability to produce concise and actionable advice for executive levels.
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of Urdu would be an advantage.
·         Resilience and an ability to work under pressure.
Completion of research work will require the consultant to be based in Islamabad with the COPAK team. He/she will review documents and interact with the police agencies and international partners regarding the research work. Appropriate arrangements will be made to facilitate assessment missions to the provinces, to be accompanied by concerned COPAK colleagues. COPAK staff will support, guide and direct necessary substantive and administrative inputs.
Planning and Implementation Arrangements
The Consultantwill work closely with the concerned Programme Officers for law enforcement projects and the Country Representative and have documents approved by them prior to release.
Although the consultantis meant to take all views expressed into account, he/she will have to use his/her independent judgment in preparing documents.
Payment Schedule and Rate
The consultant will be issued a consultancy contract (Individual Contract) and paid on a monthly basis in accordance with United Nations rules and procedures. Payment scale will be determined by UNDP recommended rates for mid-level national consultants. Travel costs including transportation and Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for travels will be paid by UNODC in accordance with United Nations rules and procedures.
Application Guidelines
Interested candidates are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal with application to fo.pakistan@unodc.org:
(i) Technical proposal should include the following:
                1. Cover letter explaining interest for the position
                2. Detailed P-11 form
                3. Proposed methodology and workplan for the deliverables stated in the Terms of Reference
(ii) Financial Proposal should indicate lump sum amount/fee for the entire set of consultancy services.