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Consultant – Gender Budget Analysis

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
13 June, 2011
Last Date to apply:
30 June, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

At least 8 to 10 years relevant work experience including analyzing and reporting in Gender Budgeting, Economics, Finance and Public Policy. A strong command of econometrics and quantitative methods and good analytical skills. Publications on Budgetary processes, government priorities and review of sector wise budget allocations would be an added advantage. Experience of working with the Government at policy level is desirable.


Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) review is an overarching activity to analyze the budget process, allocation of funds and expenditure through gender and pro poor lenses. Workshops and seminars are conducted to review the budget but detail review of budget is not conducted so far. This review will provide in-depth documented analysis; highlight the gaps in budget making process and funds allocation for different sectors and expenditure.

Annual budget is a key instrument, which reflects government priorities and policies. Over the last many decades successive governments have given high priority to fund schemes related to poverty reduction. Gender focus in the process of budgeting appeared late, however, today it is considered an important element. Looking at the process in which budgets are formulated, schemes are perceived and shortlisted, funds are allocated and transferred can yield information to improve the service delivery. There is a dire need to allocate funds to sectors including education, health which carries positive externalities and move resources from least priority areas.
In this context, Gender Budget Analysis is an effective tool for gender mainstreaming and designed to mainstream the gender dimension into all stages of budget cycle giving fruitful impact of any form of public expenditure or revenue on women, girls and vulnerable community.  GBA can help Government to better understand the impacts of their activities on the welfare of particular population groups, focusing on disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Therefore it is necessary to initiate the process of budget review after budget approval so that advocacy programs may be organized to critically review budget engaging politicians, civil society, trade union, journalists, parliamentarians, policy makers and government officer.

The project has planned to review the provincial budget through gender lens analyzing the sectoral priorities, budget allocation, input indicators, output indicators and outcome indicators.


The objectives of assignment are as following;
• Review and analyze the budgetary process, priorities and fund allocation of Government of Balochistan (GoB)
• Analyze the disaggregated gender based sector wise priorities of provincial government
• Analysis of the resources allocated (the budget) to implement specific policies and to highlight the extent to which the budget addresses the socio-economic situation of the population.
• Analysis of policies underpinning the Provincial Budget 2011-12 and PSDP (2011-12)
• A trend analysis of the provincial budget for the past 3 years (2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11) across different sectors.


The tasks and responsibilities of the Consultant would include:
• Collate and review relevant literature and reports for better understanding of proposed work, such as previous budget statements, gender aware policy and other available documents related to budgetary process.
• Review all relevant budgetary and planning documents (Budget in Brief, Budget Speech, Details of Demand for Grants and Appropriations PSDP etc) of the GoB.
• Analytically review the government’s commitment towards gender mainstreaming in budget, and indicate resource allocation for gender specific projects and grants projected in the provincial budget (20011-12).
• To analyze and compare the gender specific allocations in the provincial budget 20011-12 (in terms of increase or cut down) with allocation and spending of the previous year.
• Highlight the budgetary allocations within the Ministries and also carry out a sector wise analysis to determine the gender responsiveness in budgetary allocation and also identifying key areas/priorities (if any) not covered in the provincial budget 20011-12.
• Analyze the level of priority given to selected pro-poor programs in the sectors like Health, Education, and Welfare etc.(e.g. by expressing the allocation to these and other program as a percentage of the total sector budget).
• Give recommendations on possible gender specific sectors/ projects which will help promote gender equality and help in better resource utilization in future budgetary allocations.
• Provide sector specific recommendations for next financial year by comparing trends from previous years.
• Present the findings of the analysis at a budget analysis workshop and make appropriate adjustments   in view of the comments/feedback of the participants.


Gender budget analysis will be conducted to review and analyze the Provincial Budget in Brief, Budget Speech, Details of Demand for Grants and Appropriations PSDP etc… using the gender analyzing tools. It is based on reviewing the relevant documents, interviews and meetings with concerned officials.

Structure of Report:

The study report will have four sections. The first section should present the introduction/executive summary and the objectives of the study followed by (second section) methodology and analytical framework. The third section may cover a detailed analysis/review of the gender dimensions of budgetary resources and fourth section of the report may contain the concluding remarks and recommendations. 


  The structure of the report may be subject to change

Expected Deliverables

• Submission of work-plan
• Submission of chosen programs and sub-programs in each sector
• Submission of draft consolidated gender budget statement
• Presentation on findings of the analysis in seminar/workshop hosted by Strengthening PRS Monitoring Project Balochistan
• Submission of final consolidated gender budget statement

Duration of the Consultancy:

The activity will be undertaken in Quetta, Balochistan province. The consultancy is of 45 days.

Payment Schedule:

• On submission of Outline of the Study and Work Plan        - 20%
• On submission and approval of the first draft                       - 30 %
• On submission and acceptance of the final report                     - 35%
• On the final workshop on the dissemination of the report   - 15%

“Equally Qualified Women Will be Given Preference”

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters DegreeMasters DegreeMasters degree in Economics, Development Economics / Econometrics discipline from a recognized university with specialization towards gender studies.

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish Language and Report Writing Excellent