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Consultant - Development Indicators Specialist

Job Category:
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Agency / Project:
Posted On:
06 May, 2011
Last Date to apply:
22 May, 2011
Experience in years
2 to 4

10 years relevant work experience including analyzing and reporting socio-economic data for IMD.A strong command over econometric models and good analytical skills. Publications on Poverty and IMD would be an added advantage. Experience of working with the Government at policy level is desirable.


The Strengthening Poverty Reduction Strategy Monitoring (SPRSM) Cell (Balochistan) in the planning and Development Department underpins the government's institutional mechanism for poverty monitoring. The PRS Cell has been mandated with the overall lead in coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and tracking the implementation of the PRSP-II; and reporting progress on pro poor public expenditures, intermediate social indicators, and final outcomes. A critical input in achieving the targets set out in the PRSP is the effective utilization of pro poor public expenditures.

The purpose of the SPRSM project is to strengthen institutional capacities for results-based monitoring and evaluation of poverty reduction strategies (PRS) and has the following three outputs:

1. Public spending and allocations in pro-poor sectors analyzed reviewed through a gender lens to better understand the contribution and needs of men and women.
2. Quality, collection, analysis and management of PRSP data improved at national and province levels.
3. Provincial engagement in PRSP monitoring mobilized through participatory processes.

Balochistan is geographically located in the Southwest part of the country with a land mass covering an area of 34.7 million hectors amounting to 44% of national land mass. The diverse landscape extends from southern coastland along the Arabian Sea through deserts, plains and uplands to rugged northern mountains. The province borders with Afghanistan and Iran in the West. Despite its huge size, the province is home to only 5% of the national population of which three quarters reside in rural areas.

Balochistan is facing a development crisis amidst human and natural disasters. Various poverty indicators point to the deprived state of Balochistan. It has poverty head count of an astounding figure of approximately 35%, indicative of an urgent need to address the underlying causes of poverty (FAO report 2008, Report on Evaluation of Food Security-Poverty Alleviation in Arid Agriculture Balochistan Project).  These high rates of poverty headcount show that hunger and malnutrition have become a routine part of life. Schools remain scarce with even lower attendance rates, and illiteracy running rampant throughout the province. Access to basic health facilities in the province is low which leads to very high mortality rates and maternal mortality rates. The militancy and the political instability in have caused severe disruption in economic and social development.

In order to assess and analyze the current level of Human Development Indices in the Province of Balochistan and to establish the Indices of Multiple Deprivations a study is being planned by the SPRSM Project using the MICS 2003/04 and 2010/11.


The objectives of the study would be develop district wise and provincial Human Development Indices (HDI) and the Indices of Multiple Deprivations (IMD) for Balochistan using the MICS at the provincial and district level.

Scope of Work:

A) Construct District and Provincial IMD in the Province of Balochistan using the MICS 2003/04 and MICS 2010/11 data for the following domains:
1. Education
2. Health
3. Water and Sanitation
4. Housing
5. Economic
6. Food security
• Undertake trend analysis for the and IMD estimations over a period of 2003/04 – 2010/11
• Assess the mentioned sectoral status, disaggregating the gender issues of different sectors on the availability of data.

B) Analyze the issues related to the quality of MICS data recommend measures for improvement in data collection and compilation


• Conduct data and trend analysis in order to assess the level of human development in Balochistan by reviewing HDI and IMD, using MICS data
• Collect relevant data and supportive material from Provincial Bureau of Statistics (BoS) and other relevant departments and organizations
• Conduct meetings, group discussions with relevant stakeholders, including government departments, civil society organizations and donors


The consultant shall submit a report outline within a week of the issuance of the contract covering the requirements and responsibilities mentioned above. The first draft of the report shall be submitted within 40 days of the issuance of the contract for review and assessment. The consultant will prepare and deliver a presentation on the draft report for the policy makers and the concerned departments for their input. Final report will be submitted for approval incorporating the comments and inputs of the relevant departments and policy makers. The consultant will then conduct a dissemination workshop on the final report.


The total duration of the assignment will be 45 working days, spanned over a period of 70 days after the issuance of the contract.


The consultant will report directly to the Provincial Project Director and Provincial Project Manager of SPRSM project Balochistan.

Payment Schedule:

• On submission of Outline of the Study and Work Plan        - 20%
• On submission and approval of the first draft                       - 30 %
• On submission and acceptance of the final report                    - 35%
• On the final workshop on the dissemination of the report   - 15%

“Equally qualified women will be given preference.”

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters DegreeMasters DegreeMasters Degree in Economics, Development Economics discipline from a recognized university.

Must Title Level Description
YesEnglish Language and Report Writing Excellent  • Experience in data analysis for calculating HDI and IMD • Publications on poverty assessments or any other relevant research • Excellent report writing skills